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LEVERAGE Season 2, Episode 1: "The Beantown Bailout Job" - Preview

Nate Ford reluctantly reassembles the team to pit the local Irish mob against a banker who is gaming a government bailout. If they survive, Nate has to deal with four thieves who've decided he needs them in his life, whether he likes it or not. Airing Wednesday July 15, 2009 at 9/8c on TNT . Source & Preview

First Look: Leverage Season Two

TNT 's Leverage earned its spot on my list of monthly must haves because it seems like a perfect show to watch with your feet up and a frosty drink in hand. The series focuses on a band of well-meaning criminals, each with a particular skill that lets them rob the rich, fix injustice, and possibly make some money for themselves along the way. The mastermind of the operation is Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton), a man with a checkered past and a drinking problem that's supposedly under control when this new season begins. To Read More and See The Sneak Peek Click Here .

TNT Rolls Out New Dramas This Summer - Featured

TNT is heating up this summer, rolling out two brand-new dramas alongside new seasons of your favorites. Jada Pinkett Smith's nursing drama, HawthoRNe will debut Tuesday, June 16 at 9 pm/ET, according to Variety. The show, which also stars Michael Vartan, follows Smith as tough but caring nurse manager at a North Carolina hospital. HawthoRNe will be followed by the returning Saving Grace, which will air its third season on Tuesdays at 10 pm all summer. On Monday, June 8, Kyra Sedgwick's The Closer returns at 9 pm. It will be followed by Raising the Bar, which returns for its sophomore run with more courtroom drama - and a close-cropped Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The con-men drama Leverage returns for its second season on July 15 at 9 pm. Leverage will be paired with the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced newcomer Dark Blue , which airs at 10 pm. Blue stars Dylan McDermott and focuses on a group of undercover LAPD cops. Which new (or returning) show are you most excited to watch this summer? Source Here

Trust Me Tuesdays at 10PM

Looks as though Trust Me is moving to Tuesdays at 10PM to make room for the return of Saving Grace on Mondays at 10PM beginning this week! Trust Me is filling Leverage 's old slot, now that Leverage has concluded its season.

Leverage's Timothy Hutton Talks Betrayal, Bizarre Love Triangles and Booze

TNT has already signed the Timothy Hutton drama Leverage for a second season, but the show's team of crack con artists will have to make it through Tuesday's season finale (airing at 10 pm/ET) to get there. Last week's episode ended with Hutton's team leader, Nate, feeling betrayed by Sophie, the master of accents played by celebrity blogger Gina Bellman. Hutton, a 1980 Academy Award winner for Ordinary People, talked to about what the team will face next season, how Nate is handling the reappearance of his ex-wife (Kari Matchett), and his character's growing reliance on booze. To Read The Full Interview Click here .

Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009 - Featured

The Biggest Loser : Couples (8 pm/ET NBC) The players are thrust out of their comfort zones in the first half of this two-part episode. The buddy system goes out the window as the teams are reorganized into just two groups. This move pairs some players with a new trainer, and the adjustment isn't an easy one for all of them. Once the dust settles, the contestants compete in a 24-hour bike challenge. The second half of the episode airs tomorrow at 8 pm/ET. Address to the Joint Session of Congress (9 pm/ET Fox (also ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, FNC and MSNBC, among others)) It'll have the trappings of a State of the Union Address ("I have the high privilege and distinct honor...") - and the Republicans will get to rebut it (Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has that high honor) - but since Barack Obama has been president for barely a month, he'll assess the shaky state of the union tonight in an address to Congress that's being billed as simply that. Expect a broad-based policy survey, but the primary focus will certainly be on the president's plans for the economy. Leverage (10 pm/ET TNT ) The cunning caper show's 13-episode inaugural season closes with the conclusion of the two-part finale. An underground Nate Ford, the guiding spirit of this high-styled band of contemporary Robin Hoods, resurfaces to tangle directly with two personal nemeses. One is avaricious bigwig Ian Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe), the CEO rat who denied medical coverage to Nate's son, leaving the youngster to die. The other is Jim Sterling (Mark A. Sheppard), Nate's wily ex-coworker. Nate's plan is to pilfer two prized David statuettes from under their noses. The sting is on - let's hope Nate doesn't get stung. Nip/Tuck (10 pm/ET FX ) Next week is the season finale, so Christian is putting his affairs in order prior to (a) getting married and (b) dying. As for the getting-married part, tonight's problem is that Lizzie's family-heirloom gown is too small. A nip and a tuck should fix that, right? No so fast. As for the dying part, Christian wants to hire his replacement himself. Enter the style-conscious Dr. Logan Taper (Richard Burgi). Playing Lizzie's mother is Lillian Hurst, who also plays Hurley's mom on Lost. Dark Days in Monkey City (10 pm/ET Animal Planet ) First it was the meerkats, then the lemurs and the orangutans. Now the spotlight is on the monkeys. Cool graphic-novel-style animation helps dramatize the lives of Sri Lanka's gray langurs and toque macaques, two wild-monkey species that live (and fight) in the abandoned city of Polonnaruwa. In the premiere, a leader defends his position against a rebellion, but it seems like the power struggles are far from over. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, February 17

* Leverage (10 pm/ET TNT ) The catchy caper show's inaugural season begins winding down with the first of a two-part finale. (Part 2 airs next week.) Tonight's mission impossible turns intensely personal for team leader Nate Ford. Our modern-day Robin Hoods close in on one Ian Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe), the big-business miscreant who denied medical treatment for Nate's son, leaving the boy to die. The crack crew schemes to steal the greedy CEO's Michelangelo maquette, but their plan is jeopardized when Nate's ex-coworker (Mark A. Sheppard) makes an unforeseen appearance. The episode was directed by Dean Devlin, producer of the films Independence Day and Godzilla. * Real Housewives of New York City (11 pm/ET Bravo ) It's apples and oranges with these housewives. The soapy franchise relocates to the Big Apple from Orange County to continue documenting the diva dramas of New York ladies Alex, Bethenny, Jill, LuAnn and Ramona. Season 2 lifts off tonight with tension surrounding Jill, whose published interview incites a feud with Alex and Simon. Meanwhile, social butterfly Bethenny spreads her wings in the Hamptons, and a new housewife is introduced: She's Kelly Killoren Bensimon - model, fashionista, equestrian, writer and now reality personality. * Frontline (9 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)) It's said that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. With that in mind, it's worth learning the whys and wherefores of our current economic woes, if only so we don't make the same mistakes again. "Inside the Meltdown" offers a look at what went wrong, including how the failure to save Lehman Brothers led the already rocky economy to collapse, and gives a behind-the-scenes account of the passage of the $700 billion bailout. * The Mentalist (9 pm/ET CBS) Many crime dramas today are edgy, with a stylized modern look and sophisticated technology. Some classic devices, however, never grow old. When Jane and the team investigate the murder of a country club's "queen bee," the series echoes the familiar whodunit scenario of a murder case revealing a closed society's hidden world of intrigue, love affairs and dark deeds. * Dogg After Dark (9 pm/ET) MTV Snoop Dogg is back on the televizzle, taking his turn as host of this new variety show, which features celebrity interviews, music guests, sketch-comedy segments, and whatever else the D-O-double G dreams up. In typical Snoop fashion, he's not filming in a studio; he's comin' at ya from L.A. hot spot Kress nightclub on Hollywood Blvd. Source here

Jonathan Frakes' Leverage Episode Also a Trekkie Convention

When Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes signed on to direct an episode of TNT's Leverage , he agreed to helm one of the drama's most complex episodes yet: one where Timothy Hutton's team of cons for good causes help upset an attempt to rig a trial. But Frakes also beamed in a few friends to turn the set into a mini-Star Trek convention, recruiting The Next Generation's Brent Spiner and Deep Space Nine's Armin Shimmerman and Kitty Swink for key roles. The once-and-perhaps future Commander Riker also hinted about the possibility of getting involved with J.J. Abrams' reboot of the Star Trek franchise, and his acting role on the soon-to-be scheduled Fox drama Persons Unknown, from The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie writer Christopher McQuarrie. And intelligent guy that he is, he took a moment to praise his wife, Genie Francis, for her recent performance in the Hallmark Channel's The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love. Frakes' Leverage episode, "The Juror No. 6 Job," airs Tuesday at 10 pm/ET. For Full Interview Click Here .

Timothy Hutton Lawyers Up for Ghost

It's been a good week for Timothy Hutton. The Oscar-winning actor's TNT hit Leverage was renewed for a second season and he's now nabbed a Roman Polanski film. Hutton has joined the cast of The Ghost, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Based on a novel by Robert Harris, the thriller stars Ewan McGregor as a ghostwriter tasked with completing a former British prime minister's (Pierce Brosnan) memoirs, only to uncover secrets that put his life in danger. Hutton will play the PM's lawyer. Tom Wilkinson, James Belushi and Kim Cattrall costar. Besides directing the film, Polanski is also co-producing Ghost. Filming begins this week in Berlin. Source here

A Few Stolen Moments with Leverage's Beth Riesgraf

Perhaps the coolest element of TNT's Leverage - which airs Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET, and has just been picked up for a second season - is its colorful cast of characters, each of whom is more assured of their snatching skills than the next. That quality is no better personified than by Beth Riesgraf's Parker, an upper-echelon cat burglar who loves climbing walls and sticking her claws into other people's things. Riesgraf gave us a look at what's ahead for her sexy and sassy sneak. For Complete Interview Click Here