Review of Man vs. Wild

60 minutes

Man vs. Wild shows Grylls purposefully demonstrating more extreme methods of survival in harsh conditions. The program has shown him eating raw meat and live fish, staving off hypothermia after intentionally jumping in a frozen lake, and drinking the fluids of elephant feces for hydration. The format of this show is similar to that of Survivorman, with the exception being that Survivorman is recorded by the host, while Grylls travels with a two-man camera crew during daylight. Grylls contends that the crew is "under very strict instructions not to get involved or help" unless he is in a fatal situation.
by jcfan
Aug 9, 2015 8:46PM EDT

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Love this show! I know some people don't like it because some of it seems "staged" and what not. But if you think of it, if they didn't put Bear is some of those situations it would make for boring TV.


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