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Brooke Shields at the Michael Jackson Memorial

Brook Shields gave an emotion filled speech in which she talked about her friendship with the late, great, Micheal Jackson. She told that the pair met as teenagers and spent much time together, playing and laughing. More pictures, video & news @ PUTU.US

Cancellation Buzz: Lipstick Jungle Taken Out of Cancellation Limbo - Featured

This really should come as no surprise whatsoever, since the vast majority of the Lipstick Jungle cast appears to have already moved on...but the show had not been officially officially canceled...until today. Brooke Shields has confirmed: "It was going to stay and we just were officially told it's finally not coming back. It's very sad. I think a lot of people were really sad, but I think we hung on a really long time. It was three great years that we've been working on it." Luckily, we won't be seeing the last of the castmembers, as many have already been cast in a number of fall pilots. I'm most looking forward to seeing Andrew McCarthy as Lily's father in the probably-will-be-greenlit Gossip Girl prequel/spinoff thing. So...had you already come to terms with Junge's demise? Or does this news of its official official cancellation still sting? Source: E!Online

Andrew McCarthy Cast in Gossip Girl Spinoff - Featured

And the Lipstick Jungle cast continues to disperse . Andrew McCarthy, who played Joe Bennett, has been cast in the upcoming Gossip Girl spinoff as Lily's father Rick Rodes, a music company executive. McCarthy joins the previously cast Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter. I can totally see McCarthy as Lily's father. How about you? Source: THR

Pilot News: Raver Goes Inside the Box; Mom's the Word for Milano - Featured

Lipstick would seem to be running out. That is, Lipstick Jungle 's chances of a pick-up by NBC. On the heels of Lindsay Price being cast in the ABC pilot Eastwick, Kim Raver has landed a female lead in Inside the Box, the new drama being exec-produced by Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and set at a Washington network news bureau. Raver will play Samantha, a "knockout blond reporter who once was considered the next Diane Sawyer," says the Hollywood Reporter. Previously cast on Inside the Box were Martin Henderson, Jason George and Sarah Drew. The central female character, Caroline, has yet to be cast. Among other ABC pilot castings, Alyssa Milano has been tapped for the female lead in the as-yet-untitled comedy from Ricky Blitt (Family Guy). Milano would play the single-mom love interest of Eric Christian Olsen's character. Milano's pilot-season track record has been spotty as of late. In recent cycles, she has been attached to Single with Parents (which was abruptly nixed for the current midseason) and a never-greenlit legal drama from Everwood 's Rina Mimoun. Source here

Robert Buckley: 'Privileged' Gets a New Hunk

Robert Buckley, who has had back-to-back roles on NBC's " Lipstick Jungle ," opposite Kim Raver, and on Lifetime TV's "Flirting with 40" TV movie, as Heather Locklear's younger boyfriend, is joining the cast of The CW 's " Privileged ." Robert will play David, the new magazine editor at Will's (Brian Hallisay) dad's new start-up magazine -- and there's a very good chance he could cause some romantic trouble for Megan (JoAnna Garcia) and Will. To Read The Interview Click Here .

Cancellation Buzz: Could Lipstick Jungle Move to Another Network? - Featured

Could Lipstick Jungle be resurrected on another channel? Things are hard for hour-long dramas at NBC right now, especially with Jay Leno coming to the network soon and taking all the 10 p.m. slots, but there's been talk of a network swap that might just save the show. Could it really happen? Jungle star Lindsay Price gives us the exclusive scoop... At the M.A.C Cosmetics Hello Kitty event in New York City last night, Lindsay told us, "Bravo or Lifetime...That's what they're saying...Or they're talking about maybe doing what they did with Friday Night Lights - airing on DirecTV and then later on NBC." And if the show does get picked up, we might see Victory Ford actually marry Joe Bennett, so what would the onscreen fashionista wear? Lindsay said, "I don't know. Maybe Peter Som, who does some of our stuff." After a moment she said, "Oh, actually she'd probably do her own dress." If she didn't though and she got to wear her total dream dress? "Maybe old-school Givenchy. Or Valentino!" Sounds perf to us. Can you see Lipstick Jungle going to Bravo or Lifetime? Would you watch? Source here

Lipstick Jungle Could Get the "Friday Night Lights Treatment" - Featured

Last year, NBC saved one beloved but low-rated show - Friday Night Lights - by striking an innovative deal with DirecTV. Now, they're interested in doing it with another show: Lipstick Jungle . The series doesn't have the critical love that FNL gets, but it does have a passionate fan base, and NBC said it's looking into a similar arrangement to keep the show going. At a conference on Tuesday, NBC's Ben Silverman said: We have some incredible channels in our portfolio and we have sister networks that love the show as well. We are analyzing what we need to do to keep that show on the air. In terms of those "sister networks," Oxygen, Bravo, and USA are all part of the NBC family, and I could imagine the show being a good fit on one of them. I also wonder if Lifetime would be interested if none of the NBC channels want the show. What do you think? Would you follow Lipstick to another channel? And which do you think would be the best home for the show? Source here

A Lipstick Jungle Bungle: Designer Duds Stolen

Who wouldn't covet the incredible designer wares that Kim Raver, Brooke Shields and Lindsay Price strut around Manhattan on Lipstick Jungle ? A stage manager from NBC's style-driven drama must have figured he could cash a bonus check courtesy of the fashionistas' fashions while he awaited the show's (likely negative) fate. Only, that bonus check wasn't simply handed to 27-year-old Arthur Moreira. He's been charged with stealing nearly $30,000 worth of wardrobe, according to the Brooklyn district attorney's office. The crew member was arrested in his apartment Friday after police purchased some of the stolen fashions from him on eBay. Eyebrows were first raised when employees of French designer Sylvia Toledano were trolling through the auction website and spotted a limited-edition clutch they lent to the show. They immediately tipped off the authorities. In total, 16 items - including couture creations by Gucci, Prada, Oscar de la Renta and Burberry - were taken from Broadway Ventures, which owns the Jungle storage facilities. Ads for the auctions, which offered several of the items for less than their retail price, described the glam goods as having fallen off the back of a truck. Moreira is being held in Brooklyn pending arraignment. Lipstick ladies, on the other hand, are still holding on to final threads of hope, pending NBC's official cancellation announcement. Source here

Lipstick Jungle Is Alive!

As Tracy-Jordan-as-white-girl once said on 30 Rock : "Lipstick!" -- or, in this case, Lipstick Jungle ! NBC announced today that Zombie Brooke Shields and Co. will live to multitask another day, as reports of the show's death may have been greatly exaggerated after all. "We officially have not canceled Lipstick Jungle," said Angela Bromstad, the president of NBC Universal's production studio. "I think there are alternatives we may look into. It's all a conversation for the fall," she said. Source here

Featured NBC News: The Office, 30 Rock, Lipstick Jungle and More

Some big announcements were made by NBC today: The network has made early pickups for next season of their most popular (and critically acclaimed) comedies, The Office and 30 Rock . If you care, The Biggest Loser has also been officially picked up for another year. However, perhaps the most exciting news is that the network announced: "We officially have not canceled Lipstick Jungle . I think that there are alternatives that we may look into for Lipstick Jungle; it's all conversation for fall. We have to see what our pilots are." What does this mean? Not quite sure, but I'm thinking that NBC already knows their pilots will stink and they'll have nothing better to air. No matter what, I will happily accept a non-cancellation...! Source: E!Online