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Lost: Kevin Johnson, Meet Island Voodoo

This week brought us the final pre-strike episode of Lost , Meet Kevin Johnson, and oh did we ever meet Kevin Johnson! Well, the point is not really that we met Kevin Johnson, but that Michael Dawson met Kevin Johnson. And as he got to know him, he liked him less and less... but as we discovered with Michael's little story-time with Sayid and Desmond on the boat, Michael wasn't such a fan of that Michael Dawson guy either. Now I'm totally confused, which is of course always the point of Lost - clear some stuff up, create more drama and even more confusion. So Meet Kevin Johnson probably marks the episode with the least time on the island ever. Our only scenes focusing on Ben, the tension in Locke's camp, and Ben sending Alex, Karl, and Danielle off to find some temple for him... which didn't end well, by the way, as both Karl and Danielle seem to be pretty dead, and Alex gave herself up to whoever it was in those weeds trying to take them out - who we can probably assume are people from the boat. But as for the focus of the episode, we got a flashback for Michael, but this was a very interesting flashback as it's the only one we've ever gotten that was actually a flashback to time after one of our survivors got off the island. And it turns out, the island is all seeing, all knowing, and will get what it wants with its magical, creepy tentacles stretching all the way into Michael's life in New York. We find Michael starting his car and racing to crash into a wall after pinning a note to Walt to his shirt. This doesn't work out as a suicide attempt, as would make sense because Michael didn't do the hottest job of picking his suicide mode. But that seems to have been the point to make that seem like that was the reason he didn't die. But not so! Instead someone shows up in a dark alley while Michael has a gun to his throat to tell Michael that he didn't die because the island needs him and will not allow it. Yeah... really. Michael decided to check this out anyway with the gun which "jammed," making it clear the island was not ready to let him go. So will it ever? Are these people bound to the island for the sake of saving each other, or are they just plain cursed forever? The island has seemed a place where people with some major problems can deal with them and move on, and most of them want to get off the island despite the fact that they have nothing to go back to. Now we've seen the island actually be the cause of some of these large problems like turning Michael into a murderer for the sake of getting Walt off the island, which for some stupid reason he told Walt about, and now all their bonding on the island is lost to Walt not wanting anything to do with his father. It doesn't seem this will matter, though, what the story is with all this unless Michael does his duty of becoming Kevin Johnson, an identity assigned to him by his alley-buddy, Tom (who has yet to be killed by Sawyer and friends). Tom instructs Michael (after Tom sent his male lover out of the hotel - interesting...) that Michael needs to go to Fiji and join the boat as a deckhand. Then "Kevin Johnson" has to kill everyone on the boat so they don't get to Michael's friends on the island... because it's the only way to save his friends' lives. Dun, dun dunnnn! Full review on Get Reel: Lost: Kevin Johnson, Meet Island Voodoo