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Jillian Michaels Moves In!

Viewers have grown accustomed to watching Jillian Michaels whip contestants into shape at the Biggest Loser ranch. Now, the tough-as-nails trainer is upping the ante and actually moving in with her victims - gulp! - as she tries to teach five average families better life-coping skills in under a week in Losing It With Jillian (Tuesdays, 9/8c on NBC). (She returns two months later to see how they've fared.) "It makes The Biggest Loser look like a freaking day at Disneyland," says Michaels. Not surprisingly, taking up residence with her targets isn't without drama. "I show up, and I have to figure out where things are broken," she says. "It's wildly intense - you see real issues and problems, from death to divorce. I have five days to do what usually takes me eight months, so I am up in their grill in every way." The couch potatoes aren't the only ones who'll crack, either. "You will definitely learn what I struggle with and what I've been through. Professionally, I feel pretty together. Personally, I am a disaster area," says Michaels. "Part of the show is seeing me in these uncomfortable environments and how I relate to them. I'm growing in leaps and bounds." Source Here

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 6/1

Just when we thought we'd go crazy from the lack of new TV, a wave of summer premieres hits us just in time to start June off on a productive TV-watching foot (yes, I consider that productive)! A brand-new season of Hell's Kitchen starts tonight on Fox, and then the series premiere of Losing It with Jillian kicks off at 10/9c on NBC. And don't forget the season's second-to-last episode of Glee ! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c America's Got Talent on NBC -- season premiere! Hell's Kitchen on Fox -- season premiere! Wipeout on ABC -- season premiere! 9/8c Glee on Fox 10/9c Justified on FX Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA Network Losing It with Jillian on NBC -- series premiere! The Hills on MTV 10:30/9:30c The City on MTV Don't forget to check out the SideReel editorial team's individual columns and Twitter accounts over at our new Reel Critics page to see what we have to say about tonight's TV! What will you be watching?

Jillian Michaels Talks About 'Losing It', Literally

It's not just pounds that are shed on the upcoming reality series featuring The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels; she's also shedding some tears. During a conference call, the fitness trainer talked to reporters about Losing It with Jillian, and how emotional the whole show was. "Every week, I am hysterical. It's horrible," Jillian Michaels announced. It's a different kind of anxiety for this host, when she has to face families all over the country in the hopes of teaching them a healthy lifestyle. Losing It with Jillian premieres on NBC this June 1 at 10pm, but while it hasn't started, the waterworks have. "I don't think that I have cried so much in my entire life," the star added. To Read More Click Here .

NBC to Launch Losing It with Jillian in June

NBC just can't get enough of Jillian Michaels. The star trainer of the network's reality hit, The Biggest Loser, will launch her own series, Losing It with Jillian, on June 1, the network announced Tuesday. The series will follow Michaels, 36, as she moves in with a different family each week in order to help them change their diet and exercise habits. The eight-episode series will also feature frequent Bigger Loser guest, Chef Curtis Stone, who will help teach nutrition. Losing It with Jillian will debut at 10/9c, following the premiere of America's Got Talent, before moving to its regular time slot of 9/8c on June 8. Will you tune into Losing It with Jillian? Source Here

NBC Creates 'The Biggest Loser' Spin-Off

NBC is attempting to touch Americans in a more personal way through Losing It with Jillian . A companion series has been created for " The Biggest Loser " to visit families in need to change their unhealthy lifestyle. Trainer Jillian Michaels will travel the country to help people changing their diet and exercise habit. The idea was born out of consideration that people may be skeptical about the TV show. "I hear all the time from people about 'Oh, it'd be so easy to do if I was on the ranch, if I had a personal gym,' " Michaels explained. "I got sick of hearing it. So we're telling people, we'll come to you and teach you how to be healthy." The deal is, Michaels will stay for a while in the family's home and teach them about nutrition, fitness and wellness. Thus unlike "Biggest Loser" which focus is to shed pounds, "Losing It" will be concentrating more on the healthy lifestyle. In completing her task, Michaels will be assisted by Curtis Stone. The chef is responsible for preparing healthy meals for the participants and show them how. "We all have the demands of work, family and school," Executive Producer Mark Koops said. "Here's a chance to show the rest of America how to live healthier lives." Production will set its wheel in motion starting December until Spring but there is no premiere date yet. Families eligible to participate are the ones with kids 9 years old and above. In that case, Michaels said, "This show is very different. I'm not going to scream at a 10-year-old. You're going to see different aspects of my personality, and it's more about the big picture and not just being skinny." Source Here