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Sneak Peek: Las Vegas' Molly Sims Gets the Party Started on Men at Work

  They're definitely not in Kansas Vegas anymore. Men at Work star James Lesure reunites with his longtime Las Vegas co-star Molly Sims on Wednesday's new episode (10/9c, TBS), and she wastes no time getting the party started. In the episode, Sims play Gibb's new love interest Kelly, a lawyer living...   //

Closure for Vegas?

It hurts when a TV show that you've been watching for years ends on a cliffhanger and then gets canceled. It really hurts.'s nice to know that the people involved with the show feel the pain of the fans. Show runner Gary Scott Thompson, now attached to NBC's Knight Rider, has come out and said that, "We're actively trying to figure out how to do something." Cast members Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims would also be on board. Says Thompson, "I talked to them both the other day, and they said we should do something. It was their characters that were really left hanging, and they were very upset by it." Sadly, there are no definitive plans yet, though appearing in an online video or even having the Las Vegas characters appear in an episode of Knight Rider (since Rider is also set in Vegas) have both been thrown on the table. Source: TV Guide

Las Vegas Outlook is Bleak

Despite the fact that the fans have rallied, it seems as though Las Vegas is still doomed. According to Michael Ausiello from TV Guide, NBC is continuing to take apart the sets and selling whatever can be bought in a 'fire sale', despite the recent efforts of fans. The show's creator believes that the abrupt cancellation was a direct result of the strike; had there been no strike the show would have had 3 additional episodes to tie up all of the loose ends. For the record, I'd venture to say that Delinda's baby was going to make it out ok. Source: BuddyTV

Las Vegas: The Series That Was

TVSquad writes an entertaining tribute/obituary of sorts for the dearly departed Las Vegas. Check it out: Las Vegas: The Series That Was

Saving Las Vegas

It was only a matter of time. Las Vegas now has its very own "Save Our Show" campaign. Loyal viewers are angry about their lack of a proper ending after a 5 year commitment to the series. Check out what you can do to help: Save Las Vegas Among other things, fans want to bombard NBC with baby booties.

Las Vegas Canceled

TV Guide is reporting that NBC has canceled Las Vegas. It's final episode (which was 2 hours long and ended with a cliffhanger) aired last Friday, and was advertised as only a season finale. Not nice, NBC! This show has been on for 5 years (and though silly, I found to be enjoyable whenever I caught it). It deserved a proper series finale. Source: TV Squad - What Happens in Vegas...Gets Canceled By NBC