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Level E Episode #03 - Review

Because of the death of the Disckonian which was done in a way that does not let him go honorably, the whole situation is getting close to blowing up in their faces. Particularly bad is that this could escalate into a real war but also that it's going to threaten the Earthlings that are now in the know, which in turn will cause a lot of problems for the Prince's protectors. What they need is for the Prince to regain more of his memories so they can accomplish their mission and deal with the Disckonians. Of course, what it's going to take to jog his memory is some sort of traumatic event, which makes it easy for one of them to kick him pretty severely to the head in hopes that it will work. Well, at least after he wakes up that is. Read More... //www.mania.com/level-e-episode-03_article_127913.html