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LEVERAGE “The Hot Potato” Review

LEVERAGE   "The Hot Potato Job" Season 4 Episode 5 – When a brilliant young scientist’s research is stolen by a big company looking to make big profits, the Leverage crew are called in to rectify this wrong and save the lives of millions of people who could benefit from the advantages of this multi-vitamin potato. It’s the usual cheerful and zippy episode of  Leverage . Last week’s episode spent a lot of time with Hardison and Parker, this week brought Sophie and Nathan back to the forefront as Sophie infiltrates the company and sends the insider scoops to Nathan, who, as Nathan does, puts a strategy in place to steal back the potato. There were a few things I really liked about this episode, and most have to do with the funny scene between Sophie and Hardison and the teasing the latter receives for getting knocked out by the former. As Hardison himself so aptly puts it, Sophie has a "fist like a freight train." Read More... //

LEVERAGE “The Van Gogh Job” Review

LEVERAGE  "The Van Gogh Job" Season 4 Episode 4 – This marks the second episode this season which has seen the writers experiment with a change of formula. The last time found the Leverage crew locked in a murder mystery á la  Ten Little Indians  type episode. This time we took a flashback all the way to America  and France during World War II. The  Leverage  team have to try to figure the whereabouts of a lost Van Gogh painting. Aside fromstandard  investigation  – which included a lot of hitting courtesy of Eliot and a lot of accents  thanks to Hardison and plenty of grifting from…well, you get it – Parker helps the team pick up clues relating to the painting’s whereabouts by listening to a tale of a doomed romance between a black man and a white woman whose efforts to elope are thwarted by her racist father and the racist society in general. I always love when television shows take a risk. Whether they succeed or fail it is always commendable, daring and exciting, so huge kudos to the writer (Chris Downey) of this episode. Not only did they utilize the quirky humor which has made  Leverage  as fun as it is (Hardison on the phone in the Indian accent had me chuckling big time) but they also used the opportunity of flashbacks to go back in time and explore racially segregated America, told (by guest star Danny  Glover) with Parker and Hardison playing the key roles of the star crossed lovers. Read More... //

'Leverage' 4.04 'The Van Gogh Job' Review

One of Nate's old IYS colleagues comes to him with a story about a Van Gogh painting that went missing during World War II. The guy believes said painting is now in the custody of Charles Lawson (played by Glover), and wants Nate and his team to find it before some nastier types do. For whatever reason, Lawson decides to confide in Parker, plunging the team back into the 1940's, complete with Hardison playing a younger version of him and Parker as the woman he loved. The unique approach is not just fun, but it also allows for a pair of great performances from Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf. Riesgraf is miles away from Parker in her second role as Dorothy Ross. Hodge has long been  Leverage 's underappreciated player in my book, and in this episode, he reminds us that while he's great at the comic relief he's most commonly used for, he's also a very capable dramatic actor. There's a quiet strength in his performance that got me choked up by episode's end. Read More... //

LEVERAGE “The 15 Minute Job” Review

LEVERAGE  "The 15 Minute Job" Season 4 Episode 4 –  Leverage  has had some pretty light hearted episodes, but I can’t remember laughing as hard or as frequently as I did for "The 15 Minute Job". The assignment for the week is to takedown a ruthless PR man named Rockwell (Mad Men ’s Michael Gladis) whose job hinges on setting up politicians and celebrities in compromising situations then smearing their public image with a photo. In order to take Rockwell down, the team devises a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine: they’ll set him up as a hero, then place him in a compromising situation and voila! career down the toilet. Read More... //

Leverage Review: "The 15 Minutes Job"

Nate and the team had their hands full when they must bring down a man who pulls the strings from the shadows to hurt good people in "The 15 Minutes Job". If you have ever asked, " What would Nate Ford be like if he used his powers for evil instead of good? " You got the answer in the form of Reed Rockwell, professional career assassin. When Hardison, Parker, and Eliot went through the details about who Rockwell was, we are setup to really hate him. Read More... //

'Leverage' 4.03 'The Fifteen Minutes Job' Review

At a time when many shows begin to fade, Leverage has mixed things up and brought us episodes outside of the show's usual comfort zone. "The Fifteen Minutes Job" continues that great trend, givin... //

LEVERAGE “The 10 Li’l Grifter’s Job” Review

LEVERAGE  "The 10 Li’l Grifter’s Job" Season 4 Episode 2 – Well, that was…erm…an interesting episode. You have to give the show  props for going for a fresh idea (in this case focussing the episode on a mishmash of every detective novel Agatha Christie has ever written – as the title of the episode alluded to – and the board game Cluedo), even if it didn’t completely work out. That’s not to say that this episode was a flop, because overall it was entertaining, if at times a little boring (which is something no show can afford to be, but especially those like  Leverage  or USA’s  Covert Affairs  or  White Collar -any lightweight crime comma-dramedy? Too heavy?) So the episode let us know who the killer was immediately; of course he wasn’t acting  alone (they never are) and so we were lead on a half-baked quest of intrigue and not-so-shocking betrayals. As usual, it wasn’t the investigation but the team’s interactions. Read More... //

Leverage Review: "The 10 Li'l Grifters Job"

Nate and his team are faced with clearing Nate’s name when he is accused of a real murder at a murder mystery party during a job in this week episode "The 10 Li'l Grifters Job". This episode should have been a slam dunk. As exampled each week at the end of the episode we get the reveal of how the team pulled off yet another job, the show is built around the classic formula of a "who-done-it." Sadly, this week reminded me that there is no such thing as a "sure thing".   Read More... //

'Leverage' 4.02 'The Ten Little Grifters Job' Review

It was a dark and stormy night...and Nate Ford was getting a gun aimed at him by a detective. This week's Leverage opens like a classic mystery, and is an enjoyable romp for all those of us who was... //

Leverage: "The Long Way Down" Job

Yes, it's true. We stopped doing episodic reviews of   Leverage last year. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough interest out there in "reader/clicker"-land. But it's still a show we here at IGN enjoy so we'll hit you with a rundown of last night's   Season 4   premiere, " The Long Way Down Job ." The name of the episode wound up having a duel meaning, of course, since   Nate   and the gang had to travel up an Alaskan mountain to retrieve the diary of a dead businessman   and   come to terms with the fact that they're at the top of their game – with only   one way to go . Down.   Read More... //