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Leverage: "The (Very) Big Bird Job" Review

After an uneven fourth season, Team Leverage returned with the very enjoyable "The (Very) Big Bird Job." The show has mostly gotten away from seasonal arcs, with the tiniest pieces of underlying mystery sprinkled into an average "con of the week" episode, but the comedic chemistry between the ensemble remains strong, if not even stronger than ever. "The (Very) Big Bird Job" might have been lacking in the heavy dramatics that usually help balance out this series, but I'm perfectly fine with a breezy Season 5 starter. From Hardison and Elliot arguing over the intricacies of micro-brewing to Nate and Sophie deciding that they can exist just fine as a happy couple, this episode was decidedly lighter than the two-episode "Death of Nate's Dad" story that closed out Season 4. But there's still a good amount of fun to be had in just watching this team, well, have fun. Too much of the team's joking around can be overkill, yes, but for a chapter that was all about having to start over from scratch, this one was fine. Read More... //  

Leverage Review: Just Pucking Around

Allow me to start with a quick apology and clarification. Leverage Inc is now based out of Portland Oregon where the show is being filmed. In last week’s Leverage Review I initially said the wrong city. Thank you to all the TVFanatics who commented and corrected me, I’m glad you’re here to keep me honest! Now, on to our second offering from Leverage’s new home! This week they take on a job involving one of the favorite sports of Boston and Portland - hockey! Read More... //

Leverage Review: Season 5 Premiere

Welcome back Nate and company, we have missed you.  On the climatic Leverage Season 4 finale, both Victor and Latimer both got what they deserved, costing the Leverage team its base of operations in Boston and all of its previous created IDs. So it was time to start over on " The (Very) Big Bird Job ." Read More //

Leverage Review: Send In The Backups

This week's offering,  " The Last Dam Job " really made me want more of the team and interaction with their "backups". Thankfully we will get at least part of that when they return this summer for season five.  While it's not new that Nate and his team brought down a bad guy (in this case it was Latimer and Victor), what made this episode unique from other take downs was the interaction of the team with their counter-part backups. I loved it! Read More... //

Leverage Review: A Father's Love

As it ran the full emotional gambit from completely silly to heart wrenchingly sad, " The Radio Job " will go down as one of my favorite episodes of Leverage . On one end of the emotional spectrum, we had some of the funniest moments this show has offered. How could you not love the nod to Die Hard from Eliot as he was communicating with Special Agent Dennis Powell? Powell was right on the verge of being over acted by the always great Michael Paré, but just when I thought it was going over the edge, he reigned it back in.  We also had Parker, Hardison, and Eliot initial break in. If I was Hardison, I would have asked the same thing about why he is always being pushed off of stuff. Was anyone else waiting for Eliot to knock him out after Parker suggested he be unconscious?   Read More... //

'Leverage' Recap: 'The Radio Job' (4.16)

As Leverage nears the end of season four, we're treated to a solid stand-alone episode that changes Nate's life and guarantees there will be sparks in the season finale. //

Leverage Review: A Double Prong Monkey Con

Happy 2012 everyone! When Nate and Latimer clashed last week and Nate threw down the gauntlet in the final few minutes, it looked like we were heading into a showdown of these two power players this week. What we got was " The Gold Job ," where we got a lesson in video game creation as Hardison turned the "Marks" into "Players" in his video game logic based "Double Prong Monkey Con." Being a confessed video gamer, I really enjoyed Hardison’s ability to turn a con into a live action video game. He almost always has a great nod to popular video games. For example, did any other Portal fans catch that he named his voice activated computer Glados ?  That being said, I’m sure I’m not alone in my growing frustration with Leverage turning into the "Hardison Show." Hardison is awesome as the tech-savvy, gamer, geek. I don’t get why we need to see him try to do the all the other team members roles or get more screen time than any two other characters combined.   Read More... //

Leverage Review: Can't Buy Love

On this holiday evening, we all received a surprise gift in the form of " The Lonely Hearts Job ," which reminded us that money can’t buy love, but it does make steak dinners worth betting on. I’m amazed how far Hardison and Eliot have come in four seasons. I’m going to call it now and say that the steak dinner bet moved their relationship officially into the "bromance" category. Right? Who’s with me? Read More... //

Leverage Review: Boys Will Be Boys

Last week we got a chance to see how the girls would handle a case without the guys around. This week we got the flipside of that with " The Boys Night Out Job " Was there ever any question if the guys could handle a job by themselves? What I didn’t see coming was Hurley making a surprise visit, given that we haven’t seen him since the end of Season 1. Ok, so I wasn’t expecting a nun with a gun either, so it was an episode of surprises for me all around.   Read More... //

'Leverage' Recap: 'The Boys' Night Out Job' (4.14)

This week, we get to see the other half of the story that started last week on Leverage - and it's even better than the first. //