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LIFE IN PIECES is a single-camera comedy about one big happy family and their sometimes awkward, often hilarious and ultimately beautiful milestone moments as told by its various members. Of the three siblings, middle child Matt (Thomas Sadoski) may have just found his true love, his co-worker, Colleen (Angelique Cabral); his coddled youngest brother, Greg (Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee Colin Hanks), and his wife, Jen (Zoe Lister Jones), are overwhelmed by the birth of their first child; and the eldest, Heather (Betsy Brandt), and her husband, Tim (Dan Bakkedahl), are dreading their impending empty nest so much, they’re considering having another baby.
Oct 29, 2015 4:44PM EDT

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Life in Pieces is flavorless, not worth the time

Life in Pieces
1.02 “Interruptus Prison Breast Movin’” / 1.03 “Sleepy Email Brunch Tree”
Grade: C+ / C

I was optimistic about Life in Pieces when I reviewed the pilot, but my faith in the sitcom was short-lived. It seems the writers used all their best jokes in that first episode, because the next two were irredeemably bland. I tried to like Life in Pieces, but the characters are no more likeable or developed now than they were in the pilot (and in many cases, they’re worse). Even Betsy Brandt can’t save this vanilla cheesecake of a show. As someone without kids or a large family, I already find it difficult to relate to families on TV. But the show could at least be funny. Sadly, Pieces offers such derivative gags as walking in on your parents hooking up, breast-feeding hippies, sleep-deprived new parents, a house full of kids who all want things at the same time, and a bunch of sweaty shirtless men trying to cut down a tree. My strongest reaction to the show is “I’m never having kids.” At this point, almost every one of the characters is annoying to me and I don’t care about their dumb unfunny lives. I only gave “Interruptus” a pity-C+ for a tequila joke that was only half-funny. “Sleepy” improves on the vignette format, which I do like; the idea of self-contained acts has potential to move the story forward in less convoluted sitcommy ways, but the bits are just not that interesting. Pieces is not offensive, but it’s cliché as hell. I quit. I’m following two dozen shows; I don’t have time for this. There are even better shows to put on while folding laundry.


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