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LIFE "I Heart Mom" Sneak Peek

Take a first sneak peek at Life "I Heart Mom" airing this Wednesday, February 18, at 9pm on NBC.

Preview of Episode 2.15 "I Heart Mom"

From NBC's official press release: Construction con-man found dead in house with no roof. A man is found beaten and shot dead with a mouth full of money in a house with no roof. Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) begin their investigation and discover the victim was running an elaborate construction scam that left his clients without roofs or money. While interviewing the duped customers, they meet an eccentric man with a violent streak and the intimidating son of an old woman with a long rap sheet. The detectives work to figure out if either of these men could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Crews has a confrontation with Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton) which sheds some light on the conspiracy against him. Source here

Ratings: Time-Shifting Idol Gives Lost a Nosebleed

Wednesday's ratings roundup: * 8 pm/ET A "special" two-hour edition of American Idol averaged 24.6 million total viewers, dropping 1.6 mil week-to-week. CBS' sitcombo of Old Christine (7.06 mil, down 380K) and Gary Unmarried (6.86 mil, down 210K) each dipped a bit. Knight Rider gained 450 thou to hit 5.4 mil, while this week's Lost repeat reaped 4.4 mil. * 9 pm Opposite Idol's greedy "special" second hour, Criminal Minds (13.26 mil) fell 600K, while Lost sank 11 percent to a series-low 9.76 mil. (That said, Lost was for a fourth straight week Wednesday's highest-rated scripted show in the key demos, and it built its audience from start to finish.) NBC's Life dropped from last week's well-watched return, hitting a more typical 4.72 mil. * 10 pm CSI: NY dominated with 12.85 million viewers, gaining 1.1 mil from its last fresh outing. Law & Order (7.52 mil) plunged 13 percent, while Life on Mars (5.14 mil) lost 860 thou. Source here

Ratings: Life Makes a Lively Comeback - Featured

Wednesday's ratings rundown: * 8 pm/ET American Idol eliminated 750,000 viewers, but of course still won the hour with an audience of 26.26 million. Lagging behind a Criminal Minds repeat, Knight Rider dropped off 19 percent of its previous audience, hitting 4.94 mil. ABC's enhanced Lost repeat drew 4.8 mil. * 9 pm Fox's Lie to Me stayed on top with 13 million viewers, up 900K from last week. Lost tied the Fox newbie in the demos while holding steady at 11 million viewers. NBC's Life returned to an audience of 6.76 mil, surging 30 percent from its last fresh outing. Katie Couric's Grammy special cued up 6.8 mil, but was bested by Life in its back half-hour. * 10 pm Law & Order won the time period with 8.7 million viewers, followed by a CSI: NY repeat (7.54 mil) and Life on Mars (6.02 mil, down 480 thou). Source here

'Life' Star Sarah Shahi Pregnant

Sarah Shahi, widely recognized for her starring roles in " The L Word " and " Life ", is pregnant, E! News exclusively reports as being informed by TV director-writer-producer Rand Ravich. According to Ravich, the actress' pregnancy is about four months long. Meanwhile, there hasn't been any denial or verification from Shahi herself or her people. Her representatives also haven't provided answer to question on that matter. As for Ravich, the creator of "Life" also goes on to dish that "[Sarah's pregnancy] is a challenge " for the NBC drama series. Further explaining on the effect that the actress' pregnancy has on the filming of the TV project, Ravich says, "Episodic television is a grueling schedule, and Sarah and Damian (Lewis) were practically in every scene together, and we certainly can't expect Sarah to work 15-hour days ... So we were able to carve Sarah out of the main story a little bit-keeping her always related to Crews and always involved with Crews-and just give her some relief as well." In "Life," Sarah Shahi stars as Det. Dani Reese, the new partner and immediate superior officer of Det. Charles "Charlie" Crews Jr. which is played by actor Damian Lewis. Meanwhile, in the "The L Word", Shahi stars as Carmen de la Pica Morales, an American-Mexican DJ. Source here

This Week: 10 Things We Can't Wait For!

This week of television is brimming with awesome things. 10 things we are most excited for: 1. Double The Office ! There was a new hilariously funny Office following the Super Bowl ( read kendra's review ), and we get another new episode this Thursday! 2. 3d Chuck ! Hope you didn't chuck your glasses, but even if you did (or never managed to get your hands on a pair), tonight's return of Chuck is sure to be a winner! Lost 's Dominic Monaghan guest stars. 3. House turns 100! Though tonight's milestone 100th episode of House is rumored to be "just another episode" (re: no stunt guest casting, etc.), it's still awfully exciting when a show reaches this point. 4. Heroes : Fugitives - NBC and Heroes creator Tim Kring keep promising us that Heroes will redeem itself in its next chapter. Perhaps this is really the one; Fugitives premieres tonight on NBC. 5. One Tree Hill makes its movie! - Casting occurs for "An Unkindness of Ravens" in tonight's episode, Screenwriter's Blues. There's sure to be some fun in-jokes for dedicated Tree Hill viewers. Watch a preview here . Hope you also recognize Cassandra (who wouldn't cut her hair) from ANTM as "Brooke". 6. Scrubs 's Ted finds love! I always thought Ted was one of the most under appreciated character on Scrubs, and creator Bill Lawrence has been teasing this episode for months! 7. Aimee Teegarden on 90210 - 90210 is all new and I am excited for the guest appearance of Friday Night Lights 's Aimee Teegarden as Rhonda - sure to stir up some trouble for Ethan and Annie. It will be nice to see Teegarden in a different role. 8. Life returns on Wednesday! My colleague swears that Life is an under-the-radar, under-rated gem of TV. Maybe this time I'll watch: Life returns to NBC Wednesday at 9PM (with an episode cleverly titled "Re-entry"). 9. Jon Hamm on 30 Rock ! - Jon Hamm. Enough said. Watch a preview . (And for those that don't watch Mad Men or don't even know who Hamm is, you are in for an especially tasty treat) 10. Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice crossover! - I hate it when crossovers needlessly occur (does anybody else remember Crossing Jordan / Las Vegas ? Probably not), but this one is such a natural fit that I am surprised it hasn't happened any sooner! What are you most excited for on TV this week?

Year in Review: Top Shows You're Not Watching, Part 1

Pushing Daisies The first season of this "forensic fairytale" made us fall in love with Ned, the sad and adorable piemaker living in a very brightly colored world, who can bring dead beings back to life with a touch of his finger. And with one of these incidents, we met Chuck, his childhood sweetheart, after her own death when Ned brings her back, and can't bear to kill her off again, so in this bizarre way, their untouchable romance begins! But alas, while Daisies survived the writers strike, it did not survive beyond half a second season this year. So while we lay Daisies to rest, it's only right to honor it where it truly belongs as very tragically missed by too many this year! Life Life was another lucky freshman show that survived the writers strike, and has only become more popular in its second season. Yet, while it has viewership, it's seems to be one of the least talked about shows by the fans and critics alike, so missing more fans from this lack of hype. Life brings that extra something with main character Charlie Crews, a cop who spent 12 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Once cleared, he came out a different man - hardened, but peaceful after spending years reading Zen books. He also has a very strong craving for fresh fruit all the time. Chuck Chuck was another to make it through the strike and while I loved the first season, I'm completely in love with this very clever and fun show in its second season! While the first season following the nerdy sweetheart was James Bond meets Office Space as Chuck accidentally became a government asset, the second season took the fun of mixing spy with the nerdy Buy More employees to an all new level of awesome. Chuck became more confident, leading to more hilarious missions, and Chuck's dead end job co-workers have become more than just a backdrop ready for a side-story when needed. Even with all this, it teeters on the edge of cancellation, but will hopefully pull through! Starter Wife Starter Wife began as a mini-series about a Hollywood wife who had it all until she got dumped by her studio exec husband, and her life was turned upside-down as she was rejected by her husband and most of her Hollywood "friends." Starring Debra Messing as Molly Kagan, the mini-series became a hidden gem that was well-loved by enough of the right people to get picked up as a full season on USA this year! In the series, "wife goes on" as Molly continues to work out her post-divorce life and while the mini-series was great, the series is only better with Messing's comedic skills shining through at all the right moments and the heart-felt moments have just the perfect mix of humor and soul. Sons of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy has become one of the most fascinating new shows of 2008, but like Life , a fascinating one that's gotten enough attention to carry on, but is hardly talked about or watched as much as it deserves. SOA follows the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, and going into it, I expected ordinary bad boy storylines, but SOA takes bad boy to a whole new level like only FX can. The drama was off the charts in its first season alone, and it's clear that there are only more escalating storylines and shockers to come that should keep any TV fan breathless to the last finale moment. Continue Reading: Part 2

LIFE "Evil And His Brother Ziggy" (Season 2 Episode 10)

Watch a promo from LIFE Season 2 Episode 10, "Evil And His Brother Ziggy" airing this Wednesday, December 3, at 9pm on NBC.

NBC Gives Life More Life

Life has received a sentence from NBC - for a full season. The network has ordered the back nine episodes of the quirky cop drama, giving it a full-season pick-up. The ratings-challenged sophomore series has seen its share of timeslots so far this season, premiering on a Monday, then moving to no man's land Fridays, and now to Wednesdays. Its first airing at the Wednesday 9 pm slot last week produced a modest improvement on Knight Rider, perhaps enough for the Peacock to keep the faith in Life.

Life Lives! Is Daisies Done?

First order of good news: Though struggling in the ratings, NBC has gone and given a full season order to sophomore series Life . I don't watch this program, but hey, it's gotta be better than Kath and Kim (which also received a full season order). But now for the possibly bad news: I have yet to read this anywhere else (like TV Guide or E!Online), but Defamer is making the early death call on Pushing Daisies . I hope for all of you fans out there that this is incorrect, but I really wouldn't be surprised judging by how it's been performing. Source: Variety