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Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 21 - One

On video, Roman Nevikov answers questions from an unseen interviewer. He confirms a man is serving his prison time and that people "do favors" for him out of fear he's going to kill them or their families. When the interviewer asks the one thing he'd like to say to Charlie Crews, Roman shoots him dead. He takes the camera, films himself walking in a bunker area through mobsters and prostitutes. He enters a room where a hooded prisoner sits tied to a chair. He rips off the hood, revealing Reese. In the next frame, she's bloodied. At Roman's command, she recites his message to Crews. Crews is at a red light when an attractive bicyclist pulls up next to him and puts a video tape on his windshield. Crews and Tidwell watch Reese on screen saying that Roman will let her go if he brings Mickey Rayborn to him. Both wonder why Roman thinks Rayborn is alive. Rayborn hasn't been seen since his yacht, its deck covered in his blood, was found without him at sea. Crews knows he can't get anywhere with the brass involved, so he leaves before they get there. Tidwell switches phones with him so no one can track him. Reese tells Roman that Crews will find him but won't give him what he's expecting. Roman calls Agent Ray at the FBI to warn them Crews is coming. At the news, one of the agents kills her and two others in her office with a silenced gun. Seever calls Crews, who's on his way to the FBI to warn him about the shooting and not to go there. While Crews tries to get Bodner's number to warn him, the FBI assassin approaches Bodner in his garage at gunpoint. The man confirms Roman sent him and shuts the garage door. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 20 - Initiative 38

Howard Amis, a top political campaign manager, is worried that his wife Lisa, who is a California State Assemblywoman, is missing. Desperate to find her, he called in a favor to the mayor of Los Angeles, who put Crews and Seever on the job. Upon his return from a last-minute business trip, Howard became concerned when he saw his wife's car at home and learned she wasn't in her office. Seever, who has mayoral aspirations, is thrilled to be in the presence of the political powerhouse. Howard says her friends haven't seen her; her phone goes to voicemail and when asked, he dismisses the possibility of an affair. Crews notices cat food asks where the cat is. Howard hasn't seen Luther, who he says is his wife's cat, but wasn't looking for him. Crews looks outside and sees Luther sitting on the cover of their hot tub. In the back yard, Crews asks Howard to call his wife's phone. When he does, it rings and they find it by the tub next to a towel and her flip flops. When they unlatch the cover and remove it, they discover Lisa inside, dead of four gunshot wounds to the chest. Howard stands there stunned. Crews and Seever speculate that the killer, cloaked by the sound of the water jets, easily snuck up on Lisa and masked the sound of the gun by firing it under water. Then, he escaped over the fence. When they ask Howard if anyone would want to kill his wife, he thinks and then says, "Yes. Initiative 38." At Lisa's office, they learn from her assistant Ella Holden that Lisa was spearheading an initiative that would ban handguns. Ella, seeing an opportunity, wants to release a list of suspects, namely P&K Firearms, to help the initiative. Crews says no. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 19 - 5 Quarts

Crews and Agent Bodner meet and decide they're done shooting each other. Crews asks Bodner if he would find out what the actual task force is that Reese is working with, and who is heading it. Crews and Seever investigate the homicide of Jonah Grant, an assistant coroner killed in the crypt at the L.A. Coroner's Office. Aside from a circular impact wound to the head, Crews notes his paler-than-usual pallor and a marking on his neck. Tom Santos, assistant coroner, says the mark is a shunt used to extract fluids from the body. Santos says from the looks of it, the blow to the head killed him, and then his blood was drained right after. They talk to Dr. Quo, who, like Crews, wonders why someone took Grant's blood. Because Grant was dead, she says they would have had to pump it out. As she's explaining their budget woes and hiring freeze, Crews finds wax on one of the slabs. Quo says it's from candles on a birthday cake. When asked about cameras, she says they can only have cameras in designated rooms to protect the dead's privacy, adding that she's had to fire people for taking cell phone shots. She says Grant liked the dead more than the living, and that she was sleeping at the time of the murder. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 18 - 3 Women

Crews shows Ted the picture that was found on Rayborn's computer of Reese on Mickey Rayborn's boat. Ted suggests it could be fake, but Crews had it analyzed. It's real. Ted asks what he's going to do. "Go to work," Crews says. At work, Crews fights ex-con John Flowers in a freight elevator. As they fight, they compare their prison time. Crews gets Flowers at knifepoint and says he has a dead woman's blood on his boots. Flowers acknowledges it. The elevator reaches the lobby where an attractive woman stands, gun drawn. It's Crews' new partner, Detective Jane Seever. Flowers asks Crews if he wants to trade places. In her apartment, Sally Murdoch lies bludgeoned to death by a golf club. Crews and Seever discuss why he chased Flowers and get off to an awkward start. They start over. Seever is honored to meet Crews. Crews tells Seever he already has a partner, two in fact. She knows, having done her homework. Crews learns she's ambitious, with a 15-year plan to become mayor of Los Angeles. First law school, then detective. If things go right, chief of police, then mayor. When she says she got sidetracked for a few years, Crews asks if she went through a dark time. Not even close. She was an Olympian on the track relay team. At the station, Crews and Seever interrogate Flowers, who served a long prison sentence for a jewelry store robbery. Flowers admits having Sally's blood on him and running, but says she was dead when he got there. And, that he was invited into her home. They met when she wrote him in prison, and then started seeing each other when he got out. Flowers says he was at the movies last night. Crews asks Seever to talk to him outside, only to close the door behind her when she leaves. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 17 - Shell Life

Captain Tidwell tells Crews to come into his office and stomp on his foot that's fallen asleep. Hesitantly, Crews stomps until Tidwell can feel it. Officer Stark walks in just as Crews delivers the money stomp on the boss's foot. Ignoring what he just saw, Stark says there's a dead guy on the beach. At the crime scene, Travis Slocum lies dead, stabbed in the heart on a crowded sidewalk in broad daylight. A key on his body leads them to a nearby hotel. With the key, Crews and Stark enter Travis' room and see four sets of army gear. Upon leaving, a no-nonsense woman sternly asks if she can help them. In her sunglasses, Crews sees two men sneaking up behind them and says she can tell her two friends to put their hands in the air. Stark spins around with gun drawn and stops them in their tracks. Cuffed, active duty soldiers Dixon Simms, Andy Diller and Erin Cordette sit while the police search their room. All say they were by the pool all day and moved on Crews and Stark because they thought they were burglars. Tidwell asks Crews what he sees, admitting that Reese, who's away on FBI assignment, made him promise to ask. Crews is touched, but it's what he doesn't see. He asks the three why they aren't wearing their dog tags. They say they want to enjoy their two-week furlough as civilians. Crews says Tidwell thinks jealously between the guys led to the murder. They scoff, having been through hell together in Iraq. When Crews picks up Travis' backpack, Andy stands up protectively. Erin holds him back, assuring Andy, and at the same time telling Crews, that he'll treat Travis' belongings with respect. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 16 - Hit Me Baby

Driving his "deflowered" car, Crews talks to a technical service rep for his Bluetooth headset. Noting her foreign accent, he asks where she's from. She doesn't tell; they aren't allowed to discuss their personal lives. Crews bets she's from far away, looking at things he can't even imagine. Crews and Reese investigate the murder of financial advisor Jerome Raftss his apartment. First poisoned, then impaled with a broomstick, he stands propped against the wall, like macabre avant-garde art. A pigeon flies into the window, trying to get in. They find proudly displayed pictures of Rafts with several different women. Crews mentions the bird to Reese, wondering if it means something. Tidwell takes Reese aside and says that the FBI called and wants to borrow a few LAPD detectives for a joint organized crime taskforce. He encourages Reese to do it since it looks great on the resume and she wants to move up. Reese worries about the case, but Tidwell says that it's practically solved with the amount of girlfriends that Rafts had. When she tells Crews about the opportunity, he encourages her to do it as well, giving her a speech on building a good foundation. "See you in a few weeks," she says to Crews. Stark finds Raftss' wireless computer backup. At the station, Crews briefs Tidwell, having an awkward time since Reese usually starts. Raftss was 39 years old and moved from North Dakota nine years ago. He worked from home as a financial advisor specializing in derivatives. Tidwell tries to explain what that is but can't, confusing Crews even more. They still haven't cracked his business files, but the women in the photos weren't girlfriends, they were high-priced escorts. He spent the most on a woman named Alexa, over $9000. Tidwell wonders what kind of person displays photos of escorts like they were his girlfriends. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 15 - I Heart Mom

Crews, Reese and Stark are called to a roofless house, where a man lies dead of a gunshot wound on the top floor. But, that's not all, the victim's throat and mouth is stuffed full of twenty dollar bills. Based on the weathering of the house, the roof appears to have been off for quite some time. Starks finds a car registered to a Roy McCullough from JHY Construction. Crews and Reese visit JHY Construction and talk to Sasha and Ian, who think they're a couple looking for a roof. However, when Reese reveals they're detectives and asks if Roy worked there, Sasha becomes visibly shaken. Sasha and Ian, who say they were at the office doing taxes at the time of the murder, imply that Roy had other businesses on the side where he may have made some enemies. They search Roy's car and find several signs for different roofing companies. Yet, no roofing supplies. It appears Roy was running a scam. They talk to Roy's previous customers, including Red Pesca, who's dressed in winter wear and has a cold because he's still roofless due to being scammed by Murray and Sons. He says Roy's company took the roof off his house and then wanted to charge him triple their previous agreement to put on the new one. Red threatened to sue and Roy told him to go ahead, he'd just declare bankruptcy and start a new company under a different name. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 14 - Mirror Ball

At the Mayan nightclub, Crews and Reese investigate the death of Mitch Wagner, the lead singer of Hot Lead, a cover band for the legendary 70s glam band, Heavy Caliber. In full rock regalia and make-up, Mitch lies face down on stage, but there are no bullet wounds or signs of drug use. However, his make-up appears as if something was pressed against it. They notice a sheet of plastic stuck in a vent. Crews pulls it out and sees an imprint of Mitch's "death mask" on it, leading them to believe someone used it to suffocate Mitch. Tidwell, Reese and Crews learn that Mitch fronted the cover band as Jude Hays, the original Heavy Caliber singer who died in the 70s. Tidwell and Reese disagree on how Hays died. Reese thinks it was a car accident, Tidwell thinks he drank himself to death. Mitch's wife was in San Diego at the time of the murder, and the Mayan staff said other three band members left right after the show. Crews refers to Reese as "Doc," a nickname he coined for her from her initials, "D.R." Tidwell likes it immediately, which angers Reese. Band members Eric and Hal tell Crews they partied all night and then went home together. They say everyone changed out of costume before leaving the Mayan. Reese visits Dr. Stanton, self-proclaimed rock-and-roll dentist, whose lobby is populated with an attractive female clientele. She sees Stanton caress a female patient's face before she exits his office. In his office, Stanton takes a Sharpie pen and adds a mark to a wall full of hundreds of tally marks. All of the band members name Tyler Simms, the former "Jude Hays" for Hot Lead, as someone who might want to hurt Mitch. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 13 - Re-Entry

In the hospital, Crews is recovering from being shot. Reese says they've gotten nowhere. Ballistics are clean and the shooter left in a stolen car that they later found wiped clean. Reese wonders why Crews can't remember who did it since he was looking right at the person. Later, the doctor gives Crews the bullet that was taken from his chest. She says most people wouldn't want the bullet that shot them. Crews says, "Someone gave it to me. It would be rude to just throw it away." Cleared to return to duty, Crews and Reese go to their first crime scene. They arrive in a neighborhood where a pilot William Ellis landed his plane in the middle of the road. He sits in the cockpit, dead of a gunshot wound to the side. Witnesses said he landed, looked at them and then died. No one else was in the plane and there's no gun. Reese and Crews ponder whether he was shot in the air or after he landed. And, if he shot himself or someone shot him and then parachuted out. Both think he looks familiar, but can't place why. At the station, Reese and Crews brief Tidwell about William Ellis, a space shuttle pilot who became rich after he retired from NASA and started a company that makes rocket engine parts. A three-time space traveler, he was going to pay the Russians $35 million to take him back into space. Tidwell asks Crews about not being able to remember who shot him. He thinks Crews is holding back and says he isn't buying his story. Crews swears there's just a blank space when he tries to remember who shot him. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 12 - Trapdoor

On their way to a murder scene, Reese tells Crews that she's taking the lieutenant's test. He's happy for her. At a construction site, three men lie dead of gunshot wounds, shot execution style. Two of the men have Russian mob tattoos; the other is a clean-cut young man. Away from Reese, Crews calls Rayborn to remind him that a week ago, Rayborn told him about FBI Agent Bodner being in the pocket of Russian mobster, Roman Nebekov. Now, he's standing over the bodies of some dead Russian wise guys. Crews thinks they're connected, so Rayborn tells him to do his job and find out why they're dead. Reese and Crews examine the bodies. Two have their fingerprints burned off with acid. The Russian mobsters have rough calloused hands while the kid's hands look like he's never done hard labor in his life. Reese asks Crews if it's true about Ed being in prison for parole violation. In the prison yard, two inmates pick on Ted, thinking he has money. Just as they're about to beat him up, a huge inmate and his buddy approach and confirm he's Ted Earley. The huge inmate then tells Ted that Charlie Crews said not to worry, and advances on Ted's would-be attackers. At the station, Crews and Reese brief Tidwell on their findings. One of the Russians had a partial print that Interpol returned as belonging to Pyotr Lavroff, and they think the other one is his brother Dmitry. Both had no record of entering the country and are low-level mobsters who did enforcement, collections and protection. The clean-cut man is still unidentified. Crews says no one will miss the wise guys, but that someone is definitely missing the kid. While Crews looks at Roman Nevikov's file, Reese gets a hit through Missing Persons on the third victim, who's named Paul. To Read More Click Here.