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HBO Pushes Judge to Reject Amended 'Luck' Lawsuit

A former American Humane Association employee says the organization looked the other way or covered up animal abuse on productions including "Life of Pi" and "The Hobbit."            //

New HBO 'Luck' Court Filing Claims Rampant Hollywood Animal Abuse

An amended lawsuit comes with graphic pictures and allegations against "Life of Pi," "The Hobbit" and Steven Spielberg.        //

'Luck' Really Soured HBO on Working With Animals

A year after the highly-publicized deaths of several horses and the short-lived drama's cancellation, Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler say other critter series are unlikely.      //

'Luck' Horse Death Lawsuit Against HBO Likely Dismissed

Barbara Casey sued the network for allegedly pressuring the American Humane Association to look the other way on mistreatment of the animals, which she says led to her termination.      //

HBO Fights Back in 'Luck' Humane Society Lawsuit

The network tells a judge it can't be "bootstrapped" into a claim that Barbara Casey was fired by the animal protection agency for trying to blow the whistle on horse abuses.      //

HBO Sued Over Alleged Horse Deaths Cover-Up on 'Luck'

Former American Humane Association employee blows the whistle on an alleged attempt by show producers to pressure animal monitoring organization to look the other way. //

'Luck' Series Finale: Ace And Gus Outsmart A Contract Killer

Ever since HBO cancelled " Luck " (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on HBO) fans have been wondering if any of the main characters would be killed off. In Sunday night's series finale a hit was put out on Ace Bernstein ( Dustin Hoffman ) and it seemed like the contract killer would manage to get to him in a restaurant bathroom. However, Ace and Gus Demitriou (D ennis Farina ) had already figured out what was going on, and they had a plan. As the killer checked the bathroom stalls for his target, Gus sneaked in behind him and broke his neck. He then placed the dead assassin on the toilet, picked up the gun and walked away. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. //

'Luck's' Tom Payne sets the jockey record straight

Question: You play Cajun Thoroughbred jockey Leon Micheaux in a show about racing called "Luck," but have you learned how to place a bet?Tom Payne: David (Milch, creator of the series) places, like, 20 separate bets, and all the time he's looking at the board and seeing the odds change. Still, we did it for nine months, and I had enough trouble getting my head around what my character has to do, let alone getting my head around that. However much you try to work it out, you'll never get it completely right, or everyone would be millionaires.Question: You're 5-foot-7. Isn't that tall for a jockey?Tom Payne: It has nothing to do with height; it's all about the weight. The more height, the harder it is. ... He's very talented in what he does, but his body is betraying him as he gets older, and he's aware of that.Question: As a Brit, what did you... //

‘Luck’ (HBO) Episode 9 (Series Finale)

HBO’s ‘ Luck ’ Episode 9  airs Sunday, March 25 (9:00-10:00 pm ET/PT) on HBO. This will  be the series finale as  HBO has ceased production of the series . Episode Synopsis : Gus takes extraordinary precautions to protect his  boss . As Jerry (Jason Gedrick) maps out a strategy for another big score, Escalante preps his race-day horses while keeping an anxious ear out for news about Jo, who’s still in the hospital. Renzo welcomes his mother to town. Mon Gateau runs his biggest race yet. Read More... //  

‘Luck’ (HBO) Episode 8

HBO’s ‘ Luck ’ Episode 8 airs Sunday, March 18 (9:00-10:00 pm ET/PT) on HBO. Episode Synopsis: Ace ices out Smythe, DiRossi and Cohen as partners  in the racetrack deal, but Smythe has other ideas. Weathering the ownership claim, Walter enters Gettin’Up Morning in the $1 million Western Derby – head-to-head against Ace and Gus’ (Dennis Farina) Pint of Plain. Read More... //