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After five seasons,  Team Leverage has closed up shop . At least, with Nate in charge of things that is. While Season 5 was't particularly stellar, as a whole, the finale, "The Long Goodbye Job," was pretty damn good. The stakes were high, the drama was potent and the ultimate resolution was satisfying. There was barely an underlying seasonal arc this year; with only one scene between Nate and Hardison back at the end of the premiere. But that scene still did play a huge role, and looking back I'm torn as to whether I would have preferred the show to call back upon Nate and Hardison's secret a few more times or not. READ MORE...

LEVERAGE Series Finale: Some Thoughts on ‘The Long Goodbye Job’

Confession: I was dreading watching the LEVERAGE series finale. It’s not that I didn’t want to see it…it’s just that this show has been so much fun over the years and the knowledge that this was it — even if the late cancellation had led to them treating this as the series finale versus a [...] //

Leverage Review: Like All Good Things...

Just a few days ago TNT announced the end of Leverage as they are not going to renew Leverage for a sixth season. In most cases this would be cause for alarm as most season finales are written to hook you so you come back next season.  Thankfully Dean Devlin saw the writing on the wall and " The Long Goodbye Job " was written to end the series just in case events went as they did. I’m very impressed with the writing of the episode, and that is saying something, because in my Interview with Dean Devlin he stated this episode was always the way he had seen the series ending.  Now that may sound easy, but keep in mind he also had to keep in the ability to come back for a sixth season had things gone the other way. So how do you wrap up the story without really closing the door on the characters? Read More... //

Leverage Review: The Ghost of Christmas Past

Nate:   Let’s go steal Christmas .  In the third of the three episode lead up to the Christmas Day season finale of Leverage that Dean Devlin discussed with me in Our Interview , we got to see the team working to keep kids safe in the " The Toy Job ." Right off the bat I have to mention that this is the first episode that Nate has mentioned his son in forever. The heartwarming story at the end about the trumpet his dad gave him and that he gave Sam was a sobering reminder that Nate has lost his father and his son in the last several years. Read More... //

Leverage Review: A Light Yet Full-Bodied Con

Nate: Let’s go fake a bottle While I’m not a wine fan even I can tell you that the shortcuts that Frank Madigan (Hart Bochner) was taking in " The Corkscrew Job "  was not going to end well for someone, be it the wine or the growers.  I will freely admit that I’m with Hardison and much more a beer or cider fan than wine. Case in point, did anyone else think his jicama and plum beer sounded interesting? But, like Hardison I was more than willing to ride along with the team as they brought Madigan down. Read More... //

Leverage Review: The Impossible Con

Nate: Let’s go steal a dream And with those words " The White Rabbit Job " was off and running with Nate, Sophie, and the gang attempting to rehabilitate their mark (Charles Dodgson) instead of simply removing him.  I have to give it to the production crew for this episode, this was a daring episode to put together. From the details of the con, to the dreamnasium that Hardison put together this was an impressive outing. It just took me a bit to get use to the fish-eye lens look the camera was using to achieve some of the effects. Read More... //

Leverage Review: Too Big To Con

Our favorite team returned tonight, taking on the mega-store to try and save the mom-and-pop businesses in " The Low Low Price Job ." You had to love Brigid Brannagh as the tough as nails executive who only wants to climb the company ladder. She did a great job of holding her own against Nate and the squad for a couple of rounds, but in the end we knew that Nate would figure out a way to beat her, didn't we? Of course, Nate just did what he does best: he let her beat herself, really. Given how clever and quick she was, I wondered if Nate was going to try and recruit her to Team Leverage. It certainly seems that if she could be shown how to use her powers for good instead of evil, she would be a powerful ally. Read More... //

Leverage's Summer Finale: Too Much Awesome for Just One Episode

See you November 27,  Leverage ! It's been a good summer, and I'll be sad to see you go. For  Leverage 's big summer finale, TNT aired two episodes back-to-back. The first featured Hardison, Parker, and Eliot; the second focused on Nate and Sophie. Splitting up the characters worked really well. Team HPE was able to concentrate on the exciting elements of the show, while Team NS was able to focus on the humorous aspects. On one hand, this actually underlined the show's biggest weakness: It tries to do so much, and it has five VERY strong characters, but it has trouble squeezing all of its awesome into an hour-long episode every week. Maybe that doesn't  sound  like a problem, but it is because it means we sometimes go a few weeks without an Eliot smackdown, or Parker breaking into somewhere impossible, or a scene that makes us laugh at an immature volume. It's a balance issue, really. I'd love to see  Leverage  figure out how to fit all of its awesome into one episode... and then do that every week. Read More... //

Leverage Review: A Sterling Reputation

As the counterpoint to the first half of this week’s two hour summer  finale, " The Frame-Up Job " featured only Sophie and Nate – and the return of Jim Sterling, everyone’s favorite Interpol agent.  I’m curious, does anyone know when Jim Sterling turned into Robert Palmer? Every one of his agents was an attractive woman who had not facial expressions. Honestly, had he started humming "Addicted to Love" I wouldn't have been surprised at all.  Read More... //

Leverage Review: Triple Play

While I missed Sophie and Nate a little, it was incredible to see Eliot, Hardison, and Parker stepping up and doing what they do best to save lives. Watching all three use the full extent of their talent made " The Rundown Job " my favorite episodes this season. How awesome was Eliot when he gave Hardison the pep-talk? I think this is the nicest thing Eliot has ever said to Hardison: //