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(sigh) you guys....

even though sometimes i cant stand to watch the show because it seems to be a tad fake,(you guys can complain to me and say completely) he gives information that can be useful. So just chill, watch the show and learn....or just not watch it. ;)


I want to be entertained when watching TV. I could care less whether its fake or not. God forbid if all reality shows were actually scripted and fake. Nothing against Survivorman, but the entertainment value is nowhere near Man v. Wild.


For anyone trying to compare Man vs Wild to Survivorman there is only one issue: Surivorman is real and Man vs. Wild is fake. Man vs Wild is all staged. They go to a few different locations do a few different shots then go back to their hotel for the night. The next day they bring in a few animals that they bought from a zoo or paid some local to catch and then make it look like bear found them. Its all staged. Watch the episode when bear is in indonesia. Explain to me how he spends 6 days and one night in the wilderness...Then watch when he's in the Seirra Nevada Mts. trying to tame wild horese with horseshoes on...And then watch him float down the river in that same episode using only his backpack (except if you look closely you can see the lifejacket under his shirt...And then theres the lava bridge he crosses in Hawaii, that is only 300 feet away from a major highway, yet somehow he's lost for three more days...And watch anytime he goes down a cliff using some super strong native vine, and the rope that he's attached to because the vine acatully isn't strong enough...anyways yeah bear may be more entertaining but he's not actually surviving. Please expalain to me how why he's always running everywhere even though he has only eaten a few grubs or eyeballs or something in days. Les (survivorman) has a few little supplies and camera gear, which he carries and runs himself, and a satelite phone incase of emergencies. Surivorman is real Man vs. Wild is a tv show and completely fake.

I hate

I hate this show 100% because it is flat out fake as he will stay in hotels and his camera crew will help him out.Instead of watching this behemoth of a lie please switch to Survivorman which has been running longer and he films it himself.

Awesome Show...

Man Vs. Wild is an Awesome TV Show. It is exciting and fast-paced. The Host is larger-than-life and hosts it well. Man Vs. Wild makes Survival very entertaining and has useful tips as well. Although it's copped alot of flack I believe that it is still the best survival show because it's not boring it's fun, exciting and entertaining. Bear Grylls is an Adventurer who has achieved alot; Been in British Special Forces, Climbed to the Summit of Everest and Crossed the arctic in a Dinghy. He is the right choice to host this show, and is excellent at doing it. Overall, Man Vs. Wild is a Great show and will hopefully run for many seasons to come.