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'Mad Men' Moment: Don Goes On a Bender (VIDEO)

One of the more intriguing storylines during this fourth season of 'Mad Men' (Sundays at 10PM ET on AMC) involves how poorly Don Draper is handling his new station in life as a divorcee, single dad, and partner in a fast-growing advertising firm. You can see all the pressures of his life getting to him in different ways. But where it's coming out the most is in his drinking. At some point during the show's first three seasons you had to know that Don's at-work and social drinking would go from being a quaint artifact of another era to a real problem. You saw evidence of the hard-driving ad world taking its toll on Duck Phillips, who we see has fallen off the wagon again, Fred Rumsen, and even Roger Sterling. Joan knows what boozing it up has done to Roger, because she asks him during the Clios afterparty whether he's "crossed over from lubricated to morose." To Read More Click Here .