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Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Hail, Hale”

On the penultimate episode of "Lost Girl," we hit the ground running with "Hail, Hale." After the whole "Dawning" thing proved somewhat anti-climatic, many wondered where the show was headed for the rest of the season, a matter not helped by a series of stand-alone type episodes over the last few weeks. We needn’t have worried, as the show had plenty of twists up its sleeve, and none too soon. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t know that I saw a lot of this episode’s events coming. Yet, if you look back, the ground for everything was laid perfectly, just as it was before with all of the Kenzi-related stuff earlier this season, which was itself brought into play in this episode. A lot of speculation about where this season was ultimately headed revolved around Bo’s father, who may yet be involved in the action later on, but for now, the big twist was that Bo’s mother was not only back but very much alive. READ MORE...

Lost Girl Review: Cons and Conflict Everywhere

Wow. " Hail, Hale " was a jammed packed fae-mazing hour. If anything, there was too much going on. I wish these storylines would have been expanded and integrated over a couple more episodes. It was Hale's inauguration day as The Ash, but that was only one of many events happening, including: The Morrigan's power grab, Isaac's plan to use Lauren's research to satisfy his own Fae-power lust, and Tamsin's downward spiral due to her obligation to capture Bo. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/04/lost-girl-review-hail-hale/