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Featured Cancellation Buzz: Save Lipstick Jungle!

Lipstick Jungle 's Status: As Lipstick Jungle fans (including series star Brooke Shields herself) have been proclaiming since the cancellation buzz began around this sophomore series, there is a lot to love about Lipstick that is far under-appreciated. Lipstick has officially been canceled as of March 27th ( Read More ), so join us in the campaign to save Lipstick Jungle and get the word out to pull in more fans! Here's what you can do to help: Example: SideReel Page: Lipstick Jungle Graphic: Mail lipstick and letters to NBC: NBCUNI.COM FEEDBACK 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608 Email: NBC Contact Us Join our Facebook Group and invite others to spread the love and keep up to date on LJ's status: Save Lipstick Jungle Facebook Group Sign the petition: Save Lipstick Jungle Petition We'd love to hear about anything you do to help the campaign, so feel free to post any letters, emails, or describe any other efforts you've made here in the comments to inspire other fans to help too!

Save Lipstick Jungle petition

Nearly 19 000 signatures already, keep it going:

Exclusive: Jungle Boy Toy Has "Write Stuff" for Privileged

A loss for the audience of one unsung series is another's gain. Robert Buckley, who immediately made waves on NBC's Lipstick Jungle as Kirby, Kim Raver's strapping young boy on the side, is joining the cast of Privileged , TVGuide.com has learned exclusively. "Clearly, I can't get enough cute guys on this show!" Privileged creator Rina Mimoun quipped while sharing the news with us. Buckley will appear in the final two episodes of the CW series' 18-episode freshman season, playing the editor-in-chief of a magazine where both Megan and Will hope to be working. Considering the upcoming departure of Michael Cassidy's Charlie, it's safe to venture that this studly scribe will have the "write stuff" to complicate Megan's romance with the boy next door. Lipstick Jungle will air the last of its 13 sophomore season episodes on Jan. 9. Though a back-nine order has yet to be granted to the prime-time sudser, the talk is that should the show wrap up this run with a ratings bang, there could be hope for the future. This week, Jungle delivered 4.23 million total viewers, its best audience since moving to Fridays in late October. Source: TV Guide

Lipstick Jungle Makes Its '09 Return!

Lipstick Jungle returns tonight on NBC at 9/8c, and there's all sorts of new and continued drama to catch! Get a reminder of where we left off with the ladies waayy back in 2008, and get a preview of what's to come in tonight's new episode: Buzzsugar's TV Tonight: Lipstick Jungle Photo courtesy of NBC.com

Year in Review: 10 Best Newcomers, Part 1

The Office - Amy Ryan as Holly Flax One of the biggest tragedies of this season was letting this Office newbie go! But while it lasted, Holly was the most wonderful new addition to The Office we've seen since the great Michael Scott himself. Holly at first came across as just a sweet, cute new HR person, but we very quickly discovered, just like Michael who tried to hate her, there was nothing to hate about this quirky, dry-humored office goddess. She stole our hearts (and Michael's) with her Yoda impressions and rapping skills, then broke them as she was transferred back to her previous branch. Sniff, sniff. A bittersweet romance for us all! In Plain Sight - Fred Weller as Marshall Mann This USA Network '08 summer newbie was surprisingly full of dry humor, great cast chemistry, and of course, good drama. But the main surprise in the show was that Mary McCormack didn't steal the show, despite her pumped up role as basically being the show. Instead, she was fantastic, but a lot of that had to do with Fred Weller as her partner in crime-hunting, Marshall Mann. While Mary took more of a typically masculine role in the show as the strong-as-bull partner, Mann held more than his own as he quipped right along with Mary's sarcastic lines and became a fascinating and gotta-have-more character who was much more than just a sidekick with a crush on our main character. True Blood - Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton True Blood is packed with some excellent acting, but the newbie here who has really caught our attention is Rutina Wesley as the saucy, tough, hilarious, and very troubled Tara. Seemingly set up as Sookie's only girlfriend in town to lean on, she evolved into a full character of her own as we delved into Tara's very troubled home life with her alcoholic mom - but of course, True Blood couldn't stop there! We saw Tara struggle with her mother's demons, then the tough-as-nails Tara giving in to her own demons, plus more of her own drama being in love with the sexy but disastrous Jason, and her intriguing relationship with Sam. Wesley is more than a strong newbie to this show as she brought a huge amount of flavor and intrigue to this addicting show and we hope she doesn't get snuffed out anytime soon! Lipstick Jungle - Robert Buckley as Kirby Atwood The abs and that adorable smile pretty much say it all, but this newbie surprised us Lipstick fans by not just being some sexy eye (and bed) candy for our lonely Nico, but a sweetie with some real heart under those rippling muscles. While the road has been a little rocky for Lipstick and for Nico and Kirby, in this 2nd season, Kirby has become one of the stronger and more interesting characters of this show both in his own story and in his influence on Nico's life. Sons of Anarchy - Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller With some very strong cast members like Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in this shocking new FX drama, you'd think a TV newbie like Charlie Hunnam would get overshadowed, but throughout the strong 1st season of the show, he has certainly proven otherwise. It seemed he was just going to be that classic bad boy with a soft heart underneath, but instead, Jax had some very memorable scenes showing how tough he really was, and yet showing that tough exterior crack, but not fully break. He has become one of the most interesting new characters and newer TV actors as he graces our eyes with some hotness and some fantastic acting to really get our drama-lovin' blood pumping! Continue to Part 2

Year in Review: Top 10 Hottest Hook-ups, Part 2

Lipstick Jungle : Nico & Kirby Who is that abbed man?? Lipstick Jungle kicked off in the winter of '08 featuring three powerful and sexy professional women - two of whom were married... that is until one power boss, Nico, meets sexy young photographer in the middle of a huge marital rift. And so the sexiness of Kirby and Nico began! Kirby (Robert Buckley) is certainly one of the most de-licious hotties on TV these days, and he reminded Niki what it felt like to be sexy and loved - all while giving us viewers a fantastic bit of eye candy to top off our woman-power drama. Dirty Sexy Money : Jeremy Darling & Nola Lyons Lucy Liu joined DSM this season as lawyer Nola Lyons, who we first met as a mysterious woman stalking (in a sexy way) Jeremy Darling. Once she seduced him, it was all legs and hotness... in the back of his limo, of course. (Remind you of another steamy couple on this list?) This red-hot romance continued even after Jeremy discovered she was prosecuting his mother for murder... another cheer for a hot and forbidden romance - with the extra twist of completely using each other and falling in love at the same time. Sons of Anarchy : Jax & Tara If you missed SOA this season, you won't quite get why this isn't just horrifying, but while it is, in the context of this show full of violence and shockers, Jax and Tara's hook-up only made the show (and them) hotter! This most shockingly disturbing and sexy moment took place after Tara was attacked by her ex-boyfriend stalker, called Jax (her ex-high school sweetheart) for help after she'd shot the guy once to get him away, then as this stalker ran his mouth to Jax, bang! Dead. A minor rush of panic and adrenaline then calm? Well, yes, but before that calm, Jax and Tara managed to keep that adrenaline going as they went at it on Tara's bed, mere feet from the dead guy bleeding all over her carpet. 90210 : Ryan Matthews & Kimberly The moment I saw the adorably hot Mr. Matthews as a teacher on the new 90210 , I figured no matter how nice he was going to be, he was definitely going to have an inappropriate hot student hook-up. And... very close. Turns out he's too good of a guy to actually be slimy and hook-up with a student, but he's still a man who was attracted to a girl - luckily this girl, Kimberly, turned out to be an undercover cop acting as a student. And while it was "okay," this still ended up quite scandalous as Matthews had to be let go after getting caught picking up a student (who still needed to be undercover) from a party... drama, drama! The Office : Dwight & Angela Okay, so we don't really want to see more than a peek at naughtiness in the form of a bare shoulder or two here, but thankfully that's all we got and boy did it make for a awesome shocking comedic final finale moment for The Office 's spring '08 finale! As the drama continues, it all comes down to the fact that nerd, beet farmer, or volunteer policeman, that Dwight has some major passion that cannot be restrained when it comes to his Monkey! Return to Part 1

Brooke Shields Congratulates Tom Cruise

This morning the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards nominees were announced in Beverly Hills, and Brooke Shields was on hand to help out. The " Lipstick Jungle " babe showed up at the shindig looking stunning in a sexy sleeveless red dress teamed with a pair of animal-print peep-toe heels and blinging gold earrings. read more

LIPSTICK JUNGLE "Chapter Seventeen: Bye, Bye Baby" (Season 2 Episode 10)

Watch a promo from LIPSTICK JUNGLE Season 2 Episode 10, "Chapter Seventeen: Bye, Bye Baby" airing this Friday, December 5, at 9pm on NBC.

Lipstick Jungle on the Move Again

It's no wonder nobody watches Lipstick Jungle . The show changes timeslots every 5 minutes! NBC has announced even more scheduling changes involving the program; beginning December 5th the program will be airing an hour earlier, at 9PM on Fridays. Dateline will fill in the 10PM timeslot. Also moving will be current 9 PM program Crusoe - being shifted to Saturdays (worse than Fridays?) at 8PM beginning December 6th. Additional episodes of Crusoe have also yet to be ordered by NBC. Source: TV Week

"Lipstick Jungle" Not Canceled Yet After All

Reports last week that NBC's " Lipstick Jungle " was canceled may have been premature. After NBC shuffled its lineup and moved the show to Friday several weeks ago, few were surprised to hear that "Jungle" was canceled along with " My Own Worst Enemy ." Now NBC Entertainment co-chair Ben Silverman says the show may have new life - if its ratings growth continues. read more