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Louie: Season 5 Review

Louie's fifth season may have been short, but it brought us hilarious bits about nightmares, farts, and phone sex.   Read More... //

Season finale review: 'Louie' - 'The Road, Part 2': I am the Ass Man

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "The Road, Part 2," the season finale of FX's "Louie," where Louie clashes with a comic over different philosophies, and has a nice memory on the trip.   Read More... //

Louie: Season 5 Finale Review

Louie's fifth season concludes on the road, where Louie is forced to share a condo with a hack comedian.  Read More... //

'Louie' Season 5 finale death sends the show to a dark place

Fans tuning into the "Louie" Season 5 finale Thursday (May 28) were in store for a surprise as the show's fifth season ending was much darker and more depressing than it was funny. Louie (Louis C.K.) is on the road again when the season ends, this time in Oklahoma. He meets his comedy opener Kenny (Jim Florentine), who is all about drinking before noon and scandalous women. Kenny's act is also nothing to write home about, consisting mainly of immature fart and sex jokes. Of course, since Louie is bunking with Kenny, he can only keep his mouth shut for so long and confronts Kenny about how much disdain he has for going on stage after Kenny's act.RELATED:Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' monologue on child molesters, racism divides the Twitter-verseAfter a brief emotional breakdown -- tears and all -- by Louie, the two find common ground in admitting to laughing at every fart joke they have... //

Louie Season 5 Finale Recap: Another One Bites the Dust

  By the time The Road Part 2 begins, its well established that Louis C.K. is a man under siege. In the fifth season of the series, weve seen Louie at war with his body, his mind, his children, his girlfriend, his job, strangers, acquaintances, and the Midwest at large. But if theres a skirmish thats been revisited more than any other this season, its the battle over what it is to be a man.   Read More... //

Review: 'Louie' - 'The Road, Part 1': Left luggage

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "The Road, Part 1," the "Louie" episode where Louie dreads another stretch of travel, but has an adventure in the end.   Read More... //

Louie: "The Road Part 1" Review

Louie packed his bag and hit the road this week, facing awkward situations at almost every turn.   Read More... //

Louie Recap: Whose Kid Is This?

  Louie is on the road, and hes not happy about it.   There's a series of commercials on the air right now, where the Courtyard Marriott insists that some people get to travel for work, and some people have to travel for work, as if staying in cramped hotel rooms far away from the most comfortable places you fart is some kind of dream come true if only you pick the right hotel. Louie might agree he starts this episode on the ground floor of a sleazy motel with a way too big window, fielding harassment from friends of old residents and complaining to his child manager Doug. He was explicit about not having to stay in places like this, yet here he is, in a room with a person-sized cum stain on the floor. When you travel for work, everything needs to run like clockwork for you to even feel halfway normal, which is why its so funny when it all goes sideways for Louie.   Read More... //

Louie: "Sleepover" Review

Pamela calls while Louie is hosting a sleepover birthday party for Jane.   Read More... //

Review: 'Louie' - 'Sleepover': One little goat...

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Sleepover," the "Louie" episode where Louie takes in a play, talks with Pamela, and bails Bobby out of jail.   Read More... //