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Louis C.K. Is Taking an Extended Hiatus From Louie

  It could be a long time before we see new episodes of Louie . Series star/creator Louis C.K. is taking an extended hiatus from his FX series, network chief John Landgraf announced Friday at the TV Critics Association press tour. How long will he step away from the show? The truth is, I really dont know, Landgraf said. Its going to be his choice. He could take a six-month hiatus and come back with some new episodes. He could take a two-year hiatus. Landgraf said FXs relationship with C.K. is analagous to HBOs with Larry David in that C.K. pretty much has carte blanche to start and stop production on his show when he likes. This is not the first time C.K. has taken a break from the show: Nearly two years passed between 2012s season three and the 2014 bow of season four. FX is also still very much in business with the comic on other projects. The network today green-lit Better Things , a new show produced by C.K. alongside his frequent collaborator, Pamela Adlon, and Landgraf said another idea from C.K. is in active development.  Read More...   //

Emmys: Does the New Voting Process Mean 'Louie' Will Finally Beat 'Modern Family'?

Fatigue over repeat winners spurred the TV Academy to revamp its balloting and voting. But will the overhaul actually signal a goodbye to perennials like 'The Amazing Race' and hello to new blood?   Read More... //

How Louie got a shorter season because Louis C.K. got high

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall presents highlights from the "Louie" Emmy for your consideration panel with stars and producers Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon.   Read More... //

How Louis C.K. Became a King of Comedy

  Over the last few years, Louis C.K. has become comedy royalty, due in large part to his much-adored FX series Louie , which closes out its fifth season tonight. C.K., 47, has won two Golden Globes and multiple Emmys; become the first comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden four times in the same month; enjoyed unprecedented creative freedom; and changed the game in terms of how comics promote their work, cutting out the middlemen and distributing many of his specials and independently funded projects on his website for as little as $5. But, as is the case with most in the comedy biz, C.K.'s ascent was the result of many a DIY risk and gamble. He's been on the scene for nearly three decades,in places you might not have suspected. Below, we document the gradual rise of Louis C.K.   Read More... //

Louis C.K. Reveals the Filthiest Joke He Ever Got On Air (It Was Pretty Bad)

  Back in the 90s, Louis C.K. was a writer for Late Night With Conan O'Brien , and like any young comedy writer would, he spent his time trying to sneak stuff past NBC's standards and practices. Last night, C.K. returned to Late Night to reveal the story of his greatest triumph: the time he and Dino "Starburns" Stamatopoulos once got a "pearl necklace" joke on the air. Their secret? Nobody else knew what it meant. Then the segment got awkward, because it was apparent much of the audience also didn't know what it meant, forcing Louis and Seth to dance around the subject and generally regret bringing the whole thing up. Were these people never eighth-graders?   Read More...   //

Louis C.K. discusses poop, fake penises and a failed 'SNL' audition on 'Late Night'

Louis C.K. has to be one of the frankest, most interesting talk show guests working in show business right now. On Monday's (May 11) "Late Night with Seth Meyers," the "Louie" writer/producer/star runs the gamut from talking about the episode where his character pooped his pants on a New York City street, to Louie's nightmare episode, to his audition for "Saturday Night Live" 20 years ago.On the pooping episode, in which his character can't find a public bathroom to use and therefore just has to let go -- in front of his daughters: "When I came up with that, I was like that's worth doing because that's profound. ... Your whole system gives up on you and then when you decide, I'm deciding it's OK to poop in my pants on the street and you cross over that threshold," says C.K. "As it happens, you're just like, 'God is good.' Everything's better, everything's better."RELATED:... //

Louis C.K. Will Write, Direct, Star in I'm a Cop

  Louis C.K. will return to the realm of filmmaking with I'm a Cop , THR reports . C.K. will write, direct, and star in the Scott Rudin-produced indie film he loves wearing a lot of hats, this guy. I'm a Cop will tell the story of a middle-aged, volunteer police officer who becomes a legit police officer after his legendary mother (also a cop, classic) dies. This protagonist will reportedly be pretty depressed and have some parental baggage does it kind of sound like this guy , permanently in character, gets his own movie? Anyway, C.K.'s most recent endeavors in the feature-film world have mainly involved Chris Rock movies, most notably 2001's Pootie Tang , which notoriously didn't go very well for C.K. It's been a while, though, so here's hoping Cop will be as weird as Pootie , but with the same creative freedom and strength as Louie . .  Read More...   //

Louie Season 5 Preview: Less Art, More Fart, Same Amount of Funny

The schlub is back! But it seems he's left his film degree behind in favor of more comical adventures.   Read More... //

Louie Season 4 Streaming On FX Now Ahead Of Series April 9 Return

FX stressed that this is no April Fools gag. The network has madethe entire fourth season of its Louis C.K. series Louie available for streaming via the FX Now app starting today through the premiere of Season 5 on April 9. Last season featured the episode So Did The Fat Lady, for which Louis C.K. earned a WGA Award and his second writing Emmy.   Read More... //

'Louie' is back for Season 5 and so is his theme song

Get ready for Season 5 of "Louie."FX has released new clips from the upcoming season to get you ready for when the critically acclaimed series returns in April.There's no footage from the upcoming season, but the clips do make use of the theme song and give you the taste of "Louie" that's been missing since Season 4 ended in June 2014.RELATED: Louis C.K.: Reactions to 'Louie' rape scene are all validThe first clip pays homage to Louie's stomping grounds of New York. Citizens proclaim why New York is so great and reminds fans why it makes such a great backdrop for the comedy.The next clip brings back the "Louie" theme song as scenes of the city are portrayed in the show's patented black and white filter. In the third and final clip, random people on the street try to recreate the theme song with their voices. It's not the prettiest rendition but it does... //