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Level E Episode #13 - Review

The final episode of Level E plays a bit with politics as the Prince reveals exactly what it is that Luna is after and how it'll affect things back on his homeworld with a resistance front, the balance of power and other issues relating to the matter of state as there are fakes abound and a lack of desire on the Prince's part to actually marry. With the level of power that Dogura has on the galactic scale, having things go wonky with any particular marriage would shift things in a particularly bad way that would impact quite a few species. There's a brief moment before the halfway mark where we see just how many races are out in orbit of Earth keeping an eye on the Prince and making sure that he stays here. Read More... //

Level E Episode #12 - Review

Level E draws closer to the end with its penultimate episode and decides to spend its time bringing in something new to mess with everything. That something new is the arrival of the Prince's brother and betrothed from the planet Dogura where they've come to take him back home so he can perform the proper ceremonies, take on his bride and get down to the business of being who he's supposed to be. Knowing the Prince as we do, he's skirting all of this as best as he can since he just wants to screw with peoples heads and play pranks, but his brother isn't going to let him get away with it in the slightest. Read More... //

Level E Episode #11 - Review

With the premise put forth at the start of the series that there are innumerable alien species out there and many of them live among us for a variety of reasons, it shouldn't be a surprise that strange things happen all around us. Case in point is this episode, which introduces to a group of high school baseball players who have found themselves caught up in a moment of time that has stopped, leaving the world very quiet all around them. The lack of familiar sounds, of a bustling town and all the noises that comes from it, is pretty disturbing to them and they're not sure what to make of it. Especially as their bus just suddenly appears in the middle of the stadium when they were previously just rolling right along on the highway. Read More... //

Level E Episode #10 - Review

Level E gets its next story going, which could see it through the end of the series with the Color Rangers involved, as a couple of different events take place. The one that gets a good bit of focus early on is that involving the Color Rangers as one of them is getting ready to move as his dad's been transferred and his mother doesn't want the family to be split apart, so there's no way he can just stay in the area. Boys will be boys and it's good to see some of the frustrations and tempers flare over it since they don't want to lose a good friend but there's something to be said about ending things angrily and walking away from each other. When Shimizu does walk away though, he comes across an attractive woman in the woods in a suit who is wounded badly and reveals to him that she's actually an alien. Read more... //

Level E Episode #09 - Review

The return to a storyline that comes across as more fun and enjoyable in the previous episode was certainly a big positive after Level E felt like it was crashing and burning hard for me. The introduction of the Macbac race and its queen in the form of Princess Saki coming to Earth for a girls weekend out while also picking up a mate along the way allowed for some good wacky fun and cultural misunderstandings and the like. While the Prince has been pushed to the background, his men in black have stepped up their game considerably as they try to ensure that the Earth isn't destroyed because of what they're doing. With Saki having picked a mate though, they're racing against the clock to stop this impending doom. Read More... //

Level E Episode #08 - Review

Level E was really strong in its first arc as it dealt with the Prince and his shenanigans but it went off the rails for me with everything that followed. With this episode, it looks like things may be getting back on track as it deals with some of the cast from the start as the servants of the empire he's from have to deal with the arrival of the Macbac race and its princess Saki. It has a lot of issues as it's an all female race that only procreates through the queen but it also has the issue that any race that they choose a mating interest in tends to be destroyed rather easily within a short amount of time. The men in black are definitely concerned about this since they like Earth in general and are afraid of the kind of chaos that the Macbac could bring here. Read More... //

Level E Episode #07 - Review

Level E continues to be the most unpredictable show of the season with what it does each week, but that doesn't exactly make it a good show. The series opened strong with a three episode arc that got a lot of people interested but it likely lost a lot of people over subsequent episodes and has me going from an eagerly awaited episode to one that I almost wait for with some amount of dread. The current arc has been a difficult one since it focuses on sentai teams that I don't much care for but it's had its moments as the Prince has screwed with them over and over as they try to get beyond it. The start of this episode actually was cute, if in the been there done that concept, with the kids walking around as if they were in a classic 8-bit game. Read More... //

Level E Episode #06 - Review

The shift to the new storyline in the previous episode brought us the Color Rangers and I have to admit I'm really skittish on all things sentai at this point. After being burned heavily with the first episode of Mitsudomoe this season, and generally not enjoying sentai shows in the past (while now being subjected to Power Rangers Samurai on TV as well), sentai material just doesn't do anything for me. There was a fair bit of fun in the previous episode though as the Prince really messes with them with the way their powers work and how he's manipulated them just for a laugh, but I had hoped that it wouldn't be too much more than just a single episode so we could move on to something else.   The kids are all intent on getting the wristbands off their arms so they can get back to their normal lives and that means they have to get the key. That has them going off to Yamagata to get it, but it's far more complicated than they expected with what they have to go through, not only to get the key but to have it work as well. Their teacher isn't too much help either when they call her for ideas, catching her in the shower of course, as she tells them that while it has a fairly standard idea, it's probably been specially configured since the Prince was involved with it. Passwords, special moves and so forth are involved in getting it to work. And the Prince's humor definitely influences things with how it all operates. There's an amusing gag about the passwords here that really pushes the boys in a way that you wouldn't expect. Read More... //

Level E Episode #05 - Review

The storyline here does start with a good bit of fun as a group of elementary school kids suddenly find themselves abducted by Prince, a very strange alien from their point of view. With his quirky sense of humor and the way he messes with everyone, having him haul some kids up to space to mess with them seems like it'd be him in a heartbeat. When they're thrown back to Earth, they find they each have a bracelet on their wrists that allows them to transform into a sentai team, which they find to be pretty awful since they look so terrible in their costumes. Only one of them is really thrilled by the whole experience and what he has now which totally annoys the rest of what you could call his friends. He's the best though as he gets the red band and goes right with the idea that it makes him the leader. Having the kids go through the transformations and the way most of them don't want anything to do with it is fun but having one of the teachers being an alien of some sort that's going after them now just lets it run with the humor. With a perfectly threatening voice, it hits all the right notes as they do the sentai parody here. Prince's manipulations of events is a good deal of fun here as he makes his group of Color Rangers to deal with fighting an alien and the kids are really not interested in this and find the whole situation rather insane. When they start getting real training, the back and forth is pretty solid on its own but having the pint sized Prince doing his selling of it is priceless since it's so light and fun with his style of delivery. Read More... //

Level E Episode #04 - Review

After that arc, you have to wonder where the show will go. And it's really hard to tell with this episode that introduces us to a high school horror story involving a female classmate who ends up being killed and they see it happen with her being eaten completely. That sends them all into a panic and slowly but surely, all of them are being hunted down and killed, which only makes them all the more scared while trying to find a way to survive. It's like a game of ten little Indians as they're dwindling away. They get some sort of help from a doctor that they come across who talks about aliens and parasites which becomes something that they latch onto as more and more of their friends start disappearing. Read More... //