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Leverage Review: Two Grifters and a Thief Walk Into a Party

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. What do you get when Sophie, Parker, and the visiting Tara work together? You get the " The Girls' Night Out Job ," where no boys certainly didn’t mean no fun! Welcome back Jeri Ryan to Leverage, we haven’t seen Tara since the end of season two and she seems to be doing well. Then again, Ms. Ryan has been keeping busy with another show that I also enjoy very much, Body of Proof . It was fund getting to watch Tara and Sophie’s different styles of grifting. Tara was much more "act first" and figured out a plan and just went with it. Where Sophie was "think first" and would take a few minutes to decide on just the right approach. Neither were bad as both were highly successful as the party goes never knew what them. Read More... //

'Leverage' Recap: 'The Girls' Night Out Job' (4.13)

Leverage breaks format for the second straight week with "The Girls' Night Out Job," and it's not as successful as "The Office Job" but it's the first half of what should be an interesting two-part... //

Leverage Review: Mockumentary Meets Mischief

One thing I can say about " The Office Job " is that it set a new standard for Leverage team member, as they worked a caper into the format and style of the highly successful sitcom. As a Leverage story went, this one was mildly entertaining and enjoyably quirky. Peter Stormare as Gunter the German filmmaker was a lot of fun. Nate pulling him into the caper and using him to help reveal the true villain was creative and would not have worked on many jobs they do. As I don’t watch The Office , I'm betting many of the workers that Nate and his team met were similar to those in the namesake show. Additionally, I wasn’t sure what to make of the "confession" shots where they sat down with one team member and had them talk to the camera. While it did generate one of the funniest quotes this week, it did slow down the action each time we cut to it.   Read More... //

'Leverage' Recap: 'The Office Job' (4.12)

I've been only a casual viewer of The Office - but this week's Leverage, which spoofs the popular NBC comedy, makes for a pretty great day at the office. //

'Leverage' Recap: 'The Experimental Job' (4.11)

TNT's Leverage crew returned tonight with the first of seven remaining season four episodes - and "The Experimental Job" made me glad to have them back. //

Leverage Review: "The Experimental Job"

Our Holiday season was made a little brighter with the return of Nate and his team in " The Experimental Job ." The first of three episodes being shown in the coming weeks. When we last saw Nate and his team back in August , they had just helped Jim Sterling recover his daughter. While there was no mention of Sterling or how much time has passed, it didn’t take the team long to get into the thick of it again. I’m on the fence about Mr. Conrad of the CIA. My instincts say that he will not be a fan of Nate Ford’s but, at the same time I could see him using Nate and his team to get things done outside normal channels.  Read More... //

LEVERAGE “The Queen’s Gambit Job” Review

LEVERAGE   "The Queen’s Gambit Job" Season 4 Episode 10 – Sterling  makes an appearance in this episode seeking the aid of Nathan and his cronies. The team head to Dubai to fetch a device which can cause a nuclear explosion – always a bad thing in my book – and face off some dweeby kid in a chess game. Well, she’s not so dweeby and she’s not really a kid, but she is particularly good at chess. The world chess tournament is being held in Dubai, and Nathan has enlisted as a contestant. There’s a lot to like about this episode: Sterling is back, one step ahead of the crew, and this time he has a good reason to dupe the team. The star chess player, the aforementioned dweeb, is his real daughter, who has essentially been held hostage by the guy with the nuclear device, AKA the MacGuffin. Though she’s a MacGuffin herself, she’s the rare MacGuffin who is not contrived or false. Read More... //

Leverage Summer Finale Review: The Return of Sterling

Welcome back, Jim Sterling!  Prior to tonight, we had not seen Nate’s longtime friend/nemesis in a while. But that didn't stop him from falling right into the groove in the summer season finale of Leverage , " The Queen's Gambit Job ." I’m a fan of Mark Sheppard. I have enjoyed him on shows such as Battlestar Galactica , Firefly , and Warehouse 13 . So, yes, I was thrilled to see him back. I was also thrilled that the episode didn’t disappoint. I loved every minute of it, from opening car chase to the concluding toast. In fact, had Parker and Hardison smooched during their touching dance-dance scene, or after she got in the van, it would have received a perfect rating from this critic.   Read More... //

'Leverage' 4.10 'The Queen's Gambit Job' Review

I'm actually disappointed that we've reached the Leverage summer finale. The first half of season four has been so good that it's sad to take a break. It isn't a surprise that the series breaks on... //

LEVERAGE “The Cross My Heart Job” Review

LEVERAGE  "The Cross Heart  My Heart  Job" Season 4 Episode  9 – This episode of  Leverage  broke the show’s usual structure: instead of a client coming to the usual pub to seek the aid of the team , Nathan notices a slick drop off  in an airport while he and the team are returning from a volcanic explosion of a mission. When he confronts the obviously frazzled woman it turns out that her daughter has been kidnapped and in order to ensure her safe return the woman has to deliver a human heart up for transplant to the man who ordered her daughter’s kidnapping. The team have less than two hours to retrieve the heart or else the fifteen year old patient waiting for it will die. It was a smart, fast paced, slick episode filled with some of the comedy Leverage  excels at. Because the case understandably reminds Nathan of his own son, there were real emotional stakes which made me, at least, empathize so much more with the team than I usually do. Don’t get me, wrong, I’m always rooting for the team, but sometimes the show can feel like it’s just going through the ropes. Not this time. Nathan and Sophie shared a few very tender scenes which gave them both an opportunity to share a scene which did not feature awkward flirting. Read More... //