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La La Land is half of a good musical

Its splashy, its beautiful, and its characters are aburst with song. La La Land looks like a great musical. But putting on a white T-shirt and yelling Stella! doesnt make you Marlon Brando. Taking its cues from classic Hollywood tropes and candy-colored French musicals such as The Young Girls of Rochefort, La La Land //

Damien Chazelles La La Land, An Ode To Musicals, Romance & L.A., Ready To Launch Venice And Oscar Season

EXCLUSIVE: In quick succession Hollywoods six-month movie awards season gets into official gear with the Venice, Telluride and Toronto film festivals kicking things off. It all begins tomorrow with the Venice Film festival opening-nightfilm La La Land , writer-director Damien Chazelle s stunning musical romance starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone . Chazelle actually will be at the center of all three festivals as La La Land will be a key player at each of them. ...Read More... //

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 - Featured

* Damages (10/9c FX ) This season's villain appears to be Bernie Madoff, only the case is murkier and there's a body in a Dumpster. Len Cariou plays the Madoff-like Louis Tobin, and Campbell Scott and Lily Tomlin play his wife and son, whom Tobin insists know nothing. Patty's out to recover lost assets, while Ellen now works at the DA's office, which will prosecute Tobin. But don't expect them to work hand-in-glove. And in the flash-forward, Patty's car is rammed by a car that turns out to be registered to... * 24 (9/8c Fox) Season 8 moves to its regular time slot with a power struggle percolating as CTU honcho Brian Hastings is being second-guessed by his agents. It never seems to take this crew long to forget how often Jack has pulled everybody's fat out of the fire. Meanwhile, Renee's trustworthiness is in question; and Chloe has become at least underappreciated and possibly a pariah showing more loyalty to Jack than to Hastings. And then there's the Middle East peace process hanging by a thread. * Greek (10/9c ABC Family) ABC Family expands to airing three hours of original prime-time programming on Mondays with the mid-season return of this college-set drama. The Cyprus-Rhodes kids pick up right where they left off, in the aftermath of the fire at Gamma Psi. A fund-raiser is held to help rebuild the house, and the guilt-plagued ZBZs wonder what role they played in the destructive blaze. Meanwhile, the KTs have a tough time moving on in the wake of the expulsion of three of their brothers. * Chuck (8/7c NBC) The solid spy show's third season is flying high, delivering the usual fun mix of pop-culture riffs, workplace comedy, perfectly placed modernist music and, of course, guns, girls and gadgets. The series continues to take flight when Chuck departs to Paris for his very first solo assignment. During the flight, Chuck delights in a French connection when he befriends a pretty fellow passenger (Kristin Kreuk). But there'll be turbulence when Chuck must tangle with another passenger - menacing, muscle-bound goon Hugo Panzer ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin). Morgan's not on sturdy ground, either: He battles Jeff and Lester for power at Buy More. * La La Land (11/10c Showtime ) British comedian Marc Wootton is absurdly funny in this new series as he plays three different off-the-wall characters stalking stardom in Los Angeles. The hapless trio includes cocky cockney cabbie Gary, who wants to be an actor; psychic Shirley Ghostman, whose connection to the spirit world seems permanently disconnected; and dimwitted documentarian Brendan, who wants to be Michael Moore but is more Ed Wood. The three outlandish poseurs' interaction with real people in real situations is the stuff of head-shaking, eye-rolling lunacy. Source here

LA LA LAND on Showtime Preview and Photos

Check out a preview and photos for Showtime's new reality series, LA LA LAND, which premieres January 25 at 11pm. Show Description: Award-winning British comedy sensation Marc Wootton stars in LA LA LAND, the new six-episode, half-hour series about three wannabes struggling to find fame and fortune in Los Angeles. LA LA LAND is a hybrid of documentary and comedy – Marc plays fictitious characters but everybody else in the show, including his accomplices such as Kiki (Brendan's assistant), Chico (Gary's driver) and Ruta (Gary's mentor), is completely real and utterly unaware they are talking to an actor. Source & Video

Showtime's LA LA LAND Poster

Check out the new poster from Showtime's upcoming series LA LA LAND starring Marc Wootton. LA LA LAND will feature the acclaimed British comedian "Marc Wootton" in a six-episode series of alternative comedy highlighted by his unique brand of character-driven sketches that have made him a hit in the U.K. It will feature Wootton's outrageous and provocative characters. Wootton, who has appeared in numerous comedy series and specials in the U.K., is best known for his role as an overly theatrical psychic named Shirley Ghostman who performs for an unsuspecting audience who think he's real on the BBC series High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman. Writers for the BBC series included Wootton and Oscar(R)-nominee Peter Baynham (Borat). LA WEEKLY described it as "Da Ali G Show meets Crossing Over with John Edward."( Source & Poster