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Living Lohan Review, by Gillian Flynn

The ubiquitous Dina Lohan, 45-year-old manager mom of Lindsay, is usually spotted in red-carpet photos perched, cougarlike, to one side of her troubled daughter. Now Mommy's in full view with E!'s Living Lohan, in which she invites us to gape at her, Lindsay's 14-year-old fame-seeking sis Ali, and 11-year-old Cody. And hey, it turns out I don't want to Live Lohan. The irritation turned to repulsion around the first minute, when Dina, after her morning ritual of scanning the tabloids for Lindsay's weary mug, announces, They'd better not start in on Ali like this. Hey, I have an idea: Don't film a reality show in your child's fricking bedroom! The woman who last year told Harper's Bazaar, Reality shows, I get sick inside, now invites cameras to document the launch of Ali's singing career. (The girl makes song choices with all the focus of a kindergartner insisting on wearing her favoritest shoes.) The remainder of the Lohans' lives apparently revolves around Googling themselves, watching tabloid TV, and then having an assistant Google more. To read the rest of this review, visit Entertainment Weekly