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SideReel: This Week in TV - 5.23.2010

Check out this week's all new episode of "This Week in TV" with Kendra and Rachel. 3 Exciting Segments this week: Momentous Series Finales Finales/Premieres of the Week Announcements Give it a watch and tell us what you think! This Week in TV - 5.23.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab OR in our "This Week in TV" section. Follow the whole team on Twitter: @sidereelKendra @sidereelRachel @sidereelAlex @animereel You like us Facebook! You really do!

Lost Star Jorge Garcia Pens Farewell To The Island

Sure, "Lost" has got take-charge Jack, beautiful Kate, smoldering Sawyer, badass Sayid and many more colorful characters that have spent time living (and often dying) on that mysterious island. Yet it'd be hard to argue that anyone but jolly Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is the show's fan favorite. He's a truth-teller, a voice of the fan at home, an honest do-gooder, a guy you just can't helping rooting for. So too has Jorge Garcia, who plays the teddy bear-like Hurley, become beloved amongst the zealous "Lost" fanbase. As the show hurtles toward its series finale on Sunday, Garcia penned an essay for Variety in which he reminisces about the casting process six seasons ago, shares memories of his time shooting in Hawaii and talks about filming the final episode. Here's an excerpt: "At 5 a.m. on April 24, I became unemployed," Garcia begins. "I just wrapped my six-season run on 'Lost.' The job that went above and beyond anything I could have imagined was over. ... "My last day on 'Lost' was also my longest: 20 hours. Without going into details, I can say the shoot was dangerous, physical and wet. But what could be more appropriate? How else could we end this epic show without an epic marathon night of shooting? At the end of it all we all remarked how we expected the end to be more emotional for us, but we were too tired to cry. Read more of this story @ MTV

Get With the Program: Lost Link Mania, Make Your Fall Schedule Now

Get with the Program was on break last Friday (did you miss me?) but fear not as this Friday we are back in action! Lost Link Mania This Sunday is - of course - the Series Finale of Lost . I have a feeling that even if you don't watch Lost you're aware of this, because there's no way that all of your friends who do watch Lost haven't been talking about it. Constantly. Sorry if this annoys you, but what can I say - shows like Lost - those that are so wholly original and engrossing and bizarre - are few and far between. Thus, when they do appear - they generate a cult following - and therefore, when they end forever - is a big effing deal! I not going to bother speculating how things will or should end. In fact, I'm hoping that all of my guesses about the way things will go down will be wrong. I want to be surprised and wowed, and I am going to be an optimist and trust in the show's creators that they'll give the fans a satisfying ending that uh...makes sense. No pressure, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse... But, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Lost related links that I've seen turn up this week to prep yourselves for the upcoming finale. Check 'em out: The Entire Series of Lost Reenacted by Cats in One Minute (Hurley cat is the best!) The Best Lost Finale Party Invitation Ever Source The Loss of Lost: A Grieving Fan's Guide A really cool chart Lost Audition Tapes Send Lost ECard #1 From Someecards (displayed above) Send Lost ECard #2 From Someecards (displayed above) Printable Dharma Labels (You know you wanna prank a friend and Dharma-tize their whole kitchen...) Have Other Fun Links? Share 'em in comments! It's Never Too Early to Plan Your Fall Viewing Schedule Most, if not all of our favorite shows will have wrapped up their seasons by the end of next week, if they have not already. While, like I have mentioned previously, Summer TV has changed in the sense that there's quite a bit more good options to watch out there than there used to be, the major non cable networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and The CW, kinda) still tend to save their best new shows for Fall. And - what do you know? - all of the networks held their Upfront Presentations this past week where they announced what all of these new Fall shows will be, as well as where on the schedule they will fall. I find this to be a really exciting time, as we can ponder what will be the next Lost (oh wait, there never will be another Lost, but there could be another show that is completely original and utterly engrossing - and for all you know it is in this bunch...), as well as what will be the next The Beautiful Life ( Hellcats , I am looking at you). Here on SideReel we've made a Fall TV Preview page where you can check out what each network has to offer, watch some previews and decide which shows you will (or won't) be added to your viewing schedules come Fall. Some shows I'll definitely have to sample before I can decide for sure. Others can be ruled out solely based upon a one sentence description. Anything crime-y or legal-esque on thanks. A show with Will Arnett and Keri Russell - I'm in! ( love them both!!! ) So...before I share my picks for what I think looks most promising for the Fall - take some time yourself to check out the descriptions and trailers and see what is interesting to you. Some might say it's crazy to start thinking about this NOW, since after all, you have until the end of September (more or less), but I think for a TV lover, it's never too early to get started! Fall TV Preview So I leave you with that homework assignment and one more: Follow Me on Twitter sidereelRachel (If you are not already, and I know you are...) Enjoy your weekends!

Lost DVD to Provide More Answers

Lost wraps up the most ambitious show in TV history this Sunday. But fans might have to wait until August to get resolutions to a few burning questions. According to an ABC insider, the season six DVD set will include “new content that addresses some of the unanswered questions in an entertaining way." While this sounds extraordinarily irritating - the show will make us wait and actually pay for answers?!? - I'll reserve judgment until after the finale airs. It's safe to assume all pertinent mythology and character issues will be wrapped up in proper fashion, so if the series wants to include a few DVD tidbits, viewers won't be forced to purchase anything in order to feel satisfied by the conclusion. In order to get psyched for the finale, watch a brief clip from it NOW and also enjoy the following, rap-based, fan-made video in honor of Lost: Source & Clip

Lost Series Finale Photos: "The End"

Are you ready for "The End?" Lost concludes the most ambitious television show in history this Sunday, with a two-hour extravaganza titled, aptly, "The End." What can you expect from it? ABC has revealed very little. But you can watch a brief clip HERE and you can return to TV Fanatic soon after the episode is over for a detailed recap and review of it. You can also enjoy a few early looks at scenes from the series finale below, via this photo montage: Source & More Photos

'Lost': Harold Perrineau discusses Michael's redemption

Harold Perrineau's return to "Lost" in Season 6 was a brief one, but he made the most of his time. His character, Michael Dawson -- or at least a manifestation thereof -- appeared to Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in "Everybody Loves Hugo" to apologize for having shot Libby (Cynthia Watros) as part of his effort to leave the Island with his son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley). Perrineau says it was important for Michael to get that final note of redemption. To Read More Click Here .

'Lost' auditions: Michael Emerson as Hurley?!

With all the hype surrounding the "Lost" series finale on Sunday, May 23, we've rounded up the auditions of all your favorite Losties. Some of them are auditioning for the roles they eventually got, but some of them are definitely not auditioning for the roles we've come to love them as. We already knew that Matthew Fox originally auditioned for Sawyer, but did you also know Yunjin Kim read for the part of Kate, Dominic Monaghan read for Sawyer and Michael Emerson read for Hurley? To Read More Click Here .

Evangeline Lilly Finds Love On 'Lost' Set Again - Starpulse

Lost star Evangeline Lilly has found love on the set of the desert island drama once more - she has fallen for a production assistant on the hit TV show. Production on the final series wrapped earlier this year and the stars are preparing to leave Hawaii, where the show was filmed, for good. However, Lilly will have her own personal memento to take home with her - 28-year-old production worker Norman Kali. A source tells the National Enquirer, "Lost certainly has been very good for Evie's love life." To Read More Click Here .

'Lost': Josh Holloway on Jimmy Kimmel with clip from Sunday's finale!

Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night obsesh with Lost just doesn’t stop. Last night, the comedian had Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer, from ABC’s trippy, soon-to-end drama stop by, and the always charming actor - gasp! - wouldn’t even reveal the end of the series. What’s with that? The cutie-pie did, however, cover a wide range of topics with Kimmel, ranging from how Matthew Fox always knew more about what was going to happen with the show than he did, how he predicted that the island would move, and how the “cage stuff” from the earlier seasons were some of his favorite scenes. And! He talked about how he’s always mistaken for Kid Rock - and just goes with it. Hehe. Oh, and Jimmy pulls out a clip from the finale, too! Watch Holloway’s interview, which includes the finale footage, in two parts here: To Read More Click Here .

Lost: SideReel's Top 10 Questions for the Series Finale

Did you hear this show called Lost has its series finale Sunday? I know it hasn't been on my calendar since fall or anything. So, while asking a bunch of questions is the fun of Lost and maybe we don't want that all to get wrapped up, being a show so big on its mysteries, it will have to give some big answers in the series finale to be satisfactory to its insanely addicted and loyal fans. Here are my top 10 big questions that I really do need answers to in the finale, or else... Check 'em out and then let me know what you'd add or which is at the top of your list of stuff you've gotta know! 10. Are those who died on the island really dead? Okay, okay, they probably are dead and gone and it's all about the experience of the island for them, but as I'll reiterate a few times in these questions, if the main point of our Oceanic survivors is this candidate situation, I don't feel as if that makes it okay for all those characters to die. The point of the island early on seemed to be to help all these lost souls find their ways in the world and get their second chances, but while some like Charlie got the chance to turn their lives around to a fairly satisfying degree, others like Boone just plain died with nothing else to it. So, if this current island world is the one (if there has to be one?) world that carries on for our survivors, does that default to there being no chance for the dead? 9. What's the history of the island? No seriously. I know the Jacob and the Man in Black days were way back in the day, and Richard arrived quite some time ago as well, but do we want to talk about how that statue with the now infamous foot got there in the first place? They can call the bodies of Jacob's mother and the Man in Black "Adam and Eve" all they want, but unlike Adam and Eve, they weren't the beginning of everything (or so was my impression from ' Across the Sea '), so I want to see the real beginning! Too much to ask for in one (though giant) episode? 8. What does it mean in the entire scheme of things if Charles Widmore is dead? While I find many characters much more interesting and important than Charles Widmore, there's no denying he's an enormously important piece to the entire Lost puzzle. So now that Ben has shot and killed him in current island world, shouldn't that have a huge impact on well, everything? And if so, what will it mean? 7. Does it have to be that either the alternauniverse or the island universe is real/sticks? This question may not even end up mattering, but with its big focus for the finale season, I have to know - was the alternauniverse for all our characters just a peek at what could've/would've been or is there any reality to it? Are they messing with our heads and all of that's really happened, but after their days on the island? If that's true and for some reason their memories of the island were erased, well, then comes my next question... 6. What is the point of Desmond getting everyone in alternauniverse to remember the island? It seemed in ' What They Died For ' that after all the "we have to go back" Oceanic 6 business, that's what Desmond's doing allll over again. Or actually for the first time? Wherever that all falls into the timeline and possible reality vs. what never happened, it still seems Desmond is on a mission to get everyone to remember the island days which somehow really happened to these people... but is it all to change their fates and lives just enough so they can get on track like Desmond getting together with Penny? Does he want everyone to go back to the island... or go in the first place... or does he just need everyone to remember so they can live regular lives, but with the improvements including love they found when on the island or before? 5. Was the only point of all of the Oceanic survivors going to the island to see who was the best candidate? If that's the only point, I find it disappointing. Sure, protecting the island is clearly a big deal which we better find out more about, but I feel as if it's really tragic and pointless for the entire destruction of all the survivors' lives, and so many of their deaths, just to be for Jack to take over, then the rest of them to go separate ways. Sure, none of them were happy before, but killing most of them is not exactly helping them figure out their lives. 4. What has been the point of those like Richard and Danielle getting stuck on the island? If all the Oceanic survivors were meant for candidate selection only, what does that mean for the other people who've spent so much of their lives on the island? It seems we know why Richard never ages, but why didn't he just take over for Jacob? Is there a reason for anyone to be on the island besides getting caught in the drama of the battle between Jacob and the Man in Black? 3. Are/were Desmond, Locke, and Walt special beyond being possible candidates? It seems that Desmond has only been special for the sake of being a default protector of the island... I feel like that's not enough for how interesting he is. And hey, remember how Locke and Walt were kinda magical and seemed to have very special destinies on the island? I would really like it if all those special people would come about as having more intriguing reveals than it all getting wrapped up in a simple candidates bow. 2. Now that Jack has "sacrificed" himself to be the next Jacob, is he the only one who needs to/will stay behind? If reality for the survivors is the current island storyline, now that Jack has taken on the position of protecting the island, are all the rest of them done with their purposes there? Will Jack now never age and be all alone til who knows when like Jacob? If that's the way it goes, shouldn't it be time for the rest of them to leave the island and be released from its hold on them? Is there still a love triangle to be resolved between Jack-Kate-Sawyer, or has that become a non-issue with all the other major things going on? If it does still matter, does that mean Kate could choose to stay forever on the island with Jack or leave with Sawyer? 1. Why is it so important that the island/the cave's yellow light be protected? Yeah, yeah, good vs. evil, important shiny light on a weird island of spirits, mysteries and all that... but really. Why is it so important? It seems if that light in the cave is not protected, the island will be destroyed, but what does that mean for the rest of the world? Is this island what holds the entire world in balance? Does it protect the world, balance it out... anything at all? I feel as if anything like that is true, this finale may include quite the groaner conclusion ( Battlestar Galactica finale, anyone?) but doesn't it have to be something like that after all this rigamarole? Did I cover all the big questions or do you have more that you're hoping to get answers for in the finale?