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Legit Series Finale Review: Out With A Bang

With the unfortunate knowledge that  Legit  was canceled, going into  Legit  Season 2 Episode 12  and  Legit  Season 2 Episode 13  was a vastly different viewing experience than if it was coming back for a third season. It’s always disappointing if a show doesn’t get to necessarily bow out on its own terms, preparing for the final act instead of getting the curtain dropped on them. The series ends as is, and obviously on a note that would propel the characters into new stories for the next go around. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Sex, Drugs and Interventions

After watching  Legit  Season 2 Episode 11 ,  Legit  Season 2 Episode 10  is far more necessary in the context of the larger story. Sure, that particular one wasn’t my favorite and perhaps seemed too serious - but it was important to at least get Steve to that dark place before anything better could happen. We’d seen Steve get in bar fights and use the bathroom in Jim’s closet, but his bender was that last straw. If anything, getting to a point on the show where an intervention can be both funny and important for the characters is a good thing. It means we’re invested enough to not only care about someone like Steve, but also allowing for his character to grow from his situation. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Parenthood

This was a weird episode of  Legit . Steve, who had been sober for about three weeks, was doing well but was hit with a bomb of news in the fact that his ex-wife was pregnant and getting married to Todd. Bender, here we come. Except, aside from a few chuckles during Steve’s foray into copious amounts of alcohol and drugs, it really just was sad. I felt bad for him, especially because we’ve known him to be such a good guy. It was kind of difficult to watch him wander around in his underwear because you just wanted to help him. And I felt bad for Steve’s kid because of that bender. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Down Under

Jim Jefferies really put a new spin on Australians going down under in  Legit  Season 2 Episode 9 . The half hour was laced with a slew of special guest stars as Jim continued to try to land a job. And with a former flame moving up by dating Bob Saget (great to see him make an appearance after the name drop in the very funny  Legit  Season 2 Episode 7 ), Jim decided that licking his way to the top would be the only way to make it out of his slump. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Family Matters

When it comes to sex, most people would probably rather not have their parents involved in any sort of way. Parents are assumed to only have had sex as many times as they’ve had children, and conversations about it are usually out of the question. And watching Black Swan with your parents? You might want to rethink that one. So it was no surprise that  Legit  Season 2 Episode 8  had Walter walking in on Billy having sex, and Jim catching Billy and Steve’s mother having sex with another man. Maybe lock a door or close the shades? Or maybe Walter and his wife just needed to be reunited again. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Full Metal Jefferies

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away from your parents, and sometimes that means going all the way to war-torn Afghanistan. Extreme? Maybe, but this is  Legit , the show all about the unapologetic extreme. It’s not like a half-hour comedy needs it, but there’s something nice in seeing story and characters carry over into each episode. It definitely makes you feel not only that you’re hanging with the crew, but that you’re also getting to go through their experiences with them. Which made the cut to Jim and Steve in Afghanistan bit in  Legit  Season 2 Episode 7  that much funnier. Jim really needs a new agent. And might Bob Saget make an appearance down the road? Read more:  //

Legit Review: Meet the Parents

If there’s one thing you can definitely tell about  Legit  Season 2 , it’s that the cast is really enjoying themselves with all the crazy situations the characters get involved with. Maybe I enjoyed it a bit less than the actors for  Legit  Season 2 Episode 6 , but there were some amusing moments, lines worth a few chuckles and a lengthy hand job scene I’m immediately trying to erase from my mind. This was something of a  Meet the Parents  episode. Except, Jim’s mom was introduced and quickly rushed to the hospital. She’s kind of a bossy woman, but Jim still has the heart to want to at least visit her before the group of guys rush off to the water park.   Read more:  //

Legit Review: Game of Wheelchairs

If someone tried to regale you with the tale that befalls Jim, Steve and Billy on  Legit  Season 2 Episode 5 , it would sound completely and utterly ridiculous. The unfortunate predicament the trio gets themselves involved in starts out because Steve and his father - rather than wait for Billy - grab a drink at the local bar. Billy finishes before Steve and promptly puts himself in the van to wait... except the van is repossessed and taken away with Billy inside. Shenanigans ensue, of course. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Back to School

High school reunions are the perfect places to relive those glory days, right? Unfortunately, not if you’re Jim, Steve and Billy. And count Rodney out, especially if  The Apprentice  is on. Legit Season 2 Episode 4  put the gang back in high school for a complete awkward-fest of drunk antics, first loves and mistaken identities. Read more:  //

Legit Review: Punch, Drunk, Love

Sometimes  Legit  is like the island of misfit toys on crack. There’s something wrong with all of the characters on the comedy, but in the end, no matter how raucous, inappropriate or outlandish they can be... you can’t help but love them. Legit  Season 2 Episode 3  adds Walter - Billy and Steve’s dad - to the gang. Where he was more of a background character that added a bit of depth to the insanity the brothers must have endured as children, Walter finds his place among the guys. Even if they don’t want him to stick around.  Read More... //