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Take A Break From World Cup Excitement To Check Out This Week's Summer Premieres!

Yup, there's another vampire show on the horizon -- The Gates premieres this Sunday on ABC, for all you Vampire Diaries viewers who are hoping to get your fangirl fix on during the off-season! Also, now that Top Chef Masters has concluded, regular Top Chef takes the heat back to the kitchen on Wednesday on Bravo ! See what other summer shows are premiering this week! Monday, June 14 10/9c: Warren the Ape in MTV Tuesday, June 15 9/8c: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo Wednesday, June 16 9/8c: Top Chef on Bravo Sunday, June 20 9/8c: The Gates on ABC 9/8c: Leverage on TNT 10/9c: Scoundrels on ABC 10/9c: The Real L Word on Showtime Which summer premieres are you tuning into this week?

Look Who's Playing Nate's Dad on Leverage

Tom Skerritt will guest-star in a Season 3 episode of TNT's Leverage as Nate Ford's father, has learned exclusively. During a recent visit to's video studio, series star Timothy Hutton said that the new season of Leverage is all about family. Though he was speaking mostly about how Nate and his team have become like a family, he also hinted at something more. "People from Nate's life show up," Hutton said. "We're filming an episode now that has to do with where Nate comes from. We learn a lot about who Nate is by meeting someone who had a tremendous influence over him over him." But don't look for Skerritt's character to simply pass along fatherly wisdom — Nate's dad will also play an active role in one of the team's cons. The 76-year-old Skerritt, whose film work includes roles in M*A*S*H, Steel Magnolias, The Turning Point, Alien and Top Gun, won an Emmy for his starring role as Sheriff Jimmy Brock on Picket Fences. He also recurs as William Walker, the late husband of Sally Field's character on Brothers & Sisters. An air date for Skerritt's episode has not been set. The third season of Leverage premieres Sunday, June 20 at 9/8c on TNT. Source Here

Leverage Sneak Peeks: Season Three Premiere

On Sunday, June 20, Leverage gets off to a rousing start with a special two-hour episode. Titled "The Jailhouse Job," the installment kicks off with Nate in prison. What can he do from there? These clips should give you an idea: Source & Preview

Jeri Ryan Talks 'Leverage,' 'Voyager' and More

Jeri Ryan is one of the busiest actresses in television, going from successful series to successful series. Her track record is quite amazing; she's rarely not working. Earlier this year, she appeared on TNT's 'Leverage' as con artist Tara Cole. Then, during our conversation, she mentioned that she was waiting to hear if her latest pilot was picked up by ABC. It was. She's co-starring with Dana Delany in 'Body of Proof' which will premiere in the fall. In anticipation of the 'Leverage' season 2 DVD, which hit shelves May 25, Ryan spoke with TV Squad about the show and her multifaceted career. To Read More Click Here .

Leverage Season 3 Cast Promo Photos

First wave of cast promo photos for the 3rd season of Leverage. Click me!

Bill Engvall to Guest Star on 'Leverage'

Comedian Bill Engvall will guest star on an upcoming episode of 'Leverage,' TNT has exclusively confirmed to TV Squad. In it, Engvall will play a car dealer targeted by the 'Leverage' team because of his involvement in reselling stolen autos on the black market. The episode is currently slated to air in August. Engvall was last seen on the small screen in the short-lived TBS sitcom 'The Bill Engvall Show,' which was canceled last September due to poor ratings. Additional TV roles inc lude 'Blue Collar TV,' 'The Jeff Foxworthy Show' and 'Delta.' 'Leverage,' starring Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, returns for its highly anticipated third season with back-to-back episodes Sun., Jun. 20 at 9PM. Source Here

Boy Meets Reel: Chuck, Leverage, and Winning Formulas

I've spent the last couple of weeks talking about how I overthink television. Let's turn that around, and talk about some shows I enjoy because they let me turn my brain off - and still feel smart about them later. Chuck, for its first couple of seasons, provided me with a whole lot of amusement without making me feel dumber. It stuck to its formula for a while, using an even split of semi-serious spy work, hijinks by those wacky folks at the Buy More, and the hot-cold tale of Chuck's love life to bring its comic world to life. Even though I knew it was a formula, it never got old because of its sheer variety. Every week, I sat down knowing I was going to be entertained on all fronts, from comedy to action to just enough drama to avoid getting stale. So what if it was basically the same from week to week? It was fun, and a shining example of how a good formula can carry you through at least two or three seasons. The ultimate expression of the fun formula is one of my favorite little shows on cable: Leverage. This weekly heist flick adheres so closely to its conventions that the characters comment on it regularly. The catch phrases from Timothy Hutton are often followed by snide (or bewildered) remarks. The obligatory fight scene starring Christian Kane is regularly accompanied by a complaint that "I just hit things!" But here's the secret of what keeps Leverage fun: no matter how many times you see riffs on the same story play itself out, you stay engaged because Leverage makes you feel smart while you're watching it. It's a different heist every episode, in the style of Ocean's Eleven, and the genius of the show is that you feel like you're in on the secret. Whenever one of the characters pulls off an amazing feat of sleight of hand or trickery, it isn't long before the camera shows you what happened, along with a figurative wink and a smile. It's very different from a mystery show, where the big reveal is supposed to impress you with how smart the character are; Leverage's approach lets you feel better than the villain of the week because he got duped by a trick that seems so simple when you see it from the perspective of our heroic thieves. It's a subtle bit of genius from a show that's all about living out working class fantasies, where we get to see the little guy triumph over the greedy ambitions of corrupt politicians, corporate bigwigs, and crime bosses. So when Leverage starts back up this summer, do yourself a favor and watch it over on TNT. It isn't the most groundbreaking program on television, but it's one of those shows that works its formula so well that you find yourself coming back for more.

Elisabetta Canalis To Guest Star in Season 3 of LEVERAGE

When season 3 of LEVERAGE premieres this summer on TNT, we will meet a new character known only as "The Italian." And who did executive producer Dean Devlin cast for the role? Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis. Her character will appear in five episodes. I can't wait for Leverage to be back, especially after last season's finale. And I am curious to find out who "The Italian" character is. Leverage follows a gang of con artists who exact revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize people. Academy Award® winner Timothy Hutton stars as team leader Nate Ford, with Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf co-starring. Source Here

Edwin Hodge to Guest-Star on Leverage

Leverage is becoming a family affair. Edwin Hodge, the older brother of series regular Aldis Hodge, will guest-star in the TNT drama's upcoming third season premiere, has learned exclusively. Edwin plays an accountant who is sent to prison on a minor traffic offense. While in The Big House, he is wrongly accused of another inmate's murder. Luckily, he crosses paths with newly incarcerated Nate (Timothy Hutton), who rallies Hardison (Aldis) and the rest the team to assist. "I just felt it was a great opportunity to share the screen with my brother and show the difference in our talents," Edwin tells "As siblings in the entertainment business, it's always a great experience, and one I think all siblings should share." Edwin, who starred in Boston Public and most in recently Fox's Mental, has also appeared on Bones, Heroes, and Ghost Whisperer . He'll also appear on the big screen this summer in the remake of Red Dawn. Although the brothers don't interact directly in the episode, Aldis says he was happy the producers gave his brother a shot. He also said the new season requires all the show's actors to step up their game. "The dynamic has stepped up a level," Aldis says. "We're not playing it safe anymore. We're getting more dangerous, and everyone is coming into the whole experience a little differently. We're stepping outside the box a little." Both brothers deny any sibling rivalry. "We're very different," Edwin says. "He's much funnier than I am. I tend to aim more toward the dramatic side of the business. So hopefully, I can just match up to what he does. It's a healthy battle." "We came up in this business together, and the beginning of our career was all together," Aldis adds. "We'd go on sets together and we learned together. At the end of the day, we've always got each other's back, because that's our priority." Leverage returns with new episodes this summer. Source Here

George Clooney's Girlfriend to Debut Her Acting in 'Leverage'

George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is set to make her acting debut on U.S. TV - the Italian model has reportedly signed up to make a guest appearance in crime drama "Leverage". The Hollywood heart-throb has been dating the beauty since summer 2009, and she has since landed a string of high profile modeling assignments including a starring role in Roberto Cavalli's latest lingerie ad campaign. Now 31-year-old Canalis is preparing to show off her acting skills as a "mysterious international secret agent" in the TNT network series, according to US A source tells the website, "She's very excited about the part as well as the chance to break into American television." "When the opportunity came up, she was thrilled. She knows she'll be over (in the U.S.) to be with George at the Oscars so she's hoping to shoot some of her part then." Source Here