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Leverage "The Broken Wing Job" Review: Sick Day

I liked this episode of Leverage a lot, but I have to say, do not show Eliot about to have a sword fight if you do not intend to show the sword fight! That's just mean! "The Broken Wing Job" was all about Parker. Nate, Sophie, Eliot, and Hardison were doing a job in Japan. Parker couldn't come because she had a torn ACL and six weeks of doctor-ordered bed rest. Parker and bed rest, those are two things that do not go together well....   //

Leverage Review: Learning To Fly

Allow me to start with a quick nod to Chandel for filling in for me last week while I was in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo.  Thank you Chandel, you rock! This week is already one of my favorite episodes. We haven’t gotten very many Parker centered episodes and " The Broken Wing Job " maybe the best among them. I wondered going into the episode if Beth Riesgraf had really hurt her leg, but I couldn't find anything saying she had. So, it appears the injury was strictly story related.  But what a story it was, the addition of Aarti Mann as Amy was an excellent choice to play off of Parker. Mann, having recently spent time on The Big Bang Theory had just a hint of comic flair in the character which made it even more fun. Read More... //

Leverage "The Real Fake Car Job" Review: My Mother the Mussolini Car

There are two types of Leverage episodes: The ones with super high stakes (and that generally involve Eliot hitting a bunch of people) and the fun, silly ones (where Eliot just looks like he wants to hit a bunch of people). Sunday night's episode was neither. The villain this week, Gabe Erickson, had conned people out of their life savings then avoided prosecution by offering to testify against his mob contacts—mob contacts he had gotten for...   //

Leverage Review: The Trouble With Classics

 The Leverage team is not accustomed to missing its mark, but the show itself is another story - this week in particular. " The Real Fake Car Job " felt more like an attempt at an episode as opposed to the real thing. Hardison was right: there were five things going on at once that no one could have seen coming. And, as a result, it only managed to earn about twenty percent of my attention and investment in terms of plot. Read More... //

Leverage "The D.B. Cooper Job" Review: Flashback Heart Attack

This week, Leverage played with a little trick they've done before—the majority of the episode was a flashback to another decade that didn't include any of the main characters. Before we talk about this episode, I want to briefly hit upon the show's last attempt at this maneuver in "The Van Gogh Job," an episode early in Season 4. In it, an elderly African American man told Nate the story of his star-crossed love during World War II. The story...   //

Leverage Review: Flying The Coop

Some of my favorite Leverage episodes are the flashbacks where the team portray the people in the story we watch. For example, there was the The Rashomon Job where we got to see the same event from each of the team’s point of view, and last season’s The Van Gogh Job where Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf portrayed Charlie and Dorothy in the flashback (and were amazing).  It is these episodes that keep us on our toes. They tend to break the mold a bit and in some cases have a very strong emotional connection for us and the team. This week the trend continued in " The D.B. Cooper Job " where Nate and the team agree to help Agent McSweeten clear the black mark on his dying father’s service record with the FBI. Read More... //

Leverage "The Gimme a K Street Job" Review: Backflips and Ballots

What I gathered from last's week's "next week on Leverage " was that this episode was going to be about government, but I didn't know it was going to be about cheerleading as well. Had I known, I might have been concerned that such different subjects would make for a terrible, poorly structured episode. And I would have been wrong! Shockingly, the balance between scenes at the cheerleading competition and scenes at congressional offices was...   //

Leverage Review: Missed The Landing

When asked to describe Leverage I normally will say it’s clever and brilliantly written.  This week, I was reminded of the old saying, " If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullsh*t, " as Nate and his team took on Congress – I think. Or was it a CEO? Was it a CEO and Congress?   Beyond being baffled, it felt like this episode started with a clever play on words for the title " The Gimme a K Street Job " and then they tried to build the story around that instead of writing a clever story first. Many of the things we love about Leverage got left out or glossed over in this process, allow me to point out a few of them. Read More... //

Leverage Review: A Fist Full of Truffles

Apparently I should have saved the "savory" metaphor I used last week , as it would have fit well with the truffle shuffle con job Nate and the team pulled in " The French Connection Job " this week. It’s safe to say that Eliot Spencer is the one member of the Leverage team we know the least about. In fact, the last Eliot centered job I can remember was " The Studio Job " back in season 3 when he posed as an up and coming country music star.  I’m thrilled that we got to learn where Eliot found his love of food and we got meet Toby, his cooking mentor. Eliot’s comment about Toby one of the men who helped him realize that he had more to offer than his fighting skills and that Nate was the other was subtle yet powerful. Read More... //

Leverage Review: Close Con of The Leverage Kind

Nate: Lets go steal us a close encounter.  This season has really had a different flavor to it. I’m still putting my finger on it, but it seems to be a bit more savory and certainly seems to relay how close Nate and the team have grown. Much like a stew or soup left overnight to let the flavors merge and strengthen, Leverage Season 5 has enjoyed the benefit of time. This week’s " The First Contact Job " was a prime example. Watching Eliot and Hardison singing a duet of Hardison’s improvised song "Two good ol’ boys" got it stuck my head and Parker and Hardison betting their next date on who could get to the server room first was awesome.   Read More... //