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Leverage - Recap & Review - The Boost Job Season 3, Episode 8

I've been a Bill Engvall fan since I was in grade school, even when he was kind of drunk when I saw him live. So Bill Engvall on Leverage? I can't wait. But before we get to that, we get to a poor guy getting arrested for auto theft, which we know he obviously didn't commit. After getting out of jail, the guy comes to Nate to tell his sob story. He bought it used from a car dealership only to find out that it was stolen. I sense a scam. As Nate informs us, this is called car cloning. And when Hardison pegs the bad guy, there's Bill Engvall playing Penzer. This is going to be an interesting episode. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Leverage Season 3, Episode 8: '' The Boost Job'' - Review

A girl who reminds Parker of herself as a young car thief gets too close and Parker almost gets the team killed in The Boost Job episode of LEVERAGE. Duke Penzer (a sleazily slick Bill Engvall) sells hot cars out of his dealership and a teacher gets caught with one of them, so the team infiltrates both the dealership and the chop shop/car theft ring. Their plan goes to hell when Parker tells Josie, who is so much like the young Parker we flash back to, to stay away from the sting they've set up and guns are pointed at the entire team, but it miraculously works anyway. The overly simplistic plot has a few too many holes and contrivances and I`m starting to worry about the team`s recent sloppiness, but this is a fast and (mostly) furiously fun episode. We learn more about Parker's past-she stole cars starting at age twelve and was a bat poop crazy getaway driver before that, but her car thief mentor abandoned her when they boosted a bait car. Being confronted with her past makes her sad and empathetic, so she tries to save Josie, endangering and infuriating the team. Eliot's I'm gonna kill you, Parker leads to Hardison's Nobody's gonna kill anybody, but, seriously, Nate's gonna kill you.  Heh. Actually, Nate helps her protect Josie by hooking her up as landscaping crew for the victim-i. e. getting her around the right people. Aww. Hardison and Parker team up in their usual awesome way. She has total faith in his abilities and keeps him focused-it must be love. Also, on the shallowest level, is it just me or has Aldis Hodge become exponentially hotter? To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Leverage Review- The Boost Job S3E8

Bill Engvall Guest Stars as Duke Penzer, a crooked racecar driver, in the latest enSTALLment of TNT's Leverage- get it? Stall... like a car.- The episode starts with a man driving a stolen car in a police chase, but he thinks the car he's driving belongs to him. Eager to right a wrong, Nate and the team head to New Hampshire to take down the man selling stolen cars. Nate and Sophie pull in the mark, Duke Penzer, by competing with his business. But first Nate schools him on the track (with a little assistance from Hardison's electronic gun that stalls cars) and wins Duke's pink slip. After acquiring his car, Nate and Sophie begin to take Duke's customers as well. The con is this: Nate disrespects Sophie, which lets Duke attract her to his side. She tells him that Nate's getting a new shipment of stolen goods the next morning at the docks. When Duke's car-thieves try to steal Nate's shipment, the cops arrive and find them all red-handed. In order for the con to work, Parker and Hardison have to impress the ring of car-jackers, led by Lefty. And how do they go about getting Lefty's attention? By stealing his car of course! Once everyone is in position, the plan is set. Everything is going smoothly until Parker begins to feel a connection to, Shorty, the young girl working with the car-jackers. She warns her to stay away form the chop shop, only Shorty decides tell Duke and Lefty that something's not right. I’m not going to tell you how the gang gets out of this one- mostly because it was pretty obvious. The truth is, I like this show, but this episode was too simple. Either I’m becoming a smarter criminal for watching this show, or (and this is more likely) the writers are getting tired. I mean, how many times can these people start a con, get caught, and then perform a second con to get out of trouble? Then again, why is it that ALL of their cons have a hic-up or two? They never get through a con from start to finish without a curve ball.

LEVERAGE ''The Gone Fishin' Job'' Review Season 3, Episode 7

Eliot and Hardison enjoy nature while the rest of the team steal them a train on The Gone Fishin' Job  episode of LEVERAGE. Clancy Brown guest stars as former IRS agent Hugh Whitman who cheats people on IRS payment plans in order to fund an anti-government militia. Eliot, in desperate need of a day off and some fishing time, volunteers to take Hardison to the middle of nowhere bank where Whitman keeps his money and pose as IRS agents to spook Whitman into moving his cash. Sophie and Nate offer Brown a money laundering alternative in a fitness club investment while Parker takes a job as a debt collector in Whitman's company so she can steal his IRS list. Hardison and Eliot are almost shot by the militia but escape and run through the woods. The rest of the crew manages to steal an escape train by rerouting it, but Hardison convinces Eliot they need to stay and fight the militia because Eliot had spied (and smelled) a bomb at their camp. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

LEVERAGE - The Studio Job - Review

Eliot takes center-stage in the hilarious The Studio Job episode of LEVERAGE as he pretends to be an up and coming singer to take down corrupt country music executive Mitchell Kirkwood (John Schneider). Singer/songwriter Kaye Lynn (Alona Tal) hires the team to get back the songs, money, and master tapes Kirkwood stole from her and her badly beaten brother. Using a fiddle game scheme, Nate and crew infiltrate Kirkwood Music, record Eliot singing one of Kaye Lynn's songs, and steal back Kaye Lynn's master tapes but have to improvise when Kirkwood decides to pass off Eliot's recording as his own. I'm thrilled to have an Eliot-centric episode, especially one where Christian Kane can show off his considerable and varied talents. When Eliot performs, that is actually Kane's single Thinking of You, available now on iTunes. Eliot is completely charming tonight between his stage fright, his worry when he's splashed all over the internet (When you've done the things I've done there's no such thing as paranoia) and chased by screaming teen girls, and his removing his ear bud before Kaye Lynn gives him notes on his performance (excellent chemistry between Kane and Tal, by the way). The studio scene where he tries to signal the completely oblivious Hardison and Parker while fighting Kirkwood's goon had me rolling on the floor. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap - Leverage 3.05 "The Double Blind Job"

Who loves a good conspiracy? How about Hardison and Eliot rescuing people from fake FBI agents? That’s how this week starts. After all that, the young woman they rescued meets with Nate to talk about her sister and a drug trial. Her sister died, they sued and got nowhere, except for swarmed by fake FBI agents. Of course, this is right up Team Leverage’s alley. Eliot goes to investigate the doctor’s house, and doesn’t find anything but a flash drive. Hardison does what Hardison does, and finds out the doctor was meeting with the CEO of the company that bought the pharmaceutical company. Nate is unimpressed (and drinking again). That’s when Eliot finds the murdered doctor, and we realize that this is going to get a lot more complicated. Sophie and Parker don’t help when they find all the other people involved in the drug trial are also dead. As Nate explains to Sophie, it’s all one big cover-up. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

LEVERAGE The Double Blind Job Review Season 3, Episode 5

The Double Blind Job was the fifth episode of LEVERAGE. A drug company providing toxic medicine to its consumers finds itself target of the leverage team when a sister of one of the victims seeks help and of course Nate and his crew are more than happy to oblige. Into its third season, Leverage has defined its characters well past their original place names of grifter, hitter, thief and so on. The cast is uniformly excellent, though Aldis Hodge stands out as the most charismatic of a pretty charming bunch. This episode once again reminded us of Nathan's inability to let go of his vendetta against big corporations who caused the death of his son. His determination to punish them is reminiscent of some sort of Robin Hood with hi-tech gadgets. It wasn't overly dramatized, but a quick argument between him and Sophie (Hutton and Bellman have great chemistry together) was enough to ensure the continuity of his emotional turmoil. It was a fun episode for the most part, particularly due to some excellent comedy provided by Eliot who has to seduce a woman from the FDA to buy the rest of the team more time. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Leverage Review, Take Two: "The Scheherazade Job" Season 3, Episode 4

Thanks to the second episode of Leverage last night ("The Scheherazade Job"), viewers were treated t the meat and potatoes episode that make this such a great show. The installment had surprises, anxiety, and of course, a happy ending. The dynamic I found most interesting in this episode was Nate telling Hardison that he was missing one key element to ever be able to run his own crew. We spent the entire episode waiting to see what that was - in the end it turned out to be something as dual-edged as “do what whatever it takes to get the job done.” Which, in this case, included hypnotizing a team member so they could remember how he played the violin when he was fourteen. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Leverage Review: "The Inside Job" Season 3, Episode 3

The first episode in tonight’s Leverage pairing, "The Inside Job," gave us our first real glimpse into Parker and what really makes her tick. It was an excellent installment from top to bottom. The highlight for me was Richard Chamberlain as Archie Leach, Parkers mentor and father figure. Richard looks amazing and played an incredibly suave and dashing criminal that would do Thomas Crown proud. It was easy to imagine him as the one person Parker calls “sir” and looks up to as a role model. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

LEVERAGE The Inside Job Review Season 3, Episode 3

LEVERAGE's The Inside Job opens with Parker running for her life down a hallway at Wakefield Agriculture Corporation. She's alone and trapped by a Steranko security system, the smartest, toughest program in the world, after a failed attempt to steal a canister of wheat blight for Archie, her former mentor/surrogate father (a supremely suave Richard Chamberlain). The team is shocked to hear about Parker's outside job but quickly rallies to get her out with Hardison and Sophie posing as auditors John Steed and Emma Peel and Nate on a nearby roof working with Archie. They almost succeed, but Parker decides she must steal the blight after all because Dr. Hannity, the dirty VP of Research and Development, plans to release the blight and destroy all of America's wheat supply except the resistant strain she created leading to an increased market share for Wakefield via a famine. Archie protests, but the team over-rules him, getting both Parker and the blight to safety. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now