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First Photos of True Blood's James Frain on LEVERAGE Season 3

Check out the first photos of James Frain guest starring on an upcoming episode of LEVERAGE The King George Job Season 3 Episode 12 which airs on Sunday August 29 2010 at 9pm on TNT. Frain was recently guest starring on season 3 of True Blood and will appear in the new NBC Series The Cape. Episode Synopsis: Sophie must face her past, as the Leverage team go after a black market antiquities trafficker who takes advantage of refugee children. Source & More Photos

LEVERAGE ''The Underground Job'' Season 3 Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of LEVERAGE The Underground Job Season 3 Episode 10 which airs on Sunday August 15 2010 at 9pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis: In the aftermath of a deadly mine explosion, the team infiltrates the coal mines of West Virginia to put an end to the dangerous practices of the mine’s owner. But what the team digs up will threaten the livelihood of everyone in this tight-knit community. Source & Preview

'Leverage' Clip Gives the First Look of Nate's Father

It is time for "Leverage" fans to get to know the man who shaped Nathan Ford to be a good mastermind for his team. Jimmy Ford, Nate's father, will finally be presented on the show in person through "Brothers & Sisters" actor Tom Skerritt. The first look of him as the older but equally scheming Ford has been teased in a clip for the upcoming episode. So far in the show's three seasons, Nate's father has only been told in stories. Nate once recalled his childhood experience with his dad at McRory's Pub in the second season episode called "The Bottle Job". It is known that his dad works as numbers runner in South Boston. To Read More Click Here .

TNT Renews The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles and Leverage

TNT has order new seasons for three of its shows: The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles and Leverage. "TNT has enjoyed tremendous success on Sunday and Monday nights with Leverage, The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles," said network exec Michael Wright. "All three shows feature terrific casts, sharp writing and top-notch production teams. We look forward to continued success with new seasons in 2011." The Closer and Leverage will each return with 15 episodes, while freshman series Rizzoli & Isles - which had second-biggest cable TV series debut ever with 7.6 million viewers - will return with a 13-episode season. All three are slated to start their new seasons in 2011. Source Here

John Schneider Country-Rocks Leverage

The impressively well-preserved actor (who was actually born in Mt. Kisco, New York) has been passing himself off as a country boy ever since he guzzled beer and claimed he was from Snellville, Georgia while auditioning for his breakthrough role as Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. He drove the General Lee to a career as a country singer, and the last night's Leverage smartly cast him as Mitchell Kirkwood, a Nashville star-turned-corrupt record exec targeted by Timothy Hutton and his band of do-gooding con artists. After following Dukes with another heroic stint as Clark Kent's now-late father Jonathan on Smallville, Schneider has explored his dark side with gigs as porn king Ram Peters on Nip/Tuck and philandering father Jeffrey Sarkossian on 90210. (He also played another doomed dad on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.) But he had the most fun in his Leverage role, which combined Schneider's best qualities: He makes a great bad ole boy. Are you glad Leverage is in tune with John Schneider? Source Here

Leverage Promo: "The Double Blind Job" Season 3, Episode 5

It's been an unusual - and entertaining - start to the Leverage season. Through two weeks, the TNT hit has aired four episodes. Since the official start of the summer, we've been treated to two solid hours of Nate and company on each Sunday night. But the show will take July 4 off this weekend (giving readers a chance to catch up via our section of Leverage reviews) and then return with a measly single episode on July 11. Titled "The Double Blind Job," the installment will find the team going up against pharmaceutical CEO who wants to distribute a deadly drug for big profits. As always, TV Fanatic will rundown the episode in depth after it airs and you can watch its official preview now: Source & Preview

'Leverage' 3.03/04 Preview: The Inside and Scheherazade Job

"Leverage" jumps from Elisabetta Canalis to Richard Chamberlain. Next week, in first of the two one-hour episodes, the 1960s heartthrob plays a mentor for Parker. When Parker is trapped in an unknown location while working a theft for him, the team must race the clock to find and free her. "There's a Parker episode where we learn a lot about her past and her background," star Timothy Hutton explains what the viewers will learn in the particular episode. "And we meet her mentor, who is Richard Chamberlain." After the episode called "The Inside Job", the team continues with a mission to rob an African Kleptocrat's Boston fault. The Leverage team has to time their heist to a symphony concert nearby, where amateur violinist Hardison must play a solo for a sell-out crowd. "The Inside Job" starts at 9/8c followed by "The Scheherazade Job" at 10/9c. Source & Preview

VIDEO: Spoiler Alert! Leverage Stars Reveal Season 3 Secrets

The Leverage crew has gotten out of more than its fair share of sticky situations before, but what will the team do now that Nate (Timothy Hutton) is behind bars? During a visit to the video studio, Hutton was more than happy to share what his character has up his sleeve, much to the chagrin of his co-stars Gina Bellman and Beth Riesgraf. Hutton says his character's possible prison break plays into a bigger theme of the entire season. "None of us can do what we do alone," he says. "We can all do it as experts, but we've come to really rely on one another as a team." Plus: Hutton give lots of juicy details about Elisabetta Canalis' mysterious role, and he tells us who from Nate's past will make an appearance this season. The new season of Leverage premieres Sunday at 9/8c on TNT. Source Here

Timothy Hutton's Big Breakthroughs

For Oscar-winning actor Timothy Hutton, agreeing to star in TNT's Leverage wasn't a tough decision - at least not after he read the script. "It was a real opportunity to play a person who had these awful things happen involving his son and the destruction of his marriage - someone who needed a real breakthrough in their life," Hutton says. "I wondered how this tragedy would manifest itself in him and the choices he would make." Hutton plays Nate Ford, the leader of a crack team of cons who use their skills to take from the rich and powerful and give back to those they've wronged. But despite Nate's noble intentions, he hasn't always made the best choices. Case in point: When Season 3 begins (Sunday at 9/8c), Nate is in jail. "The team has a plan to break him out, and to their amazement, he doesn't want them to," Hutton says of the premiere episode. "What we see right away is there's a determination in Nate that's always been there, but not at strong as what it's become. It's become extreme - he's committed to taking on anybody that is conning others. It's become his sole purpose." To Read More Click Here .

Aldis Hodge on Leverage: Ocean's 11 Meets Robin Hood!

Battling through an illness, Leverage star Aldis Hodge joined TV Fanatic and other media outlets on a conference call today. In anticipation of this show's third season premiere on Sunday night, we asked the actor about his character, his interest in watches and whether or not certain past characters would return this summer. His responses follow... On the return of Rick Overton or Jeri Ryan: I'm not certain on Jeri. She's actually on a new series now [Body of Proof], so we'd absolutely love to have her back, but it could be difficult. As for Overton, the audience loves Taggert, so we wanna give the audience what they love. I'll leave it at that. What were his favorite episodes of season two? "The Ice Man Job" and "The Three Days Of The Hunter Job." They were the most fun because I got to play different types of characters. I got to explore and enjoy my imagination. To Read More Click Here .