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Log Horizon Episode #18 Anime Review

Remember way back when, in the early episodes of  Log Horizon , when there was a growing concern over people having nothing to do? On just living every day in a videogame you used to play, with no real fear of dying or motivation to really do much of anything? It’s what led to Guilds abusing younger players or people resorting to PKing other players. It’s the reason the Round Table was formed and why things like cooking real food or being able to engineer and build new technology became so important in the world. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #17 Anime Review

Tensions escalate at the Conference as the Lords who represent the People of the Land scramble to decide what to do in the face of a mounting goblin force. Meanwhile, the teachers and students of the training camp have taken the fight to the goblins directly, drawing out small patrols and destroying them as they advance, hoping to slow the tide as it rolls over the land of Yamato. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #16 Anime Review

With an episode title like ‘Return of the Goblin King’ one can’t expect too many good things to be in store for the world of Elder Tale. This episode is another great example of what Log Horizon as a series does really well, which is take an MMO trope or something related to the video game that was before Shiore and the others became trapped in it, and present it in a context that makes it meaningful in terms of storytelling.  Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #15 Anime Review

The training camp is winding to a close. As I had suspected previously, this episode was mostly dedicated to Minori and the rest of your younger player group finally realizing why they were getting beaten in the dungeon so o much, and working it through with the power of team work. Unsurprisingly, none of them coordinated with each other…so fights were just generally a mess. Also unsurprisingly, when they learn what everyone’s abilities do, and how they work, they’re able to fair significantly better in the dungeon, and everyone’s happy and proud for actually taking the time to sit down and talk instead of just charging headlong into packs of angry skeletons. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #14 Anime Review

This is by far and away the single episode fans of the main story of Log have been waiting for. Shiroe’s conversation with the mysterious mage from last episode reveals a significant amount of how the players now interact with the world. To put in a single phrase: The World Fraction spell. We usually think of magic as separated by what it does (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Healing, etc.) But you can also classify it on scale – single battles, armies, cities, continents…even the World. Which, apparently, has happened a grand total of three times in Elder Tale. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #13 Anime Review

This episode further advances the duel plots going on regarding the younger players and the Conference with the people of the Land. A significant part of the episode is devoted to Crusty and his interactions with the Princess, which is mildly amusing and awkward, and eventually Crusty has a bit of a sincere moment, telling the Princess that she reminds him a lot of his sister in the real world. Crusty is not entirely interesting as he sort of has it all going for him (good looks, good fighting skills, socially adept…there’s really nothing that makes him stand out or draw back except that he sort of seems to be the typical perfect knightly figure) but the bit about his sister is a little touching. Even though they bring up that they’re trapped in a game world, it’s easy to forget watching the show to remember that there are families back in the real world that the adventurers cannot see. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #12 Anime Review

That probably isn’t entirely accurate. Things do happen in this episode, they’re just of very little significance to the overall story. The only real important piece of information that’s revealed is that the People of the Land rely on the Adventurers to do things for them (presented previous through quests that they could take and complete for items and gold) and that since that artificial system no longer exists, the People of the Land have to rely on the strength of the adventurers still, so there will be some kind of balancing act needed between Akihabara and the people of Eastal. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #11 Anime Review

Well, not a beach episode per se, but it does have a few small moments of one. The Round Table is approached by a representative from Eastal to attend a formal ball, which Shiroe and Crusty quickly realize is a diplomatic offer extended to the newly formed Round Table. They pick up pretty quickly that the People of the Land know almost nothing about them, and in turn, they know very little about the People of the Land. Determined to learn as much as they can, Shiroe, Crusty, Akatsuki, and a few others from Akihabara head for the Palace of Eternal Ice, where the ball will be held. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #10 Anime Review

This episode serves as more of a transitional point in the series than anything else. The Round Table is a success, with all the present guilds agreeing to participate and do their part to help shape and revitalize Akihabara. They decide on simple laws to govern player behavior, and also all come to a realization that Shiroe had been onto for quite some time. With the discovery that food can be cooked by an individual, without using the in-game commands, it is reasonable to assume that other things, not part of the Elder Tale world, could be built as well. This proves true when the merchant guilds reveal they’ve created a crude, but operational steam engine. Read More... //

Log Horizon Episode #09 Anime Review

A major part of negotiation, especially on the scale we see in this excellent episode of  Log Horizon is knowing and exploiting the difference between what you actually know and can do, and what people think you know and can do. Usually, they’re two very different things. And Shiroe has been waiting to exploit that very notion for this moment. Read More... //