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Agent X & Legends Review: Sharon Stone Series Silly, Sean Bean Back Strong

If next week is any barometer, TNT is about to become Spy TV for better and for worse. For better, as my video review above says, is the almost totally revamped Legends . Back for a second season on November 2, the Sean Bean-starrer has gone darker and more desperate than its first much more standard procedural season (which I have to admit I liked). For worse well, that would be Agent X , which bows November 8.   Read More... //

Legends 1.09/10 Review: “Wilderness of Mirrors/Identity”

Legends  had its two hour finale tonight and I am wondering what circle of hell I have been placed in. I would just like to know the heinous crime I committed to have to sit and watch this godawful thing beat me with an hour and 59:45 minutes of crap and then fifteen seconds of interesting. I’m not even sure if that paragraph was coherent. I have like five pages of notes and literally one of the things I wrote down was positive. Basically, the gist of the episodes was the wrapping up the whole “murderous prince” storyline while also wrapping up the “Martin Odum is a Legend” mythology. They basically just drop the “prince” storyline in favor of moving into the mythology stuff, all of which is boring and pointless because I do not give a single Canadian donut hole (also called Timbits) about any of these characters. Not a single one. Read more... //

Legends 1.08 Review: “Iconoclast”

Legends  is bad. I actually dread reviewing this show. It’s worse this week because it actually opened with a cool recap of last week and gave me false hope that I might actually not hate myself after. It isn’t even fun to make fun of anymore. I don’t even want to make jokes about it anymore. It’s like making fun of math tests, airplane food, or the DMV; how many times can I rage the same rage? I’m like 57% sure that this is a punishment for a past life. Like, instead of sending me back to Earth as a future victim of torture or someone who gets run over by a train some god or whatever decided that the only appropriate punishment for a garbage pail of my category was to review possibly the most soul-sucking bad television show of all time. Read more... //

Legends 1.07 Review: “Quicksand”

I don’t know how many more ways I can write a  Legends  review. Every week (save for a merciful, mirage-like two week oasis) has been truly terrible. Not a single part of this show makes sense. I keep saying it’s terrible but TNT just won’t cancel the show. Let’s try something new. (Y’all lucky as a mother because this review was ten times longer and fifty times more obnoxious and the internet ate it. I had to re-write from memory. Y’all missed out on a Rembrandt) Read more... //

Legends Season 1 Review “Wilderness of Mirrors”

On the penultimate episode of  “Legends,”  we picked up, as ever, where we left off, with Odum being held captive by Bashir (Omid Abtahi, “Argo”) and company, who were torturing him for information on who all had the evidence linking Prince Fayeed to the assassination of Prince Abboud, dangling the fact that they both knew his “real” identity as Odum and had his family held captive as well. Either he cooperated, or they’d all die, starting with his family. So, Odum played the only card he had: he said he’d tell them anything they wanted to know. So, they proceeded to let him loose- big mistake- and he then proceeded to kill all of them, save Bashir, hoping to get some info on where his family was being held captive.   Read More... //

Legends Season 1 Review “Identity”

In the season finale of  “Legends,”  we began with a flashback to 2004 and Odum’s time in the hospital, post-Iraq, in Germany, as CIA agent Sonya stood guard, in the aptly-titled “Identity.” Enter a hit man, who takes out a hapless nurse before heading to Odum’s room, and getting himself killed by Sonya- then known as Sarah- who then promptly took Odum out of there in a wheelchair, subsequently escorting him to the States. Flash-forward to the present, and Aiden visits as his mom recovers from her shooting in the previous episode, as Odum and Crystal exchange what they’ve discovered so far.   Read More... //

LEGENDS Review: Sean Bean Is Finally a Master of Survival in New TNT Drama

TNT’s marketing strategy for its new drama  Legends , based on a spy novel by  Robert Littell , was promoting the Twitter hashtag #DontKillSeanBean.   Sean Bean  is of course known to certain fans for his  exits  from TV shows and movies, which has happened often enough to become a running joke that TNT did well to capitalize on. In  Legends , Bean plays an FBI undercover officer named Martin Odum, whose main objective is to change his identity, and not get killed (seems to fit). The series comes from  Howard Gordon  ( Homeland ), who has had his irons in many TV fires of late (including the mediocre  Tyrant ).  Hit the jump to see if this one has caught flame. Read more... //

Legends Season 1 Review “Quicksand”

On the latest episode of  “Legends,”  while Odum dealt with the fallout of his rogue mission last week, he no doubt felt as if he had landed himself in some “Quicksand,” and then some. While Gates managed to contain the situation with some serious damage control- not in the least after Odum short-circuited a bit at the debriefing- it was a clear a big win was needed to get him back into the good graces of the DCO. Read More... //

Legends 1.06 Review: “Gauntlet”

In the first episode, I said the thing that drew me to  Legends  was Sean Bean, and that still holds true. Every line of dialogue, poorly written or not, is infused with charisma and expertise. He is a very, very good actor. But, it’s not enough anymore. This was the first episode in which I didn’t really give two craps about how he performed. There wasn’t a single Bean-y moment powerful enough to overcome the stench of a million mediocre moments and a billion bad ones. Read more... //

Legends 1.04 Review: “Betrayal”

Over the last two episodes,  Legends  has made great cinematic strides. The clichés are kept to a minimum, the story flows along with suspense and dynamic tension, and the character beats hit home. I don’t know where this show was in the first two episodes but it is reborn. Nearly. Read more... //