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LEGEND OF THE SEEKER "Tears" Season 2 Episode 22 (Finale) - Preview

Check out a preview for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Season 2 Episode 22 "Tears" ( Season Finale) which will air the weekend of May 22, 2010. To find your local channel go to the Legend of the Seeker website. And for those not ready to say goodbye to the show, a campaign to save Legend of the Seeker is currently ongoing over at saveourseeker.com. Synopsis: Richard (CRAIG HORNER), separated from his companions, continues in his quest to defeat the Keeper once and for all. With the Stone of Tears in hand, he reaches the Pillars of Creation in an attempt to seal the many rifts opening to the Underworld, but soon comes face to face with his greatest enemy. Meanwhile, Kahlan (BRIDGET REGAN) falls under the control of the omnipotent Sister Nicci, who sends the Mother Confessor on a mission of destruction. Check out the preview below. Source & Preview

Legend of the Seeker Star Wanted Her Character "To Have Good Times"

Now that ABC Studios' Legend of the Seeker has been canceled, star Bridget Regan is sad to say goodbye to her character, Kahlan. With the finale airing this weekend (check local listings), the 28-year-old actress spoke to us about how the series will wrap up, why the show didn't get another season and what she would've wanted for Kahlan had it continued. To Read More Click Here .