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VIDEO: Law & Order Vet Leslie Hendrix on Playing the Same "Cranky, Old Broad" for 19 Years

Longtime Law & Order fans know the cha-chung, they know the signature location cards, and they most likely know Leslie Hendrix. The 51-year-old actress has been playing medical examiner Elizabeth Rodgers on the legal franchise for almost two decades. After first appearing on the original tentpole in 1992, she has since recurred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit , Law & Order: Criminal Intent , the short-lived Law & Order: Trial By Jury and even the 1998 Law & Order TV movie, Exiled . Long before...  //

Law & Order Vet Sam Waterston Joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO Pilot

Law & Order 's Sam Waterston has joined the cast of Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot, reports. The series stars Jeff Daniels as the co-anchor of a cable news show who must deal with a new team after his fellow host jumps ship for another job and takes most of the staff with him. Waterston will play...  //

'Law & Order' Alum Linus Roache to Star in 'Titanic' Miniseries

The cast has been announced for 'Downton Abbey' creator Julian Fellowes's new miniseries, 'Titanic.' Linus Roache, last seen on U.S. television screens playing Exec A.D.A. Michael Cutter in the final season of 'Law & Order,' has signed on for a lead role in the four-part production. He'll be joined onboard the doomed liner by fellow Brits and 'Masterpiece Theatre' vets Geraldine Somerville ('Gosford Park,' the 'Harry Potter' movies), Toby Jones ('Captain America,' 'Elizabeth I'), Celia Imrie ('Cranford,' 'Bridget Jones'), James Wilby ('Gosford Park') and Steven Waddington ('The Tudors,' 'Sleepy Hollow'). //

Crime TV News: The Bones Spin-Off Series & New Characters on NCIS! – 01/31/11

Crime TV fans! SideReel Yael's got the scoop on the upcoming Bones spin-off, The Locator. Stay tuned for an April episode of Bones in which Brennan and Booth go to Florida to meet the potential new title character, which will set the groundwork for the spin-off! Also, for all you LOLA fans dying for updates on the show, find out which cast member from the original Law & Order will be crossing over to help fill the gaps left from the dismissal of three LOLA stars. And lastly, check out which new female characters are gracing NCIS with their presence! For all the deets, watch the news in the link below! Crime TV News: 1/31/11

Is This the End of the Law & Order Era?

Law & Order, the crime franchise's mother ship, was canceled by NBC after 20 seasons last May. USA Network has announced that the final eight episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will air in early 2011. Ratings for freshman series Law & Order: Los Angeles are middling. And finally, the reliable Special Victims Unit is losing longtime show runner Neal Baer in June, at the same time contracts are up for the series' invaluable leads, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, whose last contract negotiations in the summer of 2009 went down to the wire. Come September, is it possible that for the first time in 21 years there could be no Law & Order show on television? Baer predicts a ratings bounce for SVU when the show moves from Wednesdays at 9pm back to 10pm come January 5; the sex-crimes show has consistently drawn better numbers in the later slot over the years. The drama currently averages 9.7 million viewers, down from its high of 15.2 million in the 2001-2002 season. "We're still doing compelling and memorable stories," Baer says, "and drawing great guest stars," including Drea de Matteo and Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, who will appear in 2011. "SVU can go on for a long time." According to a source close to the L&O franchise, no one on set or from the studio or network believes the show will end with Season 12. To Read More Click Here.

Get The Inside Scoop On Law & Order Los Angeles With These NBC Promo Clips!

Law & Order fans! We may be saying goodbye to the original Law & Order this upcoming season, but don't forget the brand-new Law & Order: Los Angeles , which debuts Wednesday, September 29th at 10/9c on NBC. If you can't wait a whole month for new episodes of your favorite crime drama and its many spin-offs, check out the exclusive video assets below, including behind-the-scenes interviews with stars Corey Stoll and Skeet Ulrich, and a SVU-LA teaser promo! Law & Order: East Coast - West Coast Corey Stoll Interview Skeet Ulrich

'Law & Order' is officially...gone, says Dick Wolf

Sorry Law & Order fans; the long-running drama will not end up on another network now that NBC has passed on ordering a 21st season. Executive Producer Dick Wolf told the nation's TV critics today in Beverly Hills that the show is officially dead and his focus will now be on launching Law & Order: Los Angeles on NBC this fall. I will confirm that it has moved to the history books, Wolf told reporters. We're extremely disappointed, but that's business, that's life. Every (show) is born under a death sentence. They just don't tell you the date of execution. NBC also announced today that Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow) and Corey Stoll (Salt) will join the cast of the spinoff, which will premiere Sept. 29. Howard will play a district attorney, as will Alfred Molina (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). Stoll will play a detective and partner with Skeet Ulrich (Jericho). Source Here

Will AMC Save 'Law & Order'?

It may be faint, but New York Magazine's Vulture blog is reporting that there may be hope for the original 'Law & Order.' According to the report, AMC, home to 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad,' has contacted NBC Universal about producing new episodes of the crime procedural, which NBC canceled in May after a 20-year run. The cancellation reportedly was over money -- 'Law & Order' costs about $3 million per-episode to produce, and according to Vulture, producer Dick Wolf had been asked to reduce his per-episode producer fee to help offset that. NBC wanted him to cut the fee from $350,000 to $150,000 per episode, and when he refused, NBC canceled the show. Wolf has said he hoped to revive the show. But with prospects looking grim, what would 'Law & Order' look like on AMC? Would Wolf accept the cut? Would the show keep marquee stars like Sam Waterston? To Read More Click Here .

Best 'Law & Order' Guest Stars

With TNT's reported pass on providing a home for new episodes of 'Law & Order' (or 'Law & Order Prime,' if you please), we move through denial to acceptance. Sigh. Goodbye Cutter, Rubirosa and Lupo. Sure, we sympathize with those who stopped watching. For some, the "O" in 'L & O' will always stand for 'Orbach'. Truth is, we'll miss the guest stars as much as the regulars. During the show's 20-year run, 'L &O's' visitors almost always matched the series' stellar cast. From up-and-comers to Broadway veterans, Manhattan is an island of great actors, and 'L & O' used them all. Another consistent casting coup of this serious procedural - comedians appeared in many a killer role. To Read More Click Here .

TNT Won't Save 'Law & Order'

Producer Dick Wolf's plans to keep new episodes of 'Law & Order' on the air apparently won't involve TNT. Despite recent rumors to the contrary, the cable network isn't interested in picking up the recently canceled legal drama for its 21st season, reports the Los Angeles Times. The report comes as no surprise, as TNT recently announced major budget cuts for cop drama 'Southland,' the show it saved after NBC gave it the boot during its first season. 'Law & Order' ended its two-decade run on NBC on Monday. Wolf's next move is unclear, but according to recent reports, he's dead set on bringing 'Law & Order' back for another season, which could make it the longest-running TV drama in history. For now, fans can still expect to hear the famous "DUN DUN" sound effect with endless 'L&O' reruns on TNT, or on NBC's latest spinoff, 'Law & Order: Los Angeles,' which kicks off this fall. Source Here