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'Louie' Moment: Louie's Doctor Kicks Him While He's Down (VIDEO)

Last night, FX closed out the first season of 'Louie' (Tuesdays at 11PM ET on FX) with two new episodes, both of which were of the same vignette-oriented, largely plotless tone as the rest of the season. But both were among the funniest episodes of the season, in both Louis C.K.'s caustic stand-up scenes and the scenes that involve the general mundane hell that is Louie's life. The first episode of the night involved a weird newswoman-oriented dream and his fumbling attempts to hit on his buddy Pamela (Pamela Aldon), but the kicker was yet another interaction between Louie and his friend / doctor Ben, played by Ricky Gervais. We've already established that Dr. Ben is probably the worst doctor in the world, and is more interested in joking with Louie about his poor conditioning than actually making him healthy. But this episode takes things a step farther, with Ben doing his shtick while Louie is lying prone in a hospital bed. And, despite what we learned from Robin Williams in 'Patch Adams,' laughter isn't always the best medicine. To Read More Click Here .