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In Legends, Bean plays Martin Odum, an undercover agent working for the FBI's Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division. Martin has the uncanny ability to transform himself into a completely different person for each job. But he begins to question his own identity when a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin isn’t the man he believes himself to be.
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Jan 29, 2017 1:57AM EST

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I personally feel this is a Very Higher -End Series, it tales the Viewer on a Roller-coaster ride. Great Effect, Outstanding Story-line, Superb Acting by Sean Bean (Sean reminds me of another Great Actor: Gerald Butler, and Vin Diesel, even a bit of a Younger Mel Gibson) . Sean was great in "Black Death", and probably My Favorite Character/Actor in Game of Thrones (unfortunately Ned Stark didn't have 9-Lives like Jon Snow, but Ned was One of the Last of the Great & True Knights of the Realms & Winterfell, and boy did he Play the Part!!)
The Downer in this Series is the Skip Back 'n Forth through the Different Time Periods making it Hard on the Viewer to Stay Focused on the Story-Line...Perhaps if the 1st Half of an Episode was the Past, and the 2nd half was Focused on the Present this Show might have stuck around. I had Hoped it would have fallen in the Foot-steps of another Series that Turned into a Hit: "Person of Interest"...,
Season 1-Fantastic, Season 2- The 9-Lives of Who he really Is (as if We Know that "for sure", Yet??) As the Character playing in the Past as a Undercover Agent for MI6, moving to the FBI in the Present, and of c ourse We really haven't seen where he makes the Jump from Great Britain to the USA...When he's Undercover playing a Bad Guy he seems to have the "Authorization for a License to Kill" of which he crosses the Line several times, which sometimes makes Us wonder, is he really a Good Guy fighting the Fight for Right & Legal....Sure doesn't Appear that Way, does it???
His Character strikes me as a Double-Agent, which according to what We are Led to believe isn't what he's supposed to be doing...
I hope another Network picks the Show up, and possibly finds some New Story Writers to get back to the True Essence of this Series, that Keeps the Viewer hanging on by their Fingernails, and TOTALLY Engrossed in this Show. Time will Tell....


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