Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing
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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing

"Weak square"

Date Aired: Nov 24, 2011

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In chess, weak squares are squares which cannot be defended by a pawn, thus open to occupation by an enemy piece, like Fam and Giselle's plan to make an opening and break from the Ades forces' ambush. Sara announces to her subjects about the arrest and purge against the nobles who were working against Ades and plans to attack the nations North of the Grand Lake. Despite showing a strong face to the crowd, Sara secretly confines to General Vasant that she is sadden for people who die for her name. Meanwhile, Tatiana and Alister learns the first nation that Ades will be attacking North of the Grand Lake will be Glacies but the nation has a isolationist policy and would attack anyone who would enters their country which they hope Vincent can convince them otherwise to join their side while the Silvius heads to their border. Elsewhere, Giselle is starting to doubt her friendship with Fam as the latter continues to get close with Millia and Fam's overconfidence to capture 8 battleships being transported to Ades instead of capturing one ship to finish their deal with the Silvius. As Fam and Giselle head to the harbor where the Ades ships are, they are join by Atamora's and his Sky Pirates who are glad to see Fam and Giselle are safe and are also heading to same area as well. However, they realize too late that they went straight into a trap when the Third Ades Fleet lead by General ?rang appears from the sky and bombard the Sky Pirates with their new auto-cannons. As they try to find a way to escape, Fam and Giselle have an idea and signal the Sky Pirates to bait ?rang's fleet into heading into a valley and shoot a glacier and dropping it which sends a strong gust of wind to everyone and sending a giant flock of Grand birds to blind the fleet, allowing Fam, Giselle and the Sky Pirates to escape. As everyone laments their lost, Atamora's Sky Pirates head home while Fam and Giselle, who wishes to go back home, heads back to the Silvius. Unfortunately, Fam and Giselle were followed by the First Ades Fleet lead by General Sadri who gives an ultimatum to the Silvius; surrender Millia to them or be destroyed.
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