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Lost' series finale eligible for Emmy consideration

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors on Wednesday made a rule exception that will have a direct impact on the May 23 finale of Lost . Past rules have indicated that extended length episodes can only run for two hours but Lost's finale is scheduled for two and a half hours. The board will now grant eligibility to the drama's series finale episode. Similar exceptions have been made in the past for the series finales of The Wire and The Sopranos. “We have a soft spot in our hearts for the final episodes of long-running series,” says John Leverence, the TV Academy's senior vice president of awards. The Lost finale can be submitted for consideration under any number of scenarios. A Lost star may use it to compete in one of the acting categories, while ABC Studios may use it to go after the best drama prize. Source Here

Watch a Clip from the 'Lost' Series Finale

This Sunday at 9pm, it all comes to an end with "The End," the two-and-a-half series finale of Lost. Jack is the new Jacob, Desmond is the fail-safe, Flocke wants to destroy the Island and everyone in the altverse is getting ready for the concert event of a lifetime. All the pieces are ready to fall into place. Below you can watch a video clip from the series finale of Lost. In it, Sawyer has a conversation with "the new Jacob," Jack. Can Jack be trusted, or does he now know more than he's telling? Source & Clip

Nestor Carbonell and Henry Ian Cusick Interview LOST

After six roller coaster seasons, the hit television series Lost is coming to an end on May 23rd. Whether all the questions get answered or not, one thing is for certain - the phenomenon will be a part of television history that is always remembered. Actors Nestor Carbonell and Henry Ian Cusick, two of the show's stars, recently did press to talk about the very highly anticipated finale. Even though no spoilers could be given, they did reflect on what it's like, now that Lost is coming to an end. Check out what they had to say after the jump: To Read More Click Here .

Original LOST Auditions; Watch Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, and Dominic Monaghan Audition for Sawyer

It's no surprise that if there was a character you wanted to play when Lost first started, it would be Sawyer (or Locke). Thirteen audition tapes from the original cast (minus Terry O'Quinn) have landed online and it's fascinating to see Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, and Dominic Monaghan all try out for the character. Of course, when you see Josh Holloway's audition, it's hard to imagine that he didn't get the role in the room. One of the most impressive aspects of Lost is that it's been able to maintain the strength of its best characters (or at least my personal favorites). Sawyer, Locke, Ben, and Hurley have been fantastic throughout the run of the series. But watching these tapes, the biggest challenge is in seeing the actors play. To Read More Click Here .

Preview of 'Lost' Series Finale: The End Season 6, Episode 18

The end of "Lost" is numbered by days and a preview from the series finale has been released. "The end is a statement that can be both thrilling and bittersweet," the narrator says, adding that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Locke will be there for the finale farewell. In order to tie all loose ends, creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have made a deal with ABC to extend it to two and a half hours instead of the original two hours. The finale is thus a five-and-a-half-hour event on May 23, beginning at 7 P.M. with "Lost: The Final Journey" and ending at 1 A.M. with "Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Aloha to Lost". The cast of "Lost" made a special farewell video to mark the end of the series. The footage was played during ABC's upfront presentation at NYC's Lincoln Center on Tuesday, May 18. E! reported Matthew Fox said, "I couldn't have imagined it ending in such a beautiful way," while Evangeline Lilly said, "I came here as one person. I leave as another. I will be eternally grateful." One useful hint to figure out how the finale will go comes from Lilly who said, the series will end with the "six people who took you on this journey." Source & Preview

Lost': Matthew Fox talks to Jimmy Fallon about the 'beautiful ending'

The Jack Shephard Farewell Tour continued last night on Late Night, one evening after revealing to David Letterman that the Lost series finale would not pull a Newhart it-was-all-a-dream stunt. It began rather awkwardly, with Fallon congratulating Fox on his Saturday Night Live episode - from four years ago - and then asking the actor about his childhood growing up on a Wyoming ranch. It felt like an uncomfortable first date, with Fallon paying rapt attention as Fox talked about his Economics degree from Columbia. To Read More Click Here .

LOST Series Finale Sneak Peek Clip

Extended sneak peek clip from the SERIES finale of Lost. Click me!

Preview of 'Lost' Series Finale: The End

As usual the footage offers no clue about the May 23 episode but Evangeline Lilly does say the show will conclude with six people who take viewers on the journey in the first place. Read more.

The Lost Reading List: 13 Books That Helped Mold the Series

Wondering how to fuel your imagination once Lost ends? Luckily, the show leaves behind a long and wonderful reading list. Lost's writers (and avid readers) have used books to build and subvert expectations, introduce the island's mysteries, and define characters. Sawyer's love of reading was our first tip-off that he had the intellect for long cons. The show feels designed with readers in mind: The more you read, the better your odds of catching its many winks and allusions. Here are just 13 books that have been crucial to Lost: To Read More Click Here .

Lost's Damon Lindelof: Jacob and the Man in Black Are Not "The Epitome of What Lost Is"

Given all the time Lost has spent lately on Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) and the Man in Black (Terry O'Quinn), you might think they're the key to the show or something. They're not. "It would be mis-categorizing to think this is the epitome of what Lost is," executive producer Damon Lindelof tells "Obviously the island was there before these babies were born, and lots of things were going on before they came there. What those stories are isn't relevant to the story we told, which is the crash of Oceanic 815 and what the ultimate fates of the survivors are." To Read More Click Here .