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Starzs canceled 'Magic City' is becoming a movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray

Starzs canceled Magic City is becoming a movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray, TMZs Harvey Levin dresses as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for Halloween, Aidy Bryant: SNLs breakout star?  Read More... //

This Week In TV For August 5-11 2013

.twitv-show-image { float: left; } .twitv-show-image img { margin:0 !important; } .twitv-writeup { float: left; margin-left: 15px; width: 408px; font:14px/18px Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif; } .twitv { padding: 10px; height: 160px; } .chooseLeft { float: left; width: 120px; display: inline; color: #505050; } .weekList { float: right; display: inline; } .showlist { width:708px !important; } .showlist .showHeader { width: 669px !important; } Choose a day: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday's Picks The Bachelorette Whoa. WHOA! After last week’s exit by Brooks, and Desiree’s subsequent meltdown, we have no idea how tonight’s finale will play out. Will Desiree actually choose someone? Or just wander off into the distance, sobbing? We do know this: whatever does happen, it will take two-hours (and an after special !) to play out. Go to episode » 8:00PM on ABC Chelsea Lately Apparently Lindsay Lohan went straight from rehab to a guest hosting spot on a show in which the host and panelists are rarely sober. That’s just solid post-rehab planning on Ms. Lohan’s part. L’chaim! Go to episode » 11:00PM on E! Tuesday's Picks Sex, Lies, and Zumba Did you hear the story about the Zumba instructor in Maine who turned out to be a prostitute who "worked" out of her studio, and recorded some of her "sessions"? No? Well then this TLC documentary special is for you! Go to episode » 10:00PM on TLC Drunk History Are you watching this yet? Because it’s probably the funniest show of the summer. In tonight’s lesson, San Francisco is the setting, and Kristen Wiig reenacts the Patty Hearst kidnapping, which, for you younger kids, was kind of a big deal in the dark ages of the 1970s. Go to episode » 10:00PM on Comedy Central Wednesday's Picks Law & Order: UK Let’s all get British tonight! The seventh season of the U.K. version of the American TV staple gets its stateside premiere on BBC America. Go to episode » 9:00PM on BBCA Broadchurch This new series featuring former Doctor Who star David Tennant is centered on a crime in the seaside town of Broadchurch. The show has already been targeted by the Fox network for a U.S. remake in 2014. See? Re-doing TV shows works both ways! Go to episode » 10:00PM on BBCA Thursday's Picks Sharkpocalypse While we’re pretty sure Sharkpocalypse has nothing to do with Sharknado , it still has us wondering what would happen If you combined sharks with other natural disasters. Sharkquake, anyone? Go to episode » 9:00PM on Discovery Friday's Picks What Not to Wear It’s the beginning of the end for this long-running fashion dos and don’ts series, which we guess means everyone now knows what not to wear, and their services are no longer needed. Go to episode » 9:00PM on TLC Magic City We were watching this purely because we were missing Mad Men and that show’s mid-century fashions and cars, and now this series has been canceled and is coming to an end. What now? WHAT NOW? Go to episode » 9:00PM on STARZ Saturday's Picks The White Queen This historical drama is set during the War of the Roses in 15th-century England, as the Houses of York and Lancaster battle for the royal throne, with a focus on the women who, inevitably, control the men. Go to episode » 10:00PM on STARZ Clear History Oh, OK. THIS can help our Mad Men withdrawal! Jon Hamm costars in this made-for-HBO movie, written by and starring Larry David as a business man who loses out on miliions, and sets out for revenge. Go to episode » 9:00PM on HBO Sunday's Picks Breaking Bad Oh man. We’ve been waiting for this for so long, and now we’re almost sad that it’s finally here since it means in eight weeks it will be gone forever! But we won’t dwell on that. Instead, we’ll relish every minute as we pray for both Walt’s comeuppance AND redemption. Go to episode » 9:00PM on AMC Low Winter Sun Perhaps this new series will help fill the void when BB leaves us. Based on a British series of the same name , and starring the same lead actor (Mark Strong), playing an American version of the same role, it’s centered on corrupt cops and the criminal underworld of Detroit. Go to episode » 10:00pm on AMC Talking Bad Yes, it’s a little silly to air a talk show about a series an hour after said show finished airing, but for whatever reason, AMC has decided to air Breaking Bad at 9pm instead of 10pm. Hopefully you’ll actually remember what happened on tonight’s episode by the time this comes around. Short attention spans! We haz them. Go to episode » 11:00PM on AMC

'Magic City' Star: 'We Weren't Done Telling The Story'

Magic City star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still reeling from news of his show's cancellation. After all, word of the drama's demise came just days ago, when Starz announced the second season finale, airing tonight, would also act as a series finale. "It's a big open wound. It's a little bit depressing," admits the actor, who played morally torn hotel owner Ike Evans. "But that being said, to be part of such a great show is pretty great, and I met some really fantastic people." Below, Morgan, who is as well-known for his roles in big-budget films as his TV work, opens up about his show's unfortunate -- but not entirely unexpected -- axing (it aired on Friday nights, people ... ) and the chances of Magic City finding a home on another network. //

Magic City Season 2 Finale 2013 “The Sins Of The Father”

Starz’s  Magic City  Season 2 Episode 8 “The Sins Of The Father” airs Friday August 9 at 9 pm. Episode  Synopsis : “The Sins Of The Father” – Ike and Ben’s future  hangs on  the outcome of the gambling bill. Klein weighs Ike’s offer to get The Butcher. Stevie and Lily face the end. Vera’s heart is broken. What has Ike won? Read More... //

Stars Cancels Miami Mobster Drama Magic City After Two Seasons

It's the end of the road for Magic City! Despite positive critical reception during its first and second seasons, unfortunately Starz has opted not to renew the show for a third installment. Sorry Starz fans -- the lights have gone out in Magic City. The premium cable network announced that they've opted NOT to renew the period drama for a third season, making the season 2 finale the end of the series. "We are tremendously proud of the series and everyone involved," a network rep said in a statement. "From the writers, to the cast and crew, it has been an incredible collaboration." Magic City, which starred Grey's Anatomy alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was one of Starz first original scripted dramas. Are you sad to see this Miami mobster series come to an end? Sound off in the comments and stick with us for more TV buzz from Celebified.

Magic City Season 2 Episode 7 “…And Your Enemies Closer”

Starz’s  Magic City  Season 2  Episode 7  “…And Your Enemies Closer” airs Friday August 2 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis : “…And Your Enemies Closer” – Ike’s deal to run the Havana hotels hurts his ties to Victor. Stevie starts a new job with Ben. Klein swears to destroy Ike as passage of the gambling bill nears. Sy Berman arrives in Miami. Read More... //

Magic City Season 2 Episode 6 “Sitting on Top of the World”

Starz’s  Magic City  Season 2  Episode 6  “Sitting on Top of the World” airs Friday July 26 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis : “Sitting on Top of the World” – Sitting On Top Of The World’ Stevie’s sex and booze-soaked  deejay  convention takes over the hotel. Mercedes makes a revelation to Vera. Ike’s plot to fix the  Cuban  lottery begins. Ben seeks revenge in the wrong places. //

Starz to Air Advance Screening of "The White Queen" Following "Magic City" Season Two Finale on Friday, August 9 at 10PM ET/PT

Plus: check out a new trailer for the 10-episode limited series. //

Magic City Season 2 Episode 5 World In Changes

Starz’s Magic City Season 2 Episode 5 "World In Changes" airs Friday July 19 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: "World In Changes" – Ike and Meg grow close as Meg uses connections to fight the gambling bill. Vera must face reality about her dancing future. Danny’s world roils due to the busted arms deal. Ben makes Stevie an offer. READ MORE...

Magic City Season 2 Episode 4 Crossroads

Starz’s Magic City Season 2 Episode 4 "Crossroads" airs Friday July 12 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: "Crossroads" – Ike makes mob boss Sy Berman a risky offer – Havana for the Miramar Playa. Danny commits to Jack Klein and learns the truth about Ben Diamond. Ben ruins an arms deal with the Cubans, with tragic results. READ MORE...