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Episode 12 ''The Simple Secret of the Note in Us All'' Preview

Watch a promo from Life on Mars Episode 12, The Simple Secret of the Note in Us All airing this Wednesday February 25, at 10pm on ABC. For Episode 12 Preview Click Here . Joey Conway, a big-name newspaper columnist, turns up dead in 1973 and Detective Sam Tyler is certain he knows the killer. It just happens to be someone he remembers from another murder case 35 years in the future. Spurred on by powerful flashbacks from 2008, Sam's behavior seems increasingly erratic to Lieutenant Hunt, Ray, Annie and Chris, who have another suspect in mind. When Sam goes totally out on a limb and faces surprising consequences at the 1-2-5, it looks like the once-and-future killer may get away with the crime. Source here

Ratings: Lost Bounces Baaaaaaack from Last Week - Featured

Wednesday's ratings rundown: * 8 pm/ET American Idol cued up an audience of 24.4 million total viewers, up 5 percent from last year's first results show. CBS, which came in second for the hour, saw gains for Old Christine (7.32 mil, +260K) and Gary Unmarried (7.26 mil, +400K). This week's Lost rehash (5.57 mil) surged 17 percent to best a new Knight Rider (2008) (5.49 mil). * 9 pm Criminal Minds drew the most viewers (15 million), but Lost topped the demos. Lost bounced back from last week's "Idol-ized" setback to deliver 11.27 mil - and thus edge out Lie to Me (which dipped 78O thou, to 11.22 mil). Life inched up 440K, to 5.16 mil. * 10 pm As CSI: NY (12.35 million viewers, down 500 thou) and Law & Order (7.15 mil, down 370K) both dropped, Life on Mars saw its audience liven up by some 13 percent, hitting 5.8 mil. Source here

Ratings: Time-Shifting Idol Gives Lost a Nosebleed

Wednesday's ratings roundup: * 8 pm/ET A "special" two-hour edition of American Idol averaged 24.6 million total viewers, dropping 1.6 mil week-to-week. CBS' sitcombo of Old Christine (7.06 mil, down 380K) and Gary Unmarried (6.86 mil, down 210K) each dipped a bit. Knight Rider gained 450 thou to hit 5.4 mil, while this week's Lost repeat reaped 4.4 mil. * 9 pm Opposite Idol's greedy "special" second hour, Criminal Minds (13.26 mil) fell 600K, while Lost sank 11 percent to a series-low 9.76 mil. (That said, Lost was for a fourth straight week Wednesday's highest-rated scripted show in the key demos, and it built its audience from start to finish.) NBC's Life dropped from last week's well-watched return, hitting a more typical 4.72 mil. * 10 pm CSI: NY dominated with 12.85 million viewers, gaining 1.1 mil from its last fresh outing. Law & Order (7.52 mil) plunged 13 percent, while Life on Mars (5.14 mil) lost 860 thou. Source here

Ratings: Life Makes a Lively Comeback - Featured

Wednesday's ratings rundown: * 8 pm/ET American Idol eliminated 750,000 viewers, but of course still won the hour with an audience of 26.26 million. Lagging behind a Criminal Minds repeat, Knight Rider dropped off 19 percent of its previous audience, hitting 4.94 mil. ABC's enhanced Lost repeat drew 4.8 mil. * 9 pm Fox's Lie to Me stayed on top with 13 million viewers, up 900K from last week. Lost tied the Fox newbie in the demos while holding steady at 11 million viewers. NBC's Life returned to an audience of 6.76 mil, surging 30 percent from its last fresh outing. Katie Couric's Grammy special cued up 6.8 mil, but was bested by Life in its back half-hour. * 10 pm Law & Order won the time period with 8.7 million viewers, followed by a CSI: NY repeat (7.54 mil) and Life on Mars (6.02 mil, down 480 thou). Source here

Sneak Peek of 'Life on Mars' 1.08: Take a Look at the Lawmen

Returning from its sleep during the transition between fall to midseason, " Life on Mars " give a sneak peek of its January 28 episode. In "Take a Look at the Lawmen", Lieutenant Hunt faces off with his arch rival from another precinct while investigating a bank robbery with international connections. A longstanding competition between Lt. Hunt and the detectives of the 1-2-5 and Lt. Anthony Nunzio and his men of the 1-4-4 heats up when the Russian mafia appears to be linked to a bank robbery. The investigation becomes a furious contest of one-upmanship between the two squads. A nine-year-old boy at the crime scene possibly holds the key to cracking the international case, which has Hunt, Sam, Ray and Chris looking over their shoulders not only for possible suspects, but for rival detectives as well. Meanwhile a young, attractive social worker involved catches Sam's eye and he his hooked. Premiering right after " Lost ", the episode repeats on January 31 at 10/9c. It replaces episode "The Dark Side of the Mook" which supposed to air on the date January 28 but got pushed back to February 4. Source Here

ABC's Midseason Scheduling Shuffle

ABC has announced some interesting scheduling changes for midseason. We learned yesterday that Lost will be returning on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009, but it was unclear which timeslot on Wednesdays would become its regular home. Now it's been announced that Lost is airing on Wednesdays at 9PM, which means that the current show in that slot, Private Practice is out of a home. So...where's it moving to? Thursdays at 10PM, following Grey's Anatomy . The network wants to pair up the two shows and see if magic occurs. I'd venture to say that most people who watch Private Practice also watch Grey's (after all, Practice is a Grey's spinoff) it just might work. The current show in the Thursday at 10PM slot, Life on Mars , would move to 10PM on Wednesdays, following Lost . ABC is labeling this as a trial in scheduling for now, but by golly, I think it just may work! Source: THR

Why Lisa Bonet Is Nervous About Her Return to TV

Lisa Bonet's return to television in a recurring role on the ABC cop drama Life on Mars wasn't easy for the press-shy actress. "To have my face reinstated in minds and homes once a week was an intense decision," says the star, who achieved fame early in life on the hit The Cosby Show . The paparazzi's interest her in family has been one of the downsides to being back in the public eye. Bonet, 41, has a 16-month-old daughter Lola with boyfriend, actor Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis), and is expecting their second child in January.

Life On Mars: Mistake During Episode 4!

There was a pretty funny mistake in episode 4 that I spotted when watching on At the start of minute 37 in the episode, Sam and Harvey Keitel's character are sitting on the hood of a car and talking, after they. had just found the dead hooker by the water. As they are talking, there is a tall building in the backround that very clearly has the "Verizon" symbol on it. Kinda strange considering that it's supposed to be 1973. It's located right over Sam's left shoulder. Pretty funny. Huge mistake on the studio's part. Wonder if they know about it already.

Life on Mars Spoiler

Sam is about to meet his father. What happens next on Life on Mars? We have the answer. Life on Mars spoiler

Life on Mars 1.04 Preview

Sam comes face to face with his younger mother in Life on Mars Episode 4. Read more.