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'Magic City' 2.04 Preview: Crossroads

Ike Evans makes a risky offer to mob boss Sy Berman, and Ben Diamond ruins an arms deal with the Cubans. Read More... //

Magic City Exclusive Clip: Vera and Meg Have an Icy Little Chat (VIDEO)

There's some family drama on the menu for tonight's episode. Read More... //

Magic City Season 2 Episode 3 - Adapt Or Die

Starz’s Magic City Season 2 Episode 3 "Adapt Or Die" airs Friday June 28 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: "Adapt Or Die" – Ike goes to Cuba to retrieve Maria’s ashes and set his plan to oust Ben in motion. Stevie is lured deeper into Ben’s world. Stevie offers a chemical solution when Vera struggles with exhausting rehearsals. READ MORE...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks MAGIC CITY Season 2, How the Chemistry of the Cast Has Evolved, Upping the Intensity, and More

In Season 2 of the Starz drama series Magic City, Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will risk everything in a life-and-death battle to rid his Miramar Playa Hotel of the mob and Ben "The Butcher" Diamond (Danny Huston). But, Ike’s dangerous plan to defeat Ben will have him pitting Ben’s boss, Sy Berman (James Caan), against him, sending Ike down a path that will begin to tear the Evans family apart. READ MORE...

Magic City Season 2 Episode 2 “Angels Of Death”

Starz’s Magic City Season 2 Episode 2 "Angels Of Death" airs Friday June 21 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: "Angels Of Death" – Ike sets a risky plan to rid his Miramar Playa of Ben Diamond in motion. Ben seeks permission to kill Ike. Stevie and Lily go on a real date. Meg threatens Vera, and Ben hosts a debauched "Seder". READ MORE...

'Magic City' Season 2: Ike makes a move on 'The Butcher' and Havana

If Season 1 of Starz's stylish 1950s mob drama "Magic City" was about establishing the dynamic between suave Miami Beach hotelier Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his silent but brutal business partner, mobster Ben "The Butcher" Diamond (Danny Huston), Season 2 will be about blowing it up. As the season opens on Friday (June 14), Ike is sitting in a jail cell after having been framed for a murder. He concludes he can no longer function with this association in his life, and he hatches a plan to rid himself of his glowering nemesis once and for all. It involves Ike's pride and joy, the Miramar Playa, along with Fidel Castro, the hotels and casinos in Havana, and a Chicago mob boss by the name of Sy Berman (Oscar nominee James Caan, "The Godfather"), who happens to be Ben's boss. READ MORE...

Magic City Season 2 Premiere 2013 “Crime and Punishment”

Starz’s Magic City Season 2 Episode 1 "Crime and Punishment" airs Friday June 14 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: "Crime and Punishment" – In the Season 2 premiere, Ike faces a murder rap and his family tries to raise bail money, which leads them to discover just who his silent partners are. Meanwhile, Ben is concerned that Ike will fold under pressure and offers to help. READ MORE...

'Magic City' Captures Miami Beach's Glamorous Past

The upcoming sophomore season of the Starz network's period drama "Magic City" will again follow the denizens of one such resort, the fictional Miramar Playa Hotel. Resort owner Ike Evans, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, had a seemingly perfect life that verged on collapse at the end of the first season, thanks to an ambitious state attorney, a sadistic mob boss and the fallout from the Cuban Revolution nearby. Now the show's writer and creator, Mitch Glazer, promises the new eight-episode season, which starts Friday, will pick up in early 1959 right where the first season left off. Read More... //

VIDEO: Watch Magic City's Season 1 Refresher and Find Out What's Next

Ready for the return of Magic City ? With the second season of Starz's hit drama returning Friday, it's time to catch up on what happened last season. When last we left Ike ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ), he was arrested for murder, but he'll soon... //

'Magic City' Premiere: Starz and The Hollywood Reporter Toast Season Two in Style

Janice Min, Lynne Segall and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht co-host a screening and glamorous Hollywood Hills after party attended by Owen Wilson, Olga Kurylenko, Anjelica and Danny Huston, Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings.      //