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Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner on Season 7, Saying Goodbye, and His Dream Guest Star — Exclusive

With the end of Mad Men in sight, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with creator Matthew Weiner at the Creative Arts Emmys in Los Angeles on Sept. 15 to hear his thoughts on bringing the critically-acclaimed series to a close. Wetpaint Entertainment: What we can we expect for the seventh and final season of Mad Men? Matthew Weiner: I can’t tell you anything yet! We just opened the writer’s room; it is the last season of the show. I like to tell a new story every year. There will be a new... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/haZaPYu-9oY/2013-09-18-creator-matthew-weiner-season-7

Keck's Exclusives: Mad Men's Women Reveal Their Favorite Don Draper Moments

With daughter Sally at boarding school, wife Megan seemingly headed to Los Angeles and Sterling Cooper & Partners mandating he take a leave of absence, Mad Men 's Don Draper ( Jon Hamm ) is parting ways with some of the ladies in his complicated life. The actresses of the AMC drama, who were honored last month with Women in Film's Lucy Award for Excellence in Television, share their all-time top scenes with Don.  //www.tvguide.com/News/Mad-Men-Women-1067315.aspx?rss=breakingnews

William Bradley: Mad Men's Down Season 6 Ends Up in Triumph

Barroom preacher: What if I told you that Jesus could offer you not only eternal life but freedom from pain in this life? Preacher: He doesn't work that way. Don: Because he's mysterious. He offer the same deal to Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Vietnam, for chrissake? Studies show Jesus had a bad year. Preacher: Well, I'm afraid there's not one true believer in that list. Don: What the hell did you just say? Read More... //www.huffingtonpost.com/william-bradley/mad-mens-down-season-6-en_b_3503182.html?utm_hp_ref=tv

'Mad Men' Season 7: Vincent Kartheiser 'putting my imagination to rest' on Pete Campbell's future

"Not great, Bob!"That surly reply by 1960s ad man Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) to ever-chipper colleague Bob Benson's (James Wolk) elevator inquiry "How are you?" has taken on a viral life of its own since Sunday's (June 23) Season 6 finale of AMC's "Mad Men," the drama's top-rated year-ender thus far.That one line's immediate popularity stuns Kartheiser, as has much of what's happened in his career since the acclaimed series began."This whole season was wonderful," he tells Zap2it, "full of so many complex changes and emotional shifts for the character. I was happy that we gave it that kind of buttoning at the end of the season. We kind of wrapped up some of the issues and left some of them very open, so that we get to discover next season what happens."Pete's apparent move to California -- where he may get to be "free of everything," if estranged wife Trudy's (Alison Brie) prophecy holds... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/06/mad-men-season-7-vincent-kartheiser-putting-my-imagination-to-rest-on-pete-campbells-future.html

Mad Men Finale: Chevy Camaro Upstages Vega

While advertising executives in AMC's "Mad Men" obsessed over pitching the Vega compact car, the slicker, faster Camaro stole the scene. Read More... //blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/06/24/mad-men-finale-chevy-camaro-upstages-vega/?mod=WSJBlog

'Mad Men' Season Finale Is Highest Rated Yet

The Season 6 finale of AMC's "Mad Men" might not have been too kind to Don Draper, but it did just fine by AMC. Sunday night's finale was the highest-rated season finale for the series, posting a 2.1 household rating, slightly above last year's finale rating of 2.0 -- which at the time was a series record for "Mad Men" season finales. Read More... //www.thewrap.com/movies/tv/column-post/ratings-mad-men-season-6-finale-hits-series-record-99421

'Mad Men' Season 6 finale in 10 iconic images and quotes

We're not going to get over the flat-out awesomeness that was the "Mad Men" Season 6 finale anytime soon.You can read a full rundown of our thoughts on the big events here. But to help feed our ongoing addiction, we've pulled 10 images that illustrate how unforgettable this hour of television was and paired them with some of the most quotable lines."Not great, Bob!""Peggy, I'm going to leave my wife." "Don't say that, I'm not that girl.""F--- the agency! I quit my job!""Don, we need to have a serious conversation. Where would you like to do it?""Going down?""Hi Bob.""Hello, little man. You ready for some turkey?""It's where everything is.""This is where I grew up."[There are no words.]Kudos to Matthew Weiner, who directed the episode and also co-wrote it with Carly Wray. We can't wait for Season 7.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/06/mad-men-season-6-finale-in-10-iconic-images-and-quotes.html

'Mad Men' Season 7: 8 burning questions and Matthew Weiner's answers

The "Mad Men" Season 6 finale provided a strong sense of closure for certain season-long (and even some series-long arcs) but it also introduced plenty of questions for Matthew Weiner and company to tackle next year -- in what's expected to be the show's final season.Weiner addressed many of the questions -- in his characteristically vague but fascinating fashion -- in a series of finale postmortem interviews. Here are some of the highlights:1) Are Megan and Don breaking up?After Don backed out of his promise to move to California, Megan finally reached her limit and walked out the door, leaving him alone on Thanksgiving. "Well, I mean, it certainly looks bad, and she does say, 'I can't take this right now,'" Weiner tells Vulture. "So for me, it was literally just like the partners putting Don on leave. At a certain point, [everyone's] like, 'Really? Forget it.' And that's what her use of [the F-word]... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/06/mad-men-season-7-8-burning-questions-and-matthew-weiners-answers.html

'Mad Men' Season 6 finale: Watch Don's big talk with the partners

There was no shortage of shocking developments on the sixth season finale of AMC's "Mad Men," and among the many surprises: Don is asked to take a leave from SC&P.Watch the standout scene above, one of many highlights in this exquisite Emmy-worthy episode that showcases the fine writing and acting on what remains TV's best drama. We've seen Don Draper hire and fire before, but we've never seen him in this position with his own colleagues. It's a measure of how low Don sunk this season that even Joan shows no remorse when Roger tells Don the partners have collectively decided he needs to take time off to "regroup."For more on the "Mad Men" finale, check out our full recap. And don't miss our Best and Worst Moments of "Mad Men" Season 6 gallery.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/06/mad-men-season-6-finale-watch-don-get-the-boot-from-the-scp-partners.html

Mad Men Season 6 Finale 2013 “In Care Of”

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 13 "In Care Of" airs on Sunday, June 23 at 10/9c on AMC. Episode Synopsis: Mad Men Season 6 Episode 13 "In Care Of"- Don has a problem. READ MORE...