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Are U Kidding me Las Vegas GOne ?

They can't just shut the show down i'm like addicted to that show i would die are they kidding me i mean we have to do something you know how much vieuwers watch it ? they can't just have an ending where delinda is bleeding and cooper's out off the dead ? i mean HELLO are you crazy we need an ending what's going to happen with delinda i hope the baby's fine i really was hoping for it i mean you can't just loose a baby after caring it for 9 months this is crazy i mean i'm so shocked this can't happen we need to tell them that I LOVE this show it would like totaly break my heart if they don't get a happy ending PLEASEEEEE SAVE THE BABY

No more Las Vegas, Are you kiding?!

This is one of the greatest tv shows to have come out. Its amazing, the storys can never run out i mean comon, its las vegas. The characters are growing, NBC cant just end there best show in america!

no more vegas! :o(

I've just read this on Wikipedia - "The show has five complete seasons, all of them are available on DVD. The show was renewed for the fifth season on February 27, 2007.[2] On March 2, 2007, it was announced that James Caan and Nikki Cox would be leaving the series. Caan's departure is because he wants to return to acting in feature films, while Cox's departure seems to stem from budget cuts.[3] Tom Selleck replaced James Caan as head boss in season 5. In the final season, only 19 episodes of the originally planned 22 episode season were filmed at the time the show was cancelled. The final episode was a cliffhanger with many issues left unresolved and will remain unresolved according to TV Guide Canada[4]. However, Michael Ausiello of TVGuide said that there are plans, should a proper resolution not be possible, to have the characters of Danny McCoy and Delinda Deline cameo in an episode of Knight Rider carrying a newborn." So basically, no more! How can they cancel it?! It was sooo good! And how else am I going to get my Danny fix? :o(

Season 6???

When is season 6 coming? or is this the end of Las Vegas???

Las Vegas Review by Debbie Pamplin,

For the past five seasons, NBC has given television viewers a inside peek of the fast-paced and exciting world of gambling, live music shows, and people of all varieties in the hit show Las Vegas. This show combines a well rounded group of young good-looking actors, famous guest stars, and TV veteran James Caan. The idea of this show is the day to day difficulties and problems facing the employees at the fictitious Montecito Casino and Hotel. The cast really seem to play well off of each other, and the timing just seems to come natural to them. With season five bringing changes, the show to me seems to be starting its downhill roll. Tom Selleck has replaced James Caan this season, and another original character left at the end of season four, also causing a new cast member to be added in her place. This show was one of my favorites, and I do still watch it, but I think they have done about all the original story lines that they can. Changing major stars of a TV program is almost always detrimental to its successful run. Over the years, Las Vegas has provided interesting and comical story lines, tons of guest stars ranging from the lead singer of Sugar Ray, to Don Knotts, and characters that we have looked forward to watching every Friday night. -Review by Debbie Pamplin,