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Pretty Good, Definitely Has Potential

This show is one of those things that you don't know you're missing until you watch it. It has a strange mix of family, heart and morality. I'd describe it like this: Have you ever watched a show with some kind of comedic yet fast-paced bank heist? Something like Ocean's 11, in which you loved the characters, were intrigued by their devilry and cheered on their dubious success? Didn't you feel sort of sad saying goodbye? Leverage is like that ending except it continues on with episode after episode. The characters are all very interesting and surprisingly developed. Oddly enough this show is very endearing. Don't let promo pictures scare you off. This is the kind of show where the characters DO NOT look good stationary. But the actors look amazing in movement, even with a few cheesy sound effects (just straddling the line of making the point and relying on it). The fight scenes are actually good! I think that's one of the major checkpoints of a shoddy show, whether or not the fight scenes actually look believable. This show has MUCHO potential. I can't wait to see it again.


I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! This is my favorite show by far this year. It's very similar to the BBC show Hu$tle which was a great show but amazingly it's even better.

Fold 'Em

Timothy Hutton was not terrible, after that it is a stretch to say something positive about the show. With TV like 24 and Mad Men, the ante has been significantly upped and Leverage, it is time to fold. The character dubbed as the muscle was absolutely unbelievable, unless of course we are watching Heroes. The tech guy is a direct copy of Will Smith, but no where near as good. The accent on the front woman grifter was tres terrible, where was she supposed to be from???? And are we supposed to believe she was that hot, that men would swoon over her… The blonde's character was not developed what so ever. Finally the writing was incredibly predictable. Too bad, maybe if the entire writing team is revamped and some change outs with the actors, the premise is a good one.

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Leverage Review

Series - TNT, Sun. Dec. 7, 10 p.m. Spiritually indebted to "Mission: Impossible" and to a lesser degree "The Sting," Leverage seeks to revive the '70s-style caper, as a crack squad of crooks mounts fabulously elaborate scams -- targeting unfeeling corporations and corrupt tycoons. That gives the series a timely Robin Hood streak, but, aside from an easygoing quality and mild comic flair, there's not much here to steal the hearts of viewers; instead, it's another modest, lightweight addition to TNT's diner-style menu of comfort food for a weary nation. The ad-free premiere uses that extra time to introduce an unlikely team of criminals with unique specialties, assembled by an airline exec (guest Saul Rubinek). The exec taps Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) - a former insurance investigator whose son died because his callous employer denied medical claims -- to serve as their leader. Think of Ford as a modern version of the pulp hero Doc Savage, and the rest of this gang as his Fabulous Four: Sophie (Gina Bellman), an accomplished grifter and aspiring actress who only performs convincingly when she's involved in a scam; Parker (Beth Riesgraf), an acrobatic thief; Alec (Aldis Hodge), a computer-hacking wizard; and Eliot (Christian Kane), a martial-arts badass. Accustomed to working alone, Ford orchestrates how they can operate together, and their initial collaboration inspires them to reunite for similar endeavors -- providing "leverage" to those in need of help against uncaring conglomerates. Hence the second installment, where they assist a wounded Iraqi war vet done wrong by a shady mogul and crooked politician. Read the rest of this review: Variety