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TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 7/20

Find out the cause of the sudden population decrease (how creepy was that?!) in tonight's Pretty Little Liars, then Degrassi's jam-packed summer schedule continues at 9/8c with the next episode of season 10! And don't forget the second episode of USA Network 's Covert Affairs ! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Losing It with Jillian on NBC Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Wipeout on ABC 9/8c America's Got Talent on NBC Hell's Kitchen on Fox Downfall on ABC HawthoRNe on TNT Make It or Break It on ABC Family Degrassi A The Next Generation on CTV Warehouse 13 on Syfy White Collar on USA Network 10/9c Rescue Me on FX Memphis Beat on TNT Covert Affairs on USA Network Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo 11/10c Louie on FX

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ''And the Rocky Goes To'' Season 2 Episode 4 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “And the Rocky Goes To…” Season 2 Episode 4 which airs Tuesday July 20, 2010 at 10pm on ABC Family. Episode Synopsis: The Rock gears up for the annual awards banquet dinner, The Rocky Awards, and Lauren is determined to win the Miss Congeniality award the best way she knows how - with bribery and cheating. But even after all the free smoothies, barrettes and massages, will Lauren get her way or will she be usurped by a silent but strong contender – Emily? Meanwhile, both Payson and Emily go to extremes to achieve seemingly unattainable goals. Source & Preview

VIDEO: Make It or Break It Star Previews a Big Change for Character

Season 2 of Make It or Break It has just begun and already tensions at The Rock are rising. Star Josie Loren gives a tour in the video below, while Ayla Kell, who plays Payson Keeler, tells us that although her character likes to stay out of the drama, "one big thing will change everything for her." (Hint: It involves a man.) Source & Video

Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Pretty Little Liars, Alias Summer Marathoning & More

Welcome to a new week of TV! While I'm starved for more True Blood after this Sunday's holiday break, ABC Family's surprisingly addictive summer TV plus my new marathon favorite look like they're going to tide me over juuust fine. There are some new premieres this week including a few biggies on Syfy , but since they aren't up my TV alley, don't forget to check out our Premieres of the Week post plus keep track of all the upcoming summer premieres on our full Summer Premiere Schedule ! What I'm Excited for This Week on TV ABC Family Summer TV - While I enjoy USA Network 's Burn Notice and Royal Pains over the summer, my newer thrills of summer TV are all for the love of ABC Family! And, well, I shouldn't forget to mention my Bravo favs including Top Chef and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List . But I don't look forward to any of those quite like Make It or Break It (for which I need to catch up on this week due to holiday weekend conflicts), and of course tonight's new Pretty Little Liars! I was also surprised to like the premiere of Huge last week, so I'll be catching up on last night's new episode of that one as well. I'm interested to see if it falls into the annoying and/or slightly offensive category like The Secret Life of The American Teenager , or the irresistibly cute, and maybe even dramalicious, category like Make It or Break It . While I see Huge going better than I expected, I certainly don't see it being such a quick smash hit as Pretty Little Liars has been. PLL can be a little cheesy, there's something about it that's just so addictive that it's definitely the new summer show I look forward to the most these days. I'm certainly not the only one either! Don't forget to check out my fellow SideReel PLL addict, Heather's, weekly episodes of Pretty Little Liars TV reviewing each new episode and bringing you all the PLL news and gossip! Alias : My New Summer Marathon Show! Have you guys heard about this little show called Alias ?? Turns out it's freakin' fantastic!! Okay, fine, I know a lot of you have already watched it and, thankfully for those of us waaay behind, you watched it when it was on so it got the chance to stay on the air for so many seasons. This one's been on my list of "classics" I missed right along with Buffy The Vampire Slayer which will hopefully be up next though with how quickly the summer's going, I'm not sure I'll be able to fit it in before fall TV takes over! Any way about it, I absolutely plan to finish Alias as soon as humanly possible as it's probably the worst (aka best) cliffhanger show I've seen since the good ol' days of Lost . (Luckily I can travel in time in my TV watching so for me Lost can count as first.) If you're looking for a new summer marathon show and you like mystery, drama, anything with spies (I'm talking to you, Chuck fans!), and a seriously outstanding cast who you'll know from tons of other shows and movies since they were on Alias, start watching it immediately! What's your current favorite summer marathon show? Keep up with the SideReel Editorial Team Reel Critics: Bios, Columns & More Follow Kendra @sidereelKendra Follow Rachel @sidereelRachel Follow Alex @sidereelAlex Follow Dom @animereel

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT 'All or Nothing' Season 2 Episode 2 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT - All or Nothing‚ which airs Monday July 5, 2010 at 10pm on ABC Family. Episode Synopsis: After being allowed back on the U.S. National Team, the girls head to France where everything is left on the mat in order to get one step closer to achieving their dream. With cockiness, jealousy, sabotage and self-doubt at an all-time high, as well as Ellen Beals constantly looming over the girls, the pressure is almost too much to bear. For Kaylie and Lauren, the bickering continues, while Emily pines for Damon and Payson puts her Olympic future on the line. Will Emily be able to have it all - gymnastics and the boy she loves? And will Payson be able to defy the odds and qualify for the National Team? Source & Preview

Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Lovin' the Summer Premieres! Make It or Break It, Huge, Rescue Me

Welcome to a new week of TV! Every week I'm more and more pleasantly surprised and excited by how much great TV is actually on during the summer these days! Not only have we gotten some seriously juicy new True Blood episodes, but Entourage returned last night, ABC Family is booming with summer fun, FX has some great premieres this week, and even the networks have been stepping it up with new non-reality shows! While I'm excited for most of the premieres this week so you'll read about them below, make sure you don't miss anything else by checking out our Premieres of the Week post and keep track of all the upcoming summer premieres on our full Summer Premiere Schedule ! Exciting Premieres of the Week Make It or Break It - I. love. this. show. Yes, I'm 26 years old, and I'm not embarrassed to admit how much I love an ABC Family show about gymnastics and high school drama because it really is that good! (Right??) This show had a smash hit 1st season and I can't believe with all that happened on the show and how popular it has already become that this is only the 2nd season, but here's hoping that's a really good sign for seasons to come. In the season premiere tonight, it sounds like there's plenty of juicy drama in and out of the gym as the girls see themselves continue to get passed over by the National Committee, and there were plenty of friend and couple developments from the end of Season 1 that I'm dying to see play out. Rescue Me - If you've been keeping up with my columns (you're the best ever!), you'll know I only recently got into Rescue Me, and while it's more of a "guy show," if you will, and darker than most shows I like, this one grabbed me with its complicated, twisted, and fascinating characters, and a "we'll go there" factor like no other show. Much like one of my other dark favs, Breaking Bad , season after season Rescue Me has been shock after shock, and not in any sort of predictable pattern, even to the point where you expect huge things to happen all the time. And, as you may recall, the end of Season 5 made for one of the biggest shockers and cliffhangers of them all, so it was thrilling to get to jump in early with the episodes we received from FX to see what happened! I won't give anything away, but from the first 4 episodes, I'm extremely satisfied with how the story is continuing both with the drama, the laughs, and already some new surprises. I also joined in a Q&A with the show's executive producer and writer, Peter Tolan plus the amazing (and delightfully nutty) Callie Thorne (Sheila), so if you're dying for more scoop on this 6th season and the 7th and final season coming up next summer, check it out here: Rescue Me Q&A with Peter Tolan & Callie Thorne . TBD Premieres of the Week Huge - While this is on ABC Family where I love every show except The Secret Life of The American Teenager , I can't bring myself to put this on my list of exciting premieres of the week. Yes, ABC Family generally does a great job with putting issues out there in their shows and dealing with them in a real and non-preachy or after-school special way, but I've found that they do that best when it's just an aspect or story arc of a show instead of the focus. For example, I love how they deal with college life including the pressures of frats, sororities, hazing, drinking, sex and more on Greek , but I hate how they deal with sex, pregnancy, and well, everything, on The Secret Life of The American Teenager . Note the difference there that Greek is all about college life, but isn't called The Secret Life of the Alcoholic Frat Boy. Sooo, when it comes to Huge with its entire focus on teens at a weight loss camp, I fear it may be too narrowly focused, and perhaps even a little offensive, to turn out well... but I'll try to have faith in the general light, fun and good spirited ways of ABC Family shows and hope for the best. Louie - I'm not as on the fence about this summer premiere as I am about Huge because in this case, I've actually seen the first 4 episodes, courtesy of our friends at FX . I really enjoyed the first few episodes in general, and if you like stand-up, sarcasm, dark comedy, and/or comedian Louis C.K., then absolutely check out this premiere Tuesday right after Rescue Me. The only reason I'm putting this one here on my "to be determined" list is because while watching the first few episodes, I laughed a lot, but I also never quite felt settled with the set up for the show both in the presentation or the back story. It's a little confusing because it's done a bit Seinfeld -style where Louis C.K. starts out with some stand-up comedy and punctuates the plot with more stand-up which is all very funny as well as the stories in between, but it feels a little awkward in the flow of the show. It almost feels like the show and the actors are trying too hard to be lovable disasters. That's all fine and good in stand-up comedy and in a TV show, but put together and with these characters who are all a little too much on the downer side of things, well, I'm not sure it's working or is going to keep working. But, again, I did enjoy watching the episodes and found the show overall funny, so check it out for yourself and tell me what you think! You can also get more scoop on this show from another FX Q&A I joined in last week with Louis C.K. - Louie Q&A with Louis C.K. What are you most excited for this week on TV? Keep up with the SideReel Editorial Team Reel Critics: Bios, Columns & More Follow Kendra @sidereelKendra Follow Rachel @sidereelRachel Follow Alex @sidereelAlex Follow Dom @animereel

'Make It or Break It' Season 2 Premiere Preview

All eyes are on the Renegades now that they've proven their place in the world of gymnastics after competing against the Chinese National Team, albeit against direct orders from the head of the U.S. Gymnastics National Committee. And because of this, Emily could lose her scholarship while Kaylie could lose her endorsements. So where do Emily, Lauren and Kaylie go from here? And what will happen now that Payson is back in the game? We find out in the second season premiere of Make It or Break It entitled "Friends Close, Enemies Closer." In tonight's episode, the National Committee starts to pick which team members will go to France to compete in the next meet but after, going rogue in the first season finale, Kaylie, Emily and Lauren doubt their inclusion, unlike their coach Sasha, who seems confident of his "Rock Stars" and his decisions so far. But considering that Ms. Beals is still around, it's safe to say that she'll do everything in her power to prevent these girls from going. To Read More Click Here .

It's a HUGE Week For Summer Premieres For ABC Family & FX!

Please forgive my terrible ABC Family series-related pun -- it's actually not a very packed premiere week, but it's an important one nonetheless! Aside from old favorites returning, we have the series kick-off for both Huge and Louie this week! See what else is premiering this week: Monday, June 28 9/8c: Huge on ABC Family 10/9c: Make It or Break It on ABC Family Tuesday, June 29 10/9c: Rescue Me on FX 11/10c: Louie on FX Wednesday, July 30 10/9c: The Real World : New Orleans on MTV Don't forget to check out our Summer Premiere Schedule for the rest of this season's upcoming shows!

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT â??Friends Close, Enemies Closerâ? Season 2 Episode Premier Preview

Watch a sneak peek at the season 2 premiere of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Friends Close, Enemies Closer” airing Monday Monday June 28, 2010 (8:00-9:00PM ET/PT and 9:00-10:00PM ET/PT). Episode Synopsis: The stakes are getting higher as the gymnasts at The Rock set their sights on making the World’s Gymnastic Team, in the second season of ABC Family’s hit one-hour original series, “Make It or Break It,” premiering on Monday, June 28th (10:00 – 11:00 PM ET/PT). The series stars Chelsea Hobbs, Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, Peri Gilpin, Candace Cameron Bure and Susan Ward. Source & Preview

TV Tonight: What's On Monday 6/28

It's a big night for ABC Family fans! Check out the next episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, followed by the series premiere of Huge starring Nikki Blonsky, and then of course, see what goes down on the season 2 premire of Make It or Break It ! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Lie to Me on Fox Persons Unknown on NBC The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family 9/8c The Good Guys on Fox Huge on ABC Family -- series premiere! Last Comic Standing on NBC 10/9c True Beauty on ABC Make It or Break It on ABC Family -- season premiere! The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo Neighbors From Hell on TBS