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Gaby Hoffmann is all grown up on 'Louie'

The season premiere of "Louie" on Thursday night (June 28) featured a couple of long and painfully funny scenes between the title character (Louis C.K.) and a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend named April, played by Gaby Hoffmann.Yes, the little girl from "Field of Dreams," "Uncle Buck" and "Sleepless in Seattle." That Gaby Hoffmann.Hoffmann, who's now 30(!), calls Louie out on his unwillingness to say he wants to break up, and in their second scene together she delivers a killer speech about why Louie's being such a wuss. She comes over to his apartment to pick up a laptop she left behind, and seeing Louie's injuries from a motorcycle accident, takes care of him for a bit. That prompts a half-hearted "Stay ..." from Louie, to which she replies:"Do you realize you might be wasting four years of both of our lives because you can't just say 'Bye, see ya' right now, because in this second, that feels... //

'Louie': Louis C.K. discusses keeping his show unpredictable, his TV ex-wife and more

"Louie" begins its third season on FX Thursday night (June 28), and it remains maybe the purest expression of a creator's vision on television. Because as much control as, say, "Mad Men's" Matthew Weiner or "The Newsroom's" Aaron Sorkin may have over their shows, they don't write, direct and star in every episode.Louis C.K. does that, and he used to edit his own show too. He's now turned those reins over (mostly) to Susan E. Morse, a long-time Woody Allen collaborator, but he still puts his stamp on virtually every aspect of the show, in part, he says, because he doesn't want to become complacent."One way I do that is to make it harder. I mean, this season was a lot harder than last season," C.K. says. "It's just that the production was more difficult, and I did ... more things that I wasn't sure I would be able to pull off. So I always... //

'Louie': Louis C.K. teases Jerry Seinfeld's 'very different' guest role

Louis C.K. confirmed Wednesday (June 27) that Jerry Seinfeld will make a guest appearance on "Louie" this summer -- and it will be part of a big potential change in the fictional Louie's life.Seinfeld will appear toward the end of the season, which debuts at 10:30 p.m. ET Thursday on FX. He'll be part of a three-part story that begins in episode 10, C.K. says, and is "what we put the most effort into" in making Season 3."I don't want to say anything about any of it, because it's got a lot of guest stars and a lot happens. It's big turn for the character and for -- it's a cool, fun story, I just don't want to talk about it," C.K. says, laughing. "Jerry did a part in that, and what he did was very different from what you're used to seeing him do. Jerry did a really great performance -- I was really... //

'Louie': Jerry Seinfeld reportedly guest-starring in Season 3

Louis C.K. has enlisted one of his comedy peers for a guest role on Season 3 of "Louie." Perhaps you've heard of him -- Jerry Seinfeld?Seinfeld will appear in an episode of the FX series, which begins its new season later this month. That's according to, which in turn heard the news from Chris Rock, who's tight with both Seinfeld and C.K. (and has appeared on "Louie" himself).The site was interviewing Rock about his "Madagascar 3" role when he paused to take a call. Seinfeld was on the other end and called to tell Rock about his work on "Louie."FX declined comment. C.K. has pretty much full creative control over his show, so the network doesn't always know who's appearing until it sees the episodes he delivers."Louie" premieres at 10:30 p.m. June 28 on FX.... //

'Louie' Wraps Season on a Positive Note, If Delusional Is Positive (VIDEO)

'Louie' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FX) wrapped its second season with one of the most brilliantly unique scenes I've ever seen on any kind of television show. Honestly, the only way to describe that moment is that it's so ... 'Louie.' !!SPOILER ALERT!! The show sticks with it's two vignette format for this episode, but the two halves work well together, pushing the character of Louis C.K. reluctantly forward toward a genuine adulthood. The first half was incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, as Louis succumbed to his weakness and yearnings by agreeing to get in the car with a strange woman. //

'Louie' Makes the Leap to Greatness in Its Essential Second Season

It's not often that a show gets me to think differently about the possibilities of television. But that's just one of the side bonuses of the brilliant season of 'Louie' (10:30PM ET Thursday, FX) that concludes this week. Generally speaking, I'm predisposed to like mythology, the meatier the better. But 'Louie' doesn't feature characters traveling along a particular timeline and doesn't develop interlocking stories over the course of a season. This increasingly assured comedy takes a few ideas and examines them from a variety of angles with a thoughtful blend of rigor, humor and innocence. Read More... //

Louis Can't Talk to His 13-Year Old Niece, But Godfrey Can, on 'Louie' (VIDEO)

So far, we've seen Louis C.K. interacting with his own daughters on 'Louie' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FX), but they're young enough that he's still kind of the hero in their life story. It's an easy role to play, and it certainly makes talking with them easier. This week, he got a sneak peek at the challenges in keeping those lines of communication open as they get older when he tried to talk with his 13-year old niece, Amy. He simply could not get through to her, and it's because he was focusing on talking to the kid in front of him. //

Louis C.K. is A-OK

I haven't counted myself among the cadre of TV critics who worship  Louis C.K .'s FX comedy — I find it wildly uneven and often not all that funny (call me crazy, but I like sitcoms that make me laugh out loud). But this week's hourlong installment, inspired by an idea from the stand-up's own six-year-old daughter, was simply remarkable. Read More... //

Louis C.K.'s Life Saved by a Duckling in Afghanistan on 'Louie' (VIDEO)

Tonight was a very different episode of 'Louie' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FX). He traded the urban background of New York for the rolling hills of Afghanistan, and yet it remained familiar and delightfully unexpected. The premise is simple, sending Louis C.K. on a USO tour to Afghanistan to entertain some troops stationed in various encampments. He comes with a country singer and some cheerleaders, because these are hard-working men and men love cheerleaders. But it's the stowaway in Louis' bag that makes it so they can have a nice time in Afghanistan. When their chopper has to land amongst hostiles, things aren't looking so good. That is, until a baby duck emerges from Louis' bag. His daughter had slipped it in there to keep him safe. //

Somebody Stands Up to Halloween Bullies on 'Louie,' But It's Not Louis (VIDEO)

There are two phases to Halloween. There's the pre-nightfall phase when children are out in their cute costumes trick-or-treating for candy. And then there's the post-nightfall phase, when the dressed up people are getting older and wilder and even a little scary. It was this crowd Louis C.K. found himself and his daughters in on 'Louie' (Thu., 11PM ET on FX). After the girls begged to stay out later, Louis caved and kept them out past dark. But things took a turn, the costumes got a little scarier, and then they found two guys who thought it might be fun to scare a father and his two little girls. Louis sheepisly tried to talk them out of doing anything stupid, but it was his youngest daughter, dressed like a fairy princess, who decided she'd finally had enough. //