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Love the Show, HATE the Clich�©s!

I love Leverage and can say it is one of my Top 5 must see shows but the episode "Tap-Out Job" was highly offensive and generalized to me. They way the people of Nebraska were portrayed not to mention the locations were completely inaccurate. As someone living in Nebraska I can tell you, Nebraska is not just full of a bunch of hicks. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. (And that is really saying something these days.) Did you know the Nebraska is know as a state of wealth? We have more millionaires per capita than any other state. Yes, some of it does come from cattle and farming! We have major corporations such as ConAgra, Mutual of Omaha, Gallup,eBay, PayPal, Google, Aflac, and Berkshire Hathaway just to name a few. We are home to Warren Buffet We have one of the Top 3 organ transplant units in the nation. We rank 7th in the nation in education. Want entertainment? Nope not a fighting ring like you saw on the show. We are home to the Largest Community Playhouse in the U.S. It was started by the Fonda's almost 100 years ago. Our Qwest Center is the 9th most active concert center in the WORLD. Our Holland performing arts center is host to our very own Opera and Ballet company as well as the award winning Omaha Symphony. I wish shows would stop playing Cliche stereotypes and get real. I have to tell you the show was a hot topic here on morning radio and evening news. It was slammed for the inaccurate portrayal.

"I Can't Hack a Hick."

That's one of the best lines from tonight's episode. I love the alliteration of it. However, the comedy wasn't the biggest part of the show tonight. There was actually a serious message behind it. I spent some years in the dying middle America. It wasn't where the death throes were happening, but we could certainly hear them from there. So the idea that guys fight to control something is important (it's also the same reason for anarexia, but that's the girl's version). The fact that Eliot has to "fight to control what's inside" him (whether the character actually has to or he was just playing for the con) is another aspect that's really nice. Cliche, but really nice. (It's probably cliche because it happens so much in real life). The fact that he realizes where the fight actually is shows how much more Eliot is than just a pair of fists. There's really a brain under there, a pretty sharp one too (even if it is a monofocus).

"There are wolves in the world"

Well, that was an exciting opener. I liked that they changed a little while they were gone. The biggest change is Nate's sobriety of course. That's new and unusual and very helpful. It was interesting to watch as he tried to go back to work, but ended up bored and wanting a drink. I wonder how bored they all were (although stealing that and putting it back before anyone noticed for Parker was quite cool). I liked how they all went to the play together, but I would've loved to actually see part of the performance. Oh well. I can't wait for the next episode. I want to see how they develop from here.

What if House was a cop? What if Leverage thought they were good guys?

This show answers that question with amazing detail. Carter seems to act as psychotically to the benefit of others as House does. We'll have to wait and see what the other personalities hold, but that was the one that jumped out and grabbed me. The other What if question that Dark Blue asnswers is "What if the Leverage team thought they were the good guys?" That is the one aspect that got to me. They all claim to be the good guys, but they don't act like nights in shining armor. I'll have to wait and watch it play out. It seems to be rolling along well though. Obviously this is meant to be a heavy drama. I certainly couldn't stomach a marathon of it yet. I don't even know if I could last through a full length movie. However, it's excellently well done. I intend to watch more of it.

Trends toward the hero archetype?

I've been watching a number of shows that have had even more clearly heroic characters than normal American television: Robin Hood (UK), Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Kings (wow), and now Leverage. Sure, we have a clear sampling bias... For me, those shows are probably the most available to watch, and least painful, which (again, for me) automatically rules out most of "reality television." Regardless, it is interesting to note common threads in all of them: 1) They all involve the socio-economic elite classes: Robin Hood, an English noble, Michael, a top-trained spy with ease in obtaining/spending cash and a grip on Miami's social scene, Hank consorting/consulting with/for folks in the Hamptons, Silas/David following the path to Biblical immortality, and the whole crew of Leverage, with their untold wealth, amazing talents, and mobility achieved through cleverness and mastery of technologies. 2) The writers on all the shows are very deliberately trying to make all these characters have struggles that add a dark, and therefore interesting tint to the stories; I wouldn't call this contrivance at all, as it feels natural, but I would venture to presume that their archetypes are so strong that they actually need to be made complex enough to sell and keep people hooked on the storytelling. Consider Robin's endless obsession with redemption, torment, and catharsis epitomized in the esteemed Virgin Mary seen through Marian, or the vengeance-obsessed Nathan from Leverage. 3) The illegal-ish wealth re-distribution is another theme, one I'm a fan of, most obviously in Leverage, Burn Notice, and of course Robin Hood. I'm certain there's more, but I also might guess that the researchers network suits are hiring recognize many people's want for great leadership, as easily read from the US presidential elections of 2008, where someone with a great capacity to rouse people proved victorious, and the overall weariness every well-adjusted person should be feeling over all the sarcastic "irony" that's been in fashion for a while. David's story, as told, especially in this last instalment, directly attacks the cynicism that lacks faith in a destiny-driven leader, just trying to do right things with weaknesses. We need something sacred (please understand this generally, and not exclusively in a religious context), and I think the suits are attempting to comprehend this. Does anybody else see a trend in "heroic" television? I like it. Sure, the sappy anachronisms present in Robin Hood are excessive, and the medieval-era characters all seem to posses really expensive educations that equip them with Classical philosophy, the wisdoms of Abrahamic traditions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity), and the geoopolitical know-how of regular readers of BBC News; these are all things we (I suppose I'll mean "we" to include "Westerners") recognize as at least present in our cultures, and our brains latch onto them instinctively from collectively religious and intellectual backgrounds; a more situationally accurate, though not as Anglo-centric (our colonizing parents who view the BBC couldn't stand for that) placement of the characters would have put them in Moor-administrated regions of Spain! Still, the presence of the strong hero archetype is nice, and I venture to say, inspiring.


This show is bangin! 10 stars out of 5.

Leverage First Timer

I recently (today) just started to watch the show, and I am HOOKED!! It was practically love at first sight,or watch, whatever. The first episode was the one that really caught my attention and made me want to watch more, the first episode of leverage has to be the best premiering episode of a show that I have seen in a long time. It provided a little bit of comedy, along with cool action, a little drama, and a fantastic storyline. All of the characters have their own storyline, and crazy cool personalities that I love. Usually when it comes to shows that have a different array of characters like Leverage does, it's almost routine to pick a favorite character, but I can't because all the characters on the show are phenomenal and it would be extremely hard to choose a favorite, I really commend the casting directors. I know it may seem too soon to start praising the show, considering the fact that I just started watching it and I've so far only seen the first episode (other episodes are loading), but I just had to write about it, that's how good it came across to me. For people that are a little skeptical about the show, Don't Be because if you are your truly missing out on something really exciting. P.S- This is now one of my favorite shows to watch.

lovin' it!

I'm loving this show. The onlyu bad thing is that the whole series seems to have gone so fast! I love elliot and parker!

Can't wait for new episodes this summer- a great cast

I am really getting good vibes from this show. Each character is exceptionally likable. I'm not sure if it's the writing or just the great mannerisms. It's a great surprise since none of the characters have the stereotypical good looks of sly spies/thieves. Yet each person is charismatic in a perfectly flawed and endearing way. Great work.

Parker is great!!

I find it great how Parker developed as character! She just makes me laugh every time and she plays her role nicely! Also the other charcters are quite distinct and well thought of! Hope they continue like that!