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Majestic Prince Episode #24 Anime Review

Having moved most of its pieces into the idea of just dealing with the gate between the two sides, Majestic Prince has offered up a couple of decent episodes of story and action as the forces align against it in the depths of space while the big warriors for each side have stepped up to battle each other. The scale of what’s going on is nicely done and as we’ve seen before, the choreography for the space battles are spot on, even if it lacks resonance because there are no characters worth latching onto. But as the fight has faltered and now there’s only so far to go, the idea of just ramming the lead ship directly into it really does make the most sense as it’s a sacrifice that will allow humanity to take time to take stock of what happened and prepare for what could come next at any time. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #23 Anime Review

The previous episode spent most of its time on some minor character drama and a move towards the battle itself which lead us to having a lot of set pieces being changed up and moved around. It worked well to set the stage right as the scale of the fight going on is done decently with the need to take down the gate the primary focus, but having to deal with the enemy forces that came through it from the Wulgaru. The discovery of the gate and its role obviously makes it a huge target and with the renewed push by the Earth population to do something after they themselves finally felt threatened worked nicely to get things moving and motivated once again. But as we saw, there wasn’t a lot of character or true intensity to it as it went on. That does leave most of the magic to happen in the battle itself, whose soundtrack feels like it riffs off of Star Wars a bit too much in some ways. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #22 Anime Review

The Heaven’s Gate operation finally got started at the end of the previous episode, though that was more just saying they were going to do it than actually doing it. A lot of the last episode was a variety of character material for characters I have absolutely no care for and will admit thta even after all these episodes, can barely name. They’re so paper thin, pointless and inconsequential for the most part that it hasn’t been worth remembering, especially since they have almost no personality. With the plan set and the idea to get Team Rabbits to go hard against Heaven’s Gate and to throw a ton of support behind them, it’s all barreling forward well at this point as the team is ready for some serious action against the enemy. An enemy that can bring in more reinforces through the gate until it’s actually destroyed. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #21 Anime Review

Having moved enough pieces in the direction needed where they can understand what their actual goal is now, the show moves through the process of making it a reality to attack the Gate. We’ve had a couple of episodes of exploration and dancing around it with an edge of danger that’s been interesting at times and dull as dishwater at others. AS it moved forward, we got a fair bit of semi-political wrangling in the most base and simplest of fan fiction ways that doesn’t deal with the complexity of the situation in any sort of realistic way, but made it accessible. With everything getting a little further in the progress towards an actual mission, the movement on that side picks up in its own way while the main character side continues to feel out of place and almost floundering at times as everyone just worries over Izuru now that he’s fully back but not quite up to speed yet. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #20 Anime Review

Having seen the war come home in a closer way in the previous episode that got a lot of the general population to finally realize there is a war afoot, the damage has been done and the losses have been dealt with. The emotional closure will take a lot longer, but we see some of that at the start here with some that have passed and the way it must be dealt with. Though the character side of it means little to me at this stage of the series, I really did like the way that the prologue with it was done in complete silence and given the proper reverence needed for it to be dealt with. Usually we’d get some music or even a bit of dialogue, but silence is golden and worth a thousand words here. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #19 Anime Review

There’s a certain amusement with the opening prologue here as we see how the war and its arrival on Earth as we saw previously has now woken the people up there to the real threat that humanity is being faced. Not that they really grasp it as a whole, but the threat is now all the more real than it was before and not just something “off in a distant land” that they could think about in the abstract. Even with the losses that have been faced so far and the kind of PR campaign that was run with the MJP kids, it’s all been more of an even than a real threat, so seeing them get all intense and demanding about being protected has its level of amusement since they’re not even truly aware of what’s going on. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #18 Anime Review

While the show shifted into battle mode more firmly towards the end of the previous episode, the teases for it were certainly worthwhile as the show continues to excel when it comes to this aspect of it. This episode thankfully just throws us right into the action as we get the main group going all over the place trying to deal with the array of Wulgaru forces that are there causing trouble while Izuru gets to fight against his opponent further away all while Suruga is trying to get the cannon charged so he can take another shot at things. With all of it being about the defense of the academy, it works nicely, especially as we see the intensity of the Wulgaru at this point in both eliminating the enemy and trying to take their genes in order to advance their own cause. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #17 Anime Review

Majestic Prince spent a bit of down time in the previous episode along with a bit of silliness, but it also tied it in with some decent action, which even seventeen episodes in, is all that’s actually making this show interesting. Thankfully, that’s becoming a stronger focus with this episode as events have really started to ramp up now that the Wulgaru are seeing more potential from certain members of humanity that they’re interested in, which has lead them to making their latest attack. One that cross humanities ‘absolute defense line’ and puts a lot of people in danger. Luckily, the Wulgaru are a bit more focused in their attack and are going after just the academy where more potentially interesting students may be. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #16 Anime Review

Majestic Prince has spent its time in a few different areas as of late, with a lot of it focused on character and team building a bit due to the introduction of Ange. That’s lead to some fun overall since Ange gets pretty whacked when out in combat situations and that provides for some really good intensity, but there’s also been the gender uncertainty aspect that has come into play as well. With the start of this episode, a good bit of time is spent at a party being thrown to essentially welcome Ange to the team, coming after he’s been there a bit of course, and it’s amusing to see how some of the Team Rabbits characters are pretty blunt about asking him about why he is the way he is with the combat personality. Of course, it’s just sloughed off to the side rather than actually explored. Read More... //

Majestic Prince Episode #15 Anime Review

With a lot of focus on Ange in the last couple of episodes, the nuts side of the series picked up pretty well and we finally got a character that stood out. Not exactly in a positive way, but considering the bland and largely forgettable cast we had so far, giving us someone like Ange definitely worked, even if they did want to play with the gender mystery aspect on top of everything else. But beyond that, there wasn’t a lot to really latch onto with those episodes, even if it was fun to see the various reactions everyone had to Ange and the way they were trying to figure out what Ange is. It also didn’t hurt that the show once again had some great animation sequences for the combat, making a solid Wulgaru encounter all the more enjoyable. Read More... //