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ANTM and Make Me a Supermodel Models Appear on Project Runway

Shame on me for not noticing this! Zap2it uncovered that on last week's Project Runway All Star Challenge, former contestants from both America's Next Top Model and Bravo 's Make Me a Supermodel appeared as models on the runway. Check it out: That's Mountaha (S2) and Shannon (S1) from Supermodel and Anya from ANTM! Source

Tyson Beckford Comments on the 'Make Me a Supermodel' Finalists

Even though the second season of Make Me a Supermodel is over, it still managed to garner up some attention for its aftermath. Renowned model Tyson Beckford, who hosts the series, gave his words on the final three contestants of the show. One of them already took home the prize and the glory, but this celebrity still has things to say about Branden, Sandhurst and Jonathan. On an interview with Bravo , Tyson Beckford talked about what he thought of this season's winner and how far he thinks the finalists will go. "They've made it this far," he said. "They're definitely models." As for his comments on how well the three did in the final challenge: "I believe it went to, I have to say, the first was Branden, then the second was Sandhurst, and then Jonathan." Beckford revealed. "I think in the last episode you see Branden having the most fun, which helped determine why he was the winner." Tyson Beckford continued to talk about this season's winner of Make Me a Supermodel, the 18-year-old Branden Rickman. "He clearly was the one to accelerate when it needed to be accelerated and I personally thought Sandhurst was going to take it but he fell short with the Cosmo cover. And then he did the thing of taking his shirt off, which loosened him up, but you've got to be able to keep your shirt on and still do the job." Talking about the future of the final three, Beckford exclaimed: "Look at Jonathan who booked a2xist underwear campaign ad, which should be coming out shortly. Sandhurst just has to get out there and get his grind on like you said Jennifer Hudson did with American Idol, but she sure won an Oscar. So don't count him out just yet." Meanwhile, his final thoughts on the winner? "Brandon, he'll go overseas. He's not just going to stay here in the U.S. He'll definitely do what Holly did. We'll send him overseas. We saw him grow up in front of us. Like his mom said, she sent me a boy and I sent her back a man." Source Here

Interview: Sandhurst of Make Me A Supermodel

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sandhurst Tacama, the runner-up of Make Me a Supermodel . During my talk with Sandhurst, his larger than life personality and awesome Tobagan accent were on full display, as we chatted about his love of the runway, his favorite photo, the ironic way he came to be on the show, and how he read BuddyTV's Make Me A Supermodel coverage all season. Throughout his time on Make Me A Supermodel, Sandhurst ruled the runway, with a dancer's grace and performer's ease. Though he occasionally struggled with the sample sizes and his thunda thighs, Sandhurst impressed the judges with his statuesque physique, winning personality, and week-to-week improvement. Going into the finale with winning momentum, Sandhurst thought he had won Make Me A Supermodel, and truthfully so did we. While he didn't walk away the winner, Sandhurst is confident big things will still come from his time on Make Me A Supermodel, and again, so are we. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Jonathan Waud of Make Me A Supermodel

From day one of the competition, Johnathan established himself as the model to beat with consistently strong photo and runway performances. Not only did the judges and male underwear designers adore Jonathan, so did the viewers. Though he didn't win the contract with New York Model Management or the $100,000, Jonathan was voted Fan Favorite and awarded $10,000. While doing my best not to melt over his English accent and charm, Jonathan I talked about his burgeoning underwear modeling career, how winning fan favorite was sweeter than winning the show, and how he and his wife have differing views on his best photo from the show. Read the highlights of the interview after the jump, but be sure to listen to the interview in it's entirety, because it's really not the same without that lovely accent!. To Read More Click here .

Interview: Branden, The Winner of Make Me A Supermodel

Branden and I chatted about his victory, which shocked everyone but Branden himself. The 18-year-old Oregonian said he knew "something good was coming his way" after his strong performances. Branden and I talked about how he plans to spend his $100,000 prize, how his Mama is bursting with pride, how his favorite and least favorite photo shoot were one in the same, and how he finally got Nicole's number after winning. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - Featured

* Smile Pinki (7 pm/ET HBO ) Like Pinki, the little girl of the film's title, you'll be grinning ear-to-ear - and shedding tears of joy - after seeing this 2008 Oscar-winning documentary short. Director Megan Mylan's heartwarming work chronicles efforts in India to encourage parents of children born with cleft lips to take them to a hospital for free corrective surgery. The defect causes public shame and makes speaking difficult, but all of these kids, including 5-year-old Pinki and 11-year-old Ghutaru, are finally ready for their close-ups. * Law & Order (10 pm/ET NBC) Murder! Blackmail! Political intrigue! Kinky fetishes caught on tape! Who knew that charity work could be so exciting? Donate some couch time to the venerated drama's 19th-season finale to find out what kind of human insects the detectives and district attorneys find tangled up in the web of a charity executive's murder. * Make Me a Supermodel (10 pm/ET Bravo ) You've got male. An all-male trio advance to tonight's Season 2 finale after the sole lass, Mountaha, was bumped in last week's fired-up challenge. Chiseled Branden, Brit family man Jonathan and Caribbean looker Sandhurst vie for the $100,000 and plum modeling contract, and one will be declared the winner by episode's end. They'll have to compete in two photo shoots and an extended catwalk challenge, but there's a brief respite when they're visited by family members. Photographer and videographer Matthew Rolston is the guest judge. * Biography (10 pm/ET Biography) The headliner of a night of rocker bios is this new one on Metallica. The hour follows the highs and lows of the Bay-area band led by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. Founded in 1981, the quartet soon became one of the most influential metal bands of the '80s, and their 1986 album, Master of Puppets, was a landmark of the genre. While touring in support of that album, their tour bus crashed in Sweden, and bassist Cliff Burton died as a result of the accident. After the tragedy, the band regrouped and eventually found mainstream fame with their 1991 self-titled release, which featured the classic "Enter Sandman." * The Cougar (10 pm/ET TV Land) A few weeks ago Stacey met, with varying degrees of success, some of the Cubs' families, but the challenge for Jimmy and Colt in the first-season finale involves relatives who should be the ultimate arbiters of a suitable suitor: her three children. And while the demanding Stacey has been dashing hopes left and right all season, one of them will be brought to his knees - quite literally - when he drops down and asks her to marry him. Source Here

Interview: Jordan from Make Me A Supermodel

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan, the latest model to be eliminated from Make Me a Supermodel . It came as a shock to all of us watching Make Me A Supermodel that Jordan was eliminated this week. And it would seem the elimination came as a shock to Jordan herself. Jordan had all the makings of an editorial "It Girl:" she was transformed by make-up, took stunning photos, and had a strong signature runway strut. Throughout the season, Jordan has been the strongest female competitor and was considered a near shoe-in for the finale. Jordan wowed the judges with her chameleon qualities, consistently gorgeous photos, and powerful runway performances. In a shocking elimination that left much of America scratching their heads, Jordan was eliminated for a single poor runway performance. Jordan and I chatted about her made for reality TV battle with Amanda, her favorite photo shoot, her dream modeling job, and who she is rooting for to win Make Me A Supermodel. To Read More Click here .

Interview: Laury from Make Me A Supermodel

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Laury, one of two models who was eliminated during this week's shocking Make Me a Supermodel double elimination. Laury and I chatted about how coming from a large family prepared her for living in the Supermodel house, her favorite partner during the many group challenges, and what she thought about Jenny Shimizu telling her she should have "brought the bitch" to the competition. To Read More Click here .

Interview: Kerryn from Make Me A Supermodel

This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Kerryn, one of two models who were eliminated on last night's Make Me a Supermodel . Throughout the season Kerryn impressed the judges with her strong runway performances and her stunning photos. Thanks to her strong performances, Kerryn was the first model to win immunity twice. When Kerryn wasn't ruling the runway, she spent much of her time flirting with the house virgin, Colin. This morning Kerryn and I chatted about her favorite photo shoot and runway challenge, what exactly a Christian modeling school is, and of course, her very own Clark Kent, Colin. To Read The Interview Click here .

Interview: Shawn from Make Me A Supermodel

The 31 year old Supermodel hopeful and I shared his thoughts on living with a house full of straight 20-somethings, his favorite photo shoot, and how he wished he'd taken a cue from the stoic Gabriel during his most recent photo shoot and runway walk. Shawn frankly discussed what's next for him, after his final attempt of becoming a supermodel failed, what he thought of his semi-disastrous mirror photo shoot, and how he should have studied up on fashion before starting the show. To Read The Full Interview Click Here .