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Cancellation Buzz: Lincoln Heights Not Renewed For Season 5 - Featured

Bad news, Lincoln Heights fans. Squeezed into the bottom of a Hollywood Reporter article about a new ABC Family sitcom pilot was word that "the network confirmed drama series "Lincoln Heights" will not be renewed for a fifth season". Fans of the show have been up in arms about the disappointing news over on the show's Facebook Page . Source

'Lincoln Heights' Tyler Posey and 'Hard Times' Crystal Reed Star in MTV's 'Teen Wolf'

MTV is jumping on the werewolf bandwagon with a new project starring Lincoln Heights actor Tyler Posey, and newcomer Crystal Reed. The two have signed up for roles in the upcoming TV version of the classic '80s flick titled Teen Wolf, originally featuring Michael J. Fox. The Hollywood Reporter has stated that the lead role in the remake has been given to Tyler Posey, known for his work as Andrew Ortega in the ABC Family show. He will be playing the character Scott McCall, described by the source as "a dorky high-school student who gets a rush of new powers, including the ability to attract girls, after a wolf attack." Meanwhile, Crystal Reed will of course be his love interest, or vice versa. She'll be portraying a sweet girl who moves into town and encounters Scott. Upon first glance, she is smitten by him, but it's possible that it's just his werewolf aura. Joining the two in Teen Wolf are Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien. The former plays a local boy who is already a vicious werewolf, while the latter is Scott's best friend who helps him out through his transformation. The pilot presentation of Teen Wolf has been written by Jeff Davis, the creator of Criminal Minds. He also produced the project, along with Marty Adelstein and Rene Echevarria. The series is supposedly a darker take on the original version, with more drama and subtle comedy. From Lincoln Heights and a role in Brothers and Sisters to this new production, Tyler Posey seems to be getting a break in his career. Crystal Reed is doing so as well, thanks to Teen Wolf. She was last seen in MTV's Hard Times with hardly a memorable performance. There hasn't been an exact release date for the launch of Teen Wolf yet, but we're betting on hearing more about it some time next year. Source Here

Dance Like Michael Jackson (Music Guide from Lincoln Heights Season 4 Finale)

If you saw this week's two-parter, then you heard this song playing in the Rev Cafe, by Far*East Movement. More info on this group Here's some more of the music we heard during the finale: Music from "The Gathering Storm": Artist: High Spies Song: "Taxi Cab (High Spies Dub)" The song plays as Charles shows Cassie the online video of her dancing. Artist: Chris Pierce Song: "Little Child" The song is heard during the montage where Tay checks in on his ill mother, Lizzie and Andrew rehearse for the school play, Cassie fills out her college application, and Eddie accompanies Nate Ray to a facility to help treat his PTSD. Music from "Lucky": Artist: Khamelien Song: "Blowhoe (Golddigger Remix)" The song is heard when Andrew and Lizzie greet each other at the high school and the other students look on. Artist: Far East Movement Song: "Dance Like Michael Jackson" The song plays when Tay and Nate Ray watch a music video on TV.

LINCOLN HEIGHTS Two Hour Season 4 Finale - Season 4 episode 10

Episode Synopsis: " Lincoln Heights " fourth season comes to an end on Monday, November 9th with two episodes airing "The Gathering Storm" from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET and Lucky from 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET on ABC Family. On Lucky, Jenn is finally off bed rest and Charles tells Cassie that he is joining the Army. The two surprise everyone by announcing their engagement and because Eddie and Jenn are not entirely supportive, the duo contemplate eloping. Eddie solves a 60-year-old crime involving the racially charged death of a family friend. The episode culminates with the Sutton family rallying around Nate Ray, who recently returned from fighting in Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD. Source & Preview

LINCOLN HEIGHTS Two Hour Season 4 Finale (Season 4 episode 9)

Episode Synopsis: " Lincoln Heights " fourth season comes to an end on Monday, November 9th with two episodes airing "The Gathering Storm" from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET and Lucky from 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET on ABC Family. In The Gathering Storm, Nate Ray struggles with difficult emotions having just returned home from fighting in Afghanistan, Lizzie stars in her school play and Cassie and Charles talk about taking a break. Source & Preview

LINCOLN HEIGHTS "Bully for You" Season 4 episode 8 - Preview

Watch a Preview of Lincoln Heights "Bully for You" Season 4 episode 8 airing Monday November 2 2009 at 8 PM ET/PT. Episode Synopsis: While Jenn awaits her test results, Cassie is invited to New York City for her birthday and Lizzie takes a dramatic turn. To Watch a Preview Click Here .

Music Guide to Lincoln Heights Episode 4007: "Relative Unknown"

For your listening pleasure , here's the playlist from this week's epi: Artist: Grand Analog Song: I'm On Fire The song is heard when Tay picks up coffee from The Rev. Artist: Al Smith Song: Come On Pretty Baby The song plays as Charles and Travis play poker. Artist: Dr. Hollywood Song: Smashing Bottles The song is heard when Tay watches the Trey Songz photoshoot. Artist: SVA Song: Might Be The One The song plays at the Rev when Andrew asks Lizzie out. Artist: The DNC Song: The Way You Like It The song plays at the House Party. Artist: Soul P Song: Turn Around The song is heard at the House Party. Artist: Trey Songz Song: I Need A Girl Here are some more tidbits on Trey Songz...

Lincoln Heights Preview: "Relative Unknown" (Season 4, Episode 7)

Travis comes to visit his big bro Charles; Eddie's dad pays a visit; Jenn's not feeling well; and Tay sings with Trey Songz. Check out these previews: Help Thy Neighbor Tay Meets Trey Surprise Visit Engaged Bad Influence * If you're wondering who that is in the photo, it's Trey Songz. I chose his pic for this preview b/c he's a featured artist in this epi...and also because he. is. fine. : )

Songs from Lincoln Heights Season 4, Episode 6: "With You I Will Leave"

Lincoln Heights features some pretty good music. If you liked the songs in this week's epi, listen to them here . Here's the list (although I didn't see the song I really wanted: the one that played when Lizzie left the dance): Artist: Cinematic Tunes Song: "Come Get Me Dawg" The song plays when Eddie finds Jarone on the street. Artist: Takbir Bashir Song: "Take It Home" The song is heard when Sylvia encourages Lizzie to talk to Andrew. Artist: Slique Song: "Got It 4 Me" The song is heard when Cassie arrives to Sage's for their night out. Find it iTunes Artist: Clippers Song: "Give It To Me" The song plays at the nightclub where Sage and Cassie go out for the night. Artist: Danny Fernandes Song: "Fantasy" The song is heard at the Teen Night when Andrew shows Lizzie the picture of Gabriel. Artist: Elliott Yamin Song: "Wait For You" The song plays at the Teen Night as Lizzie attempts to say goodbye to Johnny Nightingale while they dance. Artist: Elliott Yamin Song: "Keep On Loving You" Artist: Yolanda Johnson Song: "Fly Shine"

LINCOLN HEIGHTS "Relative Unknown" Season 4 episode 7

Check out a first look at Lincoln Heights Season 4 episode 7 "Relative Unknown" airing Monday October 26 2009 at 8 PM ET/PT. Episode Synopsis: Chart-topping R&B singer Trey Songz comes to Lincoln Heights, much to the delight of aspiring musician Tay. Jenn can't shake what she thinks is the flu, Cassie pressures Charles to get serious about life after high school, and Eddie's father makes an unexpected visit in "Relative Unknown," an all new episode of " Lincoln Heights " airing Monday, October 26, 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET on ABC Family. Source & More Photos